Update: At the time of last update, the 16GB Nexus 4 is consistently listed as "Coming Soon," with the 8GB version going up and down. The 32GB Nexus 10 is also consistently listed as "Coming Soon." If we receive any word that these device's are again available, we will update this post.

Just a few (long) hours after Australians got their shot at being the first kids on the block with a brand new Nexus device, it looks like orders have opened up for the US and Canada as well. Note: Since these devices just became available, you'll likely notice some errors or inconsistencies in availability. If a device truly appears to be out of stock, we'll update this post accordingly.

As with Australia's launch, all variants of both devices are available – customers can pick up an 8 or 16GB S4 Pro-packing Nexus 4, and a 16 or 32GB Nexus 10 with its super-sharp 2560x1600 display (that's 300ppi, by the way). Of course the Nexus 7 HSPA+ variant is making an appearance too.

n41 n101 n71

Readers looking to get their hands on either device in the US or Canada would be well-advised to claim their orders immediately. The 16GB Nexus 4 sold out from the Play Store in under an hour in Australia, though it may have been the case that the Play Store's switch was simply flipped too soon. Either way, head to the appropriate link below to grab your own brand new Nexus.

Play Store: Nexus 4 (8GB, 16GB) Nexus 10 (16GB, 32GB) Nexus 7 HSPA+

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  • ManuelR

    after keep trying I got my at 8:49:44 AM PST (11:49:44 AM EST) the N4 16GB, I just got my Email confirmation and it will arrive This Thursday 15th!! Connecticut, USA

  • Mike Loomis

    Same here. Just now ordered one, with no problem. Tax and shipping really get ya!

  • http://about.me/jason.johnson JJ

    In Canada, kept refreshing and the 8GB was available again. Unfortunately, I reallllllly don't want the 8, but have faith all - keep refreshing.

  • Mack

    Got two Nexus 4s and two Nexus 10s. Sweet!

    • Scott

      Jesus man, pass me some of that cash!

  • Mike Loomis

    I had it on the 16gb with Coming Soon. I switched over to 8gb and back to 16 and the Purchase button came up.

  • Mike Loomis

    Hey PhineasJW keep trying. i just got one a few minutes ago.

    • PhineasJW

      Just got one!! 2:23PM EST. Thanks Mike!

  • ccchhrisss

    just got one!!! keep on refreshing guys and gals!!!

  • Mike Loomis

    "Delivered in 3-5 business days."

  • Slacker

    Just going to add to the "keep trying" success stories. After about 548 presses of f5 over 3 different browsers, I was finally able to avoid the dreaded "oops, there was a problem" page and placed my order at 2:12 EST for a 16GB N4.

    This in no way excuses the horrible way in which this launch occurred, but if you must have an order in on launch day, hope is not yet lost!

  • tery_cota

    no luck so far

  • chronus719

    I'm wondering when the wireless charging dock is coming. I was hoping to order both at the same time today. I guess I should count myself lucky that I was even able to get my hands on a 16GB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=845185586 Jackson Vue

    I felt like I was one of the first to get a Nexus 4 when it opened in US. It was right at like 8:30 AM.

    • Scott

      I picked mine up after 8:40 (that's when I started trying to order.) I had TONS of errors trying to get Google Wallet to process the order.

    • Sam Sullivan

      I tried starting at 8:30, my order went through at 8:35!

    • http://twitter.com/kayateia Meg

      8:40 for me, but it took me two tries to get it into the cart (I ended up with two in there, oops), and a lot of held breath while it did the forever-load on the Wallet checkout. The final confirmation email didn't come for another half an hour, and it still says "pending" in the orders list. They did pre-auth my card for it. Hoping for the best...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1547790701 Alec Winograd

    Any word on next round of sales / how long we have to wait? 1 week? 1 month?

    • asn5014

      They're still selling on the Google Play Store. Just keep refreshing, every once and a while the "Notify Me" option changes to "Add to Cart", and it lets you place an order. I was able to order one at 3:40EST and then again at 4:40EST. I used my wrong address on the first order, oops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.seals.77 Justin Seals

    After trying for hours it just went through without a hitch....Dont know why...no rhyme or reason...for the 16 gig version by the way.

  • MQ

    Everyone here trying to buy Nexus 4? No one is interested in N7 3G?

  • asn5014

    Finally just ordered my N4 (16GB) at 3:40pm EST! Keep refreshing, yay :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1547790701 Alec Winograd


  • tokcho

    Hey guys, I just managed to place an order for the 16gb nexus 4 after refreshing the page about 100 times. Most of the times it says 'notify me', but every now and then it gives me the add to cart button. The first time it did that it failed to check out, but the second time it went through. Keep trying!

  • Eric

    Order confirmed at 4:51 EST.... Hit refresh about 30 times till the "Purchase" button showed up.

  • efan

    it's changing between notify me and sold out. they are either actually out now or are just doing it to deter the constant refreshing.

  • Keerthi Madapusi Pera

    I can confirm that constant refreshing works. Just ordered my 16GB N4.

    • http://www.facebook.com/driftdeeper Guilbert Dominguez

      Thanks man. Ordered mine because of this at 5:45 Eastern Time.

    • chronus719

      I wonder when it will actually ship using this method. I got mine earlier on this morning, and I still havent gotten a shipping confirmation, so I wouldn't be surprised if the ones being sold now aren't shipped for a while.

