OtterBox, one of the leading names in protective cases and accessories for just about every popular mobile device under the sun, announced today the acquisition of Wrapsol, a Boston, Massachusetts based manufacturer of several lines of protective film wraps for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, and makers of an interesting "Grip Pad" line introduced at CES 2012 that provides a, well, grippy surface to hold onto so your device can avoid the drops Wrapsol's films protect it from.

For those unfamiliar with Wrapsol's work, here's a quick demo:

Exact details of the acquisition are as yet unknown but Brian Thomas, President and CEO of OtterBox, assures readers the deal is a match made in heaven.

Wrapsol is a promising company with similar values and similar culture whose product aligns with the OtterBox mission of complete, premium device protection. Adding Wrapsol to the OtterBox portfolio of world-class protection significantly enhances our ability to provide our customers and consumers an expanded variety of high-quality products.

Wrapsol's VP of Sales, Brett Webster emphasized the deal's significance as "a chance to join another world class team."

While we don't often see accessory manufacturers making acquisitions like this, Wrapsol seems like a great choice for a fast-growing case maker looking to expand their business. The deal is interesting because while OtterBox touts sturdy, yet none-too-trimming case options, Wrapsol's protective skins aim to protect an entire device with an incredible thin layer of film.

Though we can't be certain what effect the acquisition will have on either company, from the tone of OtterBox's press release, we might just see OtterBox-branded super-tough screen protectors some time in the future. For the full press release, hit the link below.

Source: OtterBox

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  • http://twitter.com/thespennie Spencer Buchanan

    Meh, I am not very impressed with the demo. I have seen others that look great and do the same, guaranteed for life etc. This one may be good, but we will see.

  • Kevin

    Be nice on a nexus 4 back and front, protect both sides then use the bumper for the corners - hopefully would keep device in new condition.

    • Cherokee4Life

      orrr.. you could keep your device in new condition yourself.

      just kidding accidents happens i get it. but this is going to be awesome when an Otterbox comes with a "good" screen protector.

      shit, who am i kidding, i don't use cases or screen protectors on my phones or tablets. but this seems good for those who do

  • Simone Summer

    i think that this other one is a little to extreme (pun intended)


  • http://www.shaggymac.com ShaggyMac

    I use my products nekked...but seriously the best way to expand a business...buy another business. Kudos