It's finally arrived! The Galaxy Note II, which went up for pre-order back in October, has now gone on sale in AT&T stores and online. The Verizon version, for those of you who like be-uglied home buttons, won't be coming around for another couple of weeks, so sit tight. Otherwise, it's time to get your giant phone on!


Of course, the Note II is $300 on contract. That's a pretty hefty price tag on any day, and after Google announced the Nexus 4 for $350 off contract, it's going to get even harder for people to justify so much up front. The saving grace for carriers may yet be that, outside of carrier-branded, subsidized phones, it's difficult to get a retail presence for unlocked phones, so that might help. In any case, if you want the Note II either way, now is the time.

Source: AT&T

Eric Ravenscraft
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    • sssgadget

      What a big first world problem!

  • Michael Benesch

    Will be waiting to see if the price goes down

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Ugh, 3 more weeks until I get this phone from Verizon.

    • Scott

      You're getting the molested version.

      • yarrellray

        The VERY MOLESTED VERSION. You couldn't beg me to take that crustycdma Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

  • Jim Mullen

    Few AT&T stores in the Philly suburbs have the Note II today and it seems NO big electronic retailers have it (i.e. Best Buy, etc). Where can one find this mythical beast (besides online)?

  • damnyouatt

    $300? AT&T just lost one of their few edges over Verizon/TMobile: lower subsidised prices.

  • Caractikus

    $300 and probably around $100 a month for a two year contract? Yikes.

  • spydie

    Yeah, it's always cheaper to buy full price outright without contract than to pay exorbitant prices for a plan. You always pay more in the long run with a plan. That said, you ATT people should seriously consider getting the T-mobile version. It's easy to unlock so you can take it to ATT, plus it has the 1700 band in it that the ATT one doesn't have, so you can use it on T-mobile service (I'm using Simple Mobile). And yes, it does have LTE, but it hasn't been turned on yet with software, but that's coming. I don't live in an LTE area anyway, so that's a moot point. And judging from what I hear, LTE is a big battery hog. OK this has big 3100 mah battery, but guess what? that large screen eats it up. I've had light usage on my first day with the phone and after 12 hours it's at 63% and I don't even sync with email or anything, just a couple phone calls and 20 text messages, checked the weather a couple times and a few other times I turned it on for things. With heavy usage it would be in the same category as my SGS3. We are definitely going to need a large battery option from Seidio!

    • yarrellray

      Battery life gets better after the third or fourth cycle. Don't worry about that. Plus Tmobile and it's HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is fantasticfor battery life and the Galaxy Note 2. I wouldn't touch the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon or At&t even if you gave it to me for free. Unlimited data reigns supremeon Tmobile and for a device as wonderful as the Galaxy Note 2 you NEED UNLIMITED DATA PERIOD.

  • gspida

    Can someone please explain why none of the US carriers carry at least the 32gb model? I can understand maybe not having the 64gb model I suppose but not having the 32gb on release sounds like a money grab. Thinking about other options now :( Samsung I was 100 % convinced until this.

  • olbp


    What is the Black Friday price?