ASUS hasn't forgotten Transformer Prime owners - after rolling out Jelly Bean back in September, the company is pushing a small bug fixer over the air with version The update actually began yesterday, but we waited a bit for the official changelog to come through - after all, what's the point of playing the guessing game if we can't add anything of value, right?

As I mentioned, the changes are pretty specific and far from critical, but it's better to see them and know what ASUS didn't do than run all over TF201's dark corners looking for something that isn't there.


Note: Printed here sic - exactly as ASUS had written it, in all its Engrish glory.

Bug Fix

  1. Fix the issue when insert SD card into Mobile Dock and enter sleep mode then the system will auto reboot.
  2. Fix the issue that backspace key on Mobile Dock does not work in Browser input field to delete words randomly.
  3. Fix the issue that ASUS handwriting IME cannot be enabled when pad is on Mobile Dock.
  4. Fix the issue that some PDF file downloaded from some 3rd part app would become .htm and cannot be opened.

Other Changes

  1. Add ASUS Ukrainian IME.
  2. Add back Google Bookmark Sync to Default Browser.
  3. Remove image and image in CN SKU.

All info is on top of v10.4.2.15, which was the Jelly Bean release.


Thanks for the heads up, Michael!

Artem Russakovskii
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  • PalmerAdam

    I will never forgive Asus for the GPS fiasco.

    • Erik Amador

      sthu and get over yourself.
      A: They sent you a FREE freaking dongle and at least tried to correct their misake.
      B: Is GPS REALLY one of your top priorities on a TABLET? gthoh

      I for one was quick to forgive, given ASUS' track record on product support.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        Agreed on everything but the GPS thing. I actually do use the GPS on my Nexus 7 and SGTab10.1 pretty often. For as much as people constantly say that they don't see how or why people care about the GPS (or the camera) on tablets, I find they are features I constantly have uses for.

        Note, I don't have a Prime, so I'm not commenting to the usability, or lack there of, with the GPS.

        • QuanahHarjo

          Plus one here. My GalTab+'s GPS and Navfree got my family through a seven-state trip with ease. GPS is a feature I'm going to require on any portable device I get in the future...it's just too handy.

          The back camera on a 10" would be less useful to me, but the lack of one on the Nexus 7 gives me pause...i use my 7" as a PDA, and not being able to easily throw quick pics into Evernote would be somewhat inconvenient.

      • PalmerAdam

        That dongle is useless with the dock. Apparently you are still holding some deep regret as well.

      • UniBroW

        I had the Dongle for my tf201, it didn't do anything to fix the gps issue for me. At least not while in a car in the back seat trying to find out traffic information while tethered to my smart phone. Asus makes garbage products, stop making excuses for them

  • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

    The two bugs I am encountering remained...

  • ale

    thr galery dont work. its a big problem

  • daguy

    Ugh, I regret purchasing my T201. No amount of software updates are going to fix the hardware issues this tablet has. Bad GPS, crappy WiFi, and a I/O controller that's so bad it makes it almost impossible to use a web browser without seeing "Android is not responding" messages everywhere.

    • UniBroW

      I've had the TF300, then the TF201 and now the TF700. They are all the same, CRAP! Never again, Asus...never again...

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        So, you bought one, then didn't like it... You decided that maybe it was a fluke and tried another, didn't like it either... So then you went for another? Dude, fool me once, maybe twice, but three times?

        • Mario Irelan

          lol, i have the asus transformer prime, great almost bug free scratch the little bad wifi

    • grv

      I'have TF700. I/O problems makes this device shitty. You can fix it by moving internal storage to Micro SD but you have to unlock bootloader which causes void of warranty..
      top model from Asus :/ no more

    • Deltaechoe

      I'm actually trying to sell my prime so that I can get a nexus 10, I'm still kind of pissed off at how Asus handled this tablet. For the 650 I spent on it I expected a better user experience.

    • Mark

      Yup, I'm with you - this is my biggest regret purchase of 2012 as well. Echo problems with crappy wifi and horrible I/O controller. I've been trying to sell it but hard to find a sucke... erm, interested person willing to pay anything decent for it.

  • RYAN A.

    my rear CAMERA is not working......the screen turns to green!!!

    • CJ Walker


      It's a little annoying but I've never felt crippled bc of it tho. I only use the front camera for video chat.

    • SoTacMatt

      I had the same. Sent back to Asus for warranty repair. Works fine now.

  • J. Gilbertson

    *sigh* i remember my TFP. I loved the feel of the build, the solid feeling form factor. I also liked how ASUS was good about writing software updates. However, that was about it in comparison to the Galaxy Note 10.1 I traded it in for. The Note feels and looks cheap in comparison but the speed and lack of ANR issues more than compensated. Could do without all the cheap plastic and touchwiz but eh. At least I'll be getting Jellybean soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Markert/100001113752823 Richard Markert

    But they DID forget us TF101 owners!

    • mucuracat

      Maybe later on.. First the infinity get an update, now the prime. I hope for you that TF101 follows :)

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Honestly, I have zero issues with my Prime. I have the 32GB model with the dock, and it is fantastic. The only issue that I truly have is that the Wi-Fi is not fast enough, and I have to hold it in a certain area to get the speed. Other than that, nothing, and I can live with the Wi-Fi, as it is not that bad.

    • troph

      Haven't had any issues with my product either-- well GPS quality was mediocre, but that feature is near useless on tablets anyways. Really respect ASUS's update frequency. Pretty quick IMO.

  • Draynam

    "Fix the issue that backspace key on Mobile Dock does not work in Browser input field to delete words randomly."

    Finally ! It was so infuriating not being able to delete words randomly !

  • spydie

    I never did get the OTA Jelly Bean... had to do it the hard way. Now the tablet reboots constantly especially when in the dock and when trying to wake it from sleep. That makes Jelly Bean less than desirable. I love the dock and if the Nexus 10 had a dock, I'd be ditching this asus junk.

  • Alex Rodrigues

    Asus sucesso big time. Left TF101 away with no explanation

    • Mario Irelan

      tf101 is old, at least you got ics

  • psychotropy101

    My tf201 runs like a dream now. Anyone experiencing bugs must have a faulty device because mine is worth every bit of the $500 I spent on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brunomarcio.lopes Bruno Márcio Lopes

    I was reading a lot before buying a Prime because i knew that it has some Wifi and GPS problems and i found this:

    This may help.

    PS: Maybe ill buy me a TF300, seems Asus correct those issues. Not as pretty though :(

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4AYBOKPEWNO26VM34BPRB32BZ4 Mark

    I've had the TF 201 32GB model for about a year now and have no problems. Bought a 3rd-party bluetooth keyboard for those times when data entry was more intense. Love, love, love this thing! My only problem...my wife wants to use it all the time to watch Netflix movies! Used it during a 3 day off-site intensive to display slides and attendees were so impressed that we used it for everything else - photos, video, document creation, spreadsheets, presentations, and audio background. I even used it with a pre-amplifier / effects app to provide audio support for other peoples presentations! This thing is sooo great! Can't see upgrading or replacing anytime soon. The only thing lacking is a good hard case accessory which I haven't found yet.