Update: The promotional code has been taken down - probably because too many people tried to use it. Bummer.

Looking for a new phone that isn't a Nexus 4? Well, you may want to head over to Best Buy Mobile's eBay Store (ugh), because there's actually a pretty awesome promo code you can use to swing a great deal on an on-contract phone.

For any phone with a plan rate greater than $29.99, whether on a new account or as a contract renewal (upgrade), you can get 25% off the cost of the phone - just enter the promo code "EBSAVE25" at checkout.


If you're looking at a phone whose on-contract price basically doesn't have much wiggle room at the moment (eg, Galaxy Note II), this is actually a great way to save some money. T-Mobile's Galaxy Note II, for example, is normally $330 on contract, but with this deal, is just $247.50 after entering the promo code - a savings of $82.50. Not bad.

Be careful, though, some of BB Mobile's prices don't line up with the carrier MSRP, like the Note II on Sprint, which BB Mobile charges $350 for, while Sprint itself charges just $300. This deal would still save you money, but it's definitely something to keep in mind. Also be sure to check out comparable prices at Wirefly, LetsTalk, and Amazon Wireless, too, before making a commitment. This deal ends on December 9th.

via Droidmatters

David Ruddock
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  • Matthew

    You get a better deal through Amazon Wireless. The Samsung Galaxy 3 is $99 on Amazon Wireless Best Buy Mobile Ebay store is charging $200 for the Samsung Galaxy 3. The promotion code brings the Samsung Galaxy down to $149.99

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You may get a better deal on some phones, sure. But you also get a better deal with this deal on many others that are new, like the Note II or RAZR HD variants.

    • http://www.alphabetcityblog.com/ Jeff

      Amazon Wireless doesn't have the Galaxy Note II. This is so far the best deal I've found on that phone (which is the phone I've been looking for), especially when you take the total "what you pay today" price into account. About $250 for BB, more than $350 for Sprint with all the fees and whatnot that they add on. I can justify it for the former price, not the latter.

      Also, Amazon's upgrade price on the Galaxy S3 is $149, not $99.

      • Matthew

        True the upgrade price might not be $99 for the S3 on Amazon Wireless. New subscribers would pay $99 which is what is what I was referring to. It will be interesting to see what other places will discount the Note 2 at.

  • topgun966

    Yea most of the phones are must cheaper on Wirefly

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emanuel-Burgos/100000376144589 Emanuel Burgos

    Oh thank you so much for this information. I tried to purchase this phone at the local Best Buy store in town. No luck since they didn't have it. I then tried Best Buy mobile store, Target, and an AT&T store, but still no luck. No one had it in town! I then tried to purchase it online via Best Buy's website, but no luck since they didn't ship it. I had already given up for the day and decided to just wait when it finally arrived at the local Best Buy store some time during the next few days. Well, long in behold, I saw your article and immediately clicked on the link and got my discount with 2 days shipping. I saved $75! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't even aware of Best Buy's mobile eBay store! Thank you so, so much Android Police!!! This made my day!!!!

  • geena

    Hmmmmm... this wouldn't happen to be useful when buying the Nexus 4 on T-mobile would it? I'm going to have to check on Tuesday to see if they have it..

  • M3USK

    Just received a promo code expiration :(

  • Edward Walsh

    just got this message: "We're sorry, the promotion code you entered has expired. Please enter another promotion code or click "Checkout" to proceed with your order."

  • logicrulez

    Just tried to order the note 2, got a message saying the promotion is over.

  • jace

    promote code is expired

  • http://www.facebook.com/abraham.tehrani Abraham Tehrani

    Promo code expired :(

  • http://www.alphabetcityblog.com/ Jeff

    Mine shipped - woohoo!