One of the downsides to Google's Nexus sales model is that, if you want to get your hands on a Nexus 4, you have to order one. Thankfully, T-Mobile is also going to be carrying the newest flagship phone. If you want to save some money up front in exchange for a 2-year contract, you can pick up the device for $200. It's currently available online here, as well as in select stores.


Oddly, if you want to buy the phone off-contract from T-Mobile, it's going to run you a jaw-dropping $500. The handset is the exact same hardware that's being sold by Google, so there's no real reason to spend the extra $150 unless you really like T-Mo and feel like being generous. Of course, that assumes you can even get your hands on one right now. As of this writing, both the 8GB and 16GB models are still sold out on the Play Store.

Source: T-Mobile

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • New2Android

    Wrong information on the storage.

    "Take advantage of 16 GB of built-in memory and fill it up with fun photos, videos, music and more.- expandable up to 64 GB with a microSD card."

    • TheKaz1969

      any chance this one DOES have an SD card? and that's why it is more off-contract? I thought I read a rumor about someone saying there was an SD card version..?

      • New2Android

        I doubt it. Not on the current version. Some people have already grabbed one today at the Tmobile stores and they have confirmed its the same hardware

      • marcusmaximus04

        $150 for an sd card slot? Must be made of solid 24kt gold

      • Kenny O

        I went to my TMO store to look at one today. Definitely no SD card slot, I confirmed with the Rep that it is the same one as the play store version. He even went as far to tell me that since there is no TMO software on there I could tether without having to pay extra.....Phone was a lot lighter than I expected for both sides being glass, the back does not feel like glass at all, phone fits great in the hand - love the grippy rubber sides. Can't wait until Google sends mine out.

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el Noel Barcellos

          They scan the browser UA string. If it notices that you are using a browser that is not mobile, it will start rerouting you to their "please purchase tethering package."

          • Kenny O

            That may be why they have not hit me with that yet then, I do not tether often and the only time I do is with my Nexus 7

  • Ashish Raj

    Er.. I'm not sure if I should feel sad or pity or angry at those guys who are planning to buy it from T-mob!! Anyway, enjoy ur phone...for next 2 years!

    • marcusmaximus04

      Umm... some people actually only buy phones that often, and for them why not save the extra $100?

      • Ashish Raj

        Right on.. & I guess, those people don't know that over the span of 2 years, they'll end up paying much more than $100 and be stuck on the same carrier. Then again, to each his own.. so that was just my opinion!!

        • marcusmaximus04

          True, but then if you need a smartphone anyway and already know that you want to be on t-mob for 2 years, then there's absolutely no loss here, and a $100 gain,

          Of course, I'm ignoring t-mobile's value plans, but those don't end up being a great deal for some people(for example, some family plans end up being cheaper than going through the value route).

          • Ashish Raj

            I agree with you on that! :)

          • Freak4Dell

            Provide me with an example of a family plan being cheaper on Classic than Value. The only time this ever could be true is if you grab multiple phone during one of those events where T-Mobile sells every phone for free.

      • Freak4Dell

        Because T-Mobile has an option that allows you to save money by not getting a subsidy. You'll save a lot more than $100 by going with a plan that doesn't include a subsidy. If this were AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, I'd see your point. With T-mobile, it's pretty stupid to sign a 2 year contract for a higher-cost plan when the phone only costs another $100-150 from a different seller.

  • Greg Cooper

    Where did they get the suggested retail price of $499.99 from?? It's cheaper than that from Google themselves!

    • Geoff Johnson

      They are buying it from LG most likely, not from Google. Think of Google and T-Mobile as resellers for LG, Google just buys a lot more and doesn't need to make as much profit on the phones sales since they make money on the Play Store.

  • moelsen8

    well for anyone really desperate, it's cheaper than some of the scumbags on ebay reselling it right now. i guess that's some kind of plus.

  • fixxmyhead

    damn who's stupid enough to buy it for 500$

    • Scott

      Everybody on ebay.

    • http://twitter.com/NickInLA Nick

      If you need a phone right now and can't buy it on the Play store because it's sold out and they have no timeline on when more will be available, so who knows when you'll be able to buy it from the Play Store.

  • coversnails

    Seems to me that Google are clearly subsidising the Nexus 4, only Google play has the device at the low price. Resellers have to sell at a much inflated price. I'd hazard a guess that Google lose money for every device they sell (which they make up by people having to sign up and use Google wallet, and sales from the play store)

    • Rick Fisher

      I'd guess it's not that it doesn't see profit, but that it is very small profit per phone. They are trying to make More from Wallet and Play store, but they probably aren't taking a loss on each sold. Resellers are forced to sell them for so much higher because they aren't getting very good deals from Google. Even if G sold them to retailers at cost and made $0 profit, the retailer would obviously want to increase the price to make enough profit that it doesn't have to sell Every Single One to see a net profit.

  • mgamerz

    How is the MSRP $500? Isn't it LG/Google that sets the MSRP price?

  • dude

    I thought the T-Mobile press release said something about getting a $15 plan with this device. I don't see any of that. Maybe I read it wrong.

    • Freak4Dell

      You read it wrong. If you get a Value plan and buy the Nexus 4 straight from T-Mobile, you will pay $200 up front, then $15 a month for 20 months to pay off the rest of the phone. This is on top of the plan price.

      • dude

        Oh, thanks for clearing that up. Wow, that means you end up paying $500 in the end. What a rip!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el Noel Barcellos

    Actually the real reason to pay more is to have it first..