Of course with a new monthly short list of awesome new apps comes a list of the top new games from the preceding month. October saw a lot of game releases, but we've narrowed the field down to just six must-see entries, sure to satisfy the most discerning mobile gamers.

Shadowgun: DeadZone

Back when we first covered Shadowgun: DeadZone's arrival to the Play Store, we already knew Madfinger's latest creation was a hit. Of course it's still in beta mode until the 15th, but it's available for all Android devices running 3.0 and up. Madfinger's multiplayer shooter still isn't perfect, but it already shows a ton of potential, and has already caught on with players.

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The game (so far) features four playable characters, two game modes, two different maps, and plenty of weapons and gadgets.

While players shouldn't expect a game that has all the fit and finish of a non-beta title, Shadowgun: DeadZone is already awesome, and definitely worth trying out, especially considering it's free from the Play Store.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Another hotly-anticipated game released last month is Need for Speed Most Wanted. The game, which builds on EAs successful franchise, challenges players to "make trouble, get wanted." And really, who doesn't like to feel wanted?

In the action-packed racer, players will outrun cops, outsmart rivals, and even outdrive their friends in "hot cars" like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, and plenty of others. The game claims to bring full-car damage to mobile for the very first time, and there's no denying NfS' amazing, sleek graphics. The game also offers touch or tilt controls, car enhancements and customizations, and new unlockable cars.

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Whether you've been anxiously awaiting this game, or just want a gorgeous, fun racer, hit the widget below. The game will run you $6.99, but it's worth every penny for fans of the racing genre.

Wild Blood

Wild Blood brought us another stunner in the graphics department this October. The game, which invites players to "live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot powered by Unreal Technology," is gorgeous, full of action, and carries a compelling storyline. It's worth noting up front that this game requires a hefty 2GB of free space to play, so warm up your SD cards, or get rid of some of those extra photos before downloading.

Essentially, the story follows Sir Lancelot as he battles all manner of demon after King Arthur, mad with jealousy, gets persuaded to open the Hellgate. Players will enjoy 10 incredible environments on their way to Avalon, partnered with Sir Gawain to fight the legions of Hell, fighting demons, bosses, and eventually King Arthur himself.

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The game is a cool $6.99, but if you're into action, adventure, epic battle loosely based on historical figures, or just love amazing graphics, this one is worth the download.

League of Evil

Of course it wouldn't be a monthly roundup without at least one retro-esque 8-bit platformer. To that end, we've chosen League of Evil for a spot in our top six. One of Noodlecake's latest creations, League of Evil is actually much cuter and more fun than it sounds. The retro style platformer takes players through over one hundred sixty levels, wall-hugging, jumping, and flipping your way through challenging terrain and fighting enemies to reach your ultimate goal – delivering "a well-earned pixel punch to the face" of the mad scientist responsible for forming the League of Evil, a sort of round-table of crazed, evil scientists.

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The game's full version is priced at a mere $0.99, and is definitely worth your buy if you like some light yet challenging 8-bit platform action to pass a few minutes here and there.

Chrono Trigger

Okay, so League of Evil isn't the only retro-inspired game in October's short list. We're also going to take a look at Chrono Trigger, Square Enix's latest treat to fans of the company's classic RPGs.

A game originally created by a "dream team" of creatives from Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger is a "timeless" RPG that's been given new touch-based controls, an experience that's "smoother than ever," and two new areas to explore that were previously only featured in the game's Nintendo DS revival. Players will travel through time seeking to rescue Marle, who's been hurtled through a time rift during a telepod exhibition gone wrong.

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Whether you've been a long-time fan of Chrono Trigger, or just love classic RPGs that have been masterfully ported to Android, this game is sure to please. At $9.99, it isn't the cheapest game of the lot, but it's still worth a shot for fans of the genre.

Zombie Driver THD

We'll wrap up this month's list with a zombie game, because zombies never get old, right? Seriously though, Zombie Driver is a great game for fans of zombies and racing alike, combining the two seamlessly with decent graphics and plenty of explosions. Before we continue though, there are two things you need to know up front: the game carries a 1GB download, and it's just for Tegra-powered devices. Now that we have that out of the way, check out this video.

Despite the post-zombie-apocalypse backdrop, you can still count on rocket-powered cars, tanks, and other "crazy vehicles" including bulldozers and fire trucks to blast through, roll over, or otherwise maim zombie enemies.

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If you like zombies, explosions, fast driving, or all three, this game won't disappoint. It's a bit steep at $6.99, but if that doesn't deter you, hit the widget.

Final Thoughts

Of course there were tons of other games to try out this month, and there will surely be dozens of worthy entries throughout November. If none of these games hit the spot, just keep an eye out for our periodic bigger roundups of apps and games. Of course, if you have your own suggestions for what we should include in our roundups, just tip us!