Happy holiday traveling season, everyone! Ten bucks says that, if you have plans to visit friends and family out of state this year, you don't really have ten bucks to waste on silly internet bets. For those about to make a vacation expedition, Expedia would like you to know that it has renovated its Android app with a nice new UI and flight searches and tracking to help you find the best deals.

expedia1 expedia2 expedia3

In addition to air travel accommodations, Expedia also helps you find hotel rooms and offers up customer reviews. The new interface is pretty slick, too. It even has a handy tablet UI, for those of you who are making your plans on your shiny new Nexus 10.


The new Expedia is available on the Play Store right now for free. You can grab it via the widget below.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • daveloft

    Well I'm just getting hotel options on my Nexus 7 but on my Galaxy Nexus I get flights and hotels. What's up with that?

    • paloperti

      In play store description they state flights coming soon for tablet.

  • Axel594

    It's always nice to see a developer update their apps with Holo (: