There may be a slew of file managers out there to choose from, but when it comes down to it, ASTRO is still my personal favorite. Maybe it's because I've been using since the OG Droid days. Maybe it's because of the continuous development. Or maybe because it just works. Regardless of the reason, there's no denying that it's easily one of the best choices when it comes to a file manager on Android. And as of today, it's even better.

Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-36-04 Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-37-09 Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-36-43

ASTRO was updated with a few new features, including SkyDrive integration - which is in addition to existing support for Dropbox and Drive - as well as an in-app image viewer that supports rotation and sharing, and an all new text editor. The changelog notes that Box integration is coming soon, so we can probably expect to see that in the next update.

ASTRO is, of course, free in the Store.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Greyhame

    ES File Explorer has had Drive, Dropbox and Box for quite some time now... as well as the ability to allow root access, and connect to PCs over wireless, FTP, etc. Not sure it could get much better than that, IMO. I'd need a really good reason to switch.

  • wickets

    thanks got the heads up on the astro update

    • QwietStorm

      Wow someone commented on topic

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    Solid Explorer has had all of this and Dual window viewing from the start. Astro is old hat.

  • http://twitter.com/bat0nas Tomas Misevičius

    I'm in love with Solid Explorer now. Would really need a good reasons to switch back to ASTRO.

  • Millz

    Too bad they haven't brought back viewing thumbnails of hidden files in any of these updates. Used to be the best app.

  • Josh

    Since the latest update, every time I press on an image file, instead of opening it in the app of my choosing (as it used to), it now goes directly to the Astro image viewer (which I'm not interested in). The only way I can see to open the image in another app is to long press the file, go to the options menu, and click on "open as", which is rather annoying. Does anyone know how to change it such that it will open up images in another app by default? Otherwise, Astro File Manager is a terrific app. Thanks!