  • The Seventh Son

    I just realized this.. there is no wireless charging dock in the box right? So those will come separately at a later date?

    • chronus719

      While it will technically charge with any Qi-compatible wireless charging station, I'm guessing the Nexus 4-specific one won't be out for a bit.

      • The Seventh Son

        Any recommendations for which one to get? I love the original Touchstone design from Palm, hopefully there's something similar for the N4.

  • Teddy Ku

    just got my order placed at 5:09pm CST :D took the whole day, but it was worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dany.Santiago Daniel Santiago

    Wuju! Was able to purchase a 16Gb, using T-Mobile thethering to show USA IP, and ship to Puerto Rico. At 7:27PM Atlantic Time! =D

  • QwietStorm

    I just placed my order at about 6:40 est. It really does show up as in stock if you’re persistent enough with refreshing the product page. I wanted the bumper, but didn’t want to chance it at the time. You might even have to refresh the checkout/payment window, but don’t close it. I don’t know what the hell is going on at Google HQ, but keep trying if you really want the phone. Hopefully my order really WAS placed and it gets here on Thursday.

  • atg284

    Sorry to see the probs :( I experianced this when trying to get a fire sale touchpad...fight the good fight! I think I'm going to wait a bit but definitely getting a nexus 10 :)

  • Anna

    Ordered two 32gb 10's by accident today. I experienced issues that everyone else was experiencing. Went to school, checked back once I was home and found that the 32gbs were still in stock. They went out of stock almost immediately afterwards (or the website is just being inconsistent). Also cancelled my extra order, hope someone is happy with it :).

    I'm not particularly mad at google for the inconveniences, I did have to refresh many, many times, never gave up, but in the end I had to leave for school. It was actually my mom who was able to order it for me right after I left!

    I had waited too long for the tf700 then heard about device issues /poor customer service from ASUS and decided to go for google. Hopefully samsung and google won't drive me away :)

  • RaptorOO7

    I got not email at all. Signed up again to be reminded when its back in stock, not holding my breath they will email me again and I was using my GMAIL account.

  • Robert Johnson

    I can confirm that what works better than constant refreshing is passing out at the kitchen table with the netbook.

  • andddlay

    Through my constant clicking refresh, adding to cart, getting errors, and everything in-between, i somehow ordered 2. O.o. Now question is keep and sell it and make a profit, or cancel it... Hmm

    • Caleb hancock

      be a good fellow man and sell it to me at cost :) plus what you have to pay for shipping both ways. cphancock1 on ebay haha

  • http://twitter.com/giapet gia manry

    Any word on why shipping is starting 11/15 instead of yesterday as promised? I've yet to hear of anyone whose device actually shipped yesterday.

    • Sam Sullivan

      Mine didn't..I'm really hoping for today, but it will probably be tomorrow. And 2-day shipping. So expect Saturday packages?

  • north

    I am able to buy 16gb Nexus 4 at approx 4PM CST! I removed all the history and cache for IE and luckly 16gb N4 was avaliable at that moment. :) I see order in GWallet and my card was also charged. It says 2 day shipping.

  • Frustrated Android Developer

    I have been a fan of Google and Android for many years. I spent many hours trying to order the new phone but went through a very frustrating experience with the Nexus 4 launch today.

    Here are a few things for Google to think about the next time they launch a new phone:

    1. Make sure that your Order Processing Systems are in sync and scale-on-demand. The servers taking the orders seemed to be running independently and sending out e-mails confirming orders while the back-end servers were rejecting them. I ordered the 8 GB version of the Nexus 4 after several errors and got the e-mail confirming that the order was processed AFTER I received a Cancellation Order due to my credit card not being processed even though Google Wallet charged my card. When I called Customer Service, they said the order had been cancelled because the Credit Card was rejected even though Google Wallet had charged my card (the charge disappeared a few hours later).

    2. Give access to status of inventory to Customer Service personnel and empower them to make decisions. When I called Customer Service regarding my order, the only information they could give me was what I could see on my own using my Gmail account accessing Google Wallet. They could not tell me if there were any more Nexus 4 phones left. They could not take any orders. They could not look into the problem with my order. The Rep stated that they do everything via e-mail and he would forward my problem to someone higher up and they would get back to me. I have not heard back from anyone at Google yet.

    3. Take Pre-Orders over a period of 2 weeks. Yes, you will still have a lot of Web traffic but nothing compared to ordering in a 10-minute window.

    4. Announce the exact time of the launch, not just the date. Customers spent sleepless nights trying to figure out if it was 12:01 am EST or PST or some other arbitrary time on November 13th. It would have taken less than a minute to add the exact time on the Website.

    5. Delay the launch if inventory is not there. When a new unlocked phone with the latest Android at about half the price of a similar iPhone comes out and is launched in multiple countries, you should expect a couple of million orders. Someone in Sales dropped the ball if you only have enough devices for about 20 minutes.

    6. Do not launch multiple new devices that are to be sold ONLINE on the same day. It was hard enough for the Google Play store to handle orders for one new device, so why make it worse by introducing the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 on the same day? I don't think that the additional traffic and confusion helped.

    Of all the companies, you would think Google would be an expert at scaling. Really disappointing.

  • http://twitter.com/TAMlROMAN TAMI ROMAN