It always stings when you buy a device just before the price drops. If you happened to pick up a Nexus 7 directly from ASUS or Google, though, you may be in for some good news. Two separate partial refund systems are in place to compensate you. If you're in Europe and you purchased the slate directly from ASUS prior to October 29th, 2012, you can register for a €30 (or ₤25 for UK owners) voucher that's good for use in the company's online store. The offer doesn't seem to specify which versions qualify, so it may be all of them.


Over on Google's side of the fence, there is actually a persistent Price Protection policy that has kicked into effect on the 16GB variant of the Nexus 7. If you purchased the device within 15 days of the price drop (so, on or after October 14th), then you're eligible to receive the difference in price back (about $50).


You can sign up to receive the vouchers/refunds either from ASUS here, or Google here.

Source: ASUS, Google via Droid-Life, The Verge

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Kent Andersen

    Dang! mine was given to me at google I/O :)

    • Todd

      I'll gladly take that off your hands for you. Hell, I'll just take the back plate and you can thank me later. :)

      • DCMAKER

        back plate?

        • Todd

          Yeah, the nice white backplate.

          • DCMAKER

            oh was it the one with the dragon? if not whats so special about a white back plate?

          • Todd

            Not sure what dragon you are referring to. I am referring to the white back plate. Limited edition is what makes it nice, can't get that anywhere else.

          • DCMAKER

            oh ok...samsung or someone made a dragon backplate....i think it was just a single plate now that i think of it

          • Todd

            Wasn't that for someone out of Canada for an SGS3?

          • DCMAKER

            no clue maybe

          • DCMAKER

            i knwo it was white lol

  • companyemails

    Damn, missed it by 2 weeks. Oh well, still got the $25 Play credit so I can't complain.

  • Jason

    and if I bought the now extinct 8GB version?

  • nhizzat

    Wish it extended to early adopters but this is fair.

    • JG

      Maybe drop an extra $20 or so into our Play Store balances....

    • Ranger666

      I agree, I got left out by 4 days; I bought the damn thing on October 10. This BITES!!

    • dobbsy

      I agree. It is fair, but would be nice if Google would compensate those of us who bought the 16gb as a pre-order. Obviously, many of us would have bought the 32 if they'd have offered it. This was my first time ordering direct from them and now I'm second guessing whether I should by a N4 or wait to see if they offer a larger capacity version. Once burned twice shy...

      • DCMAKER

        it is debatable that the time between products are significantly enough to claim that process of technology has offer the lower price but yea its kinda BS.

      • nhizzat

        I certainly would have bought the 32GB version instead of 16GB if it were initially offered.

        I REALLY want the N10 but I'll be waiting a couple months after release to pick one up. The memory of my first device order (N7) from the Google Play store is still fresh in my mind. They completely botched that launch. What's worse is that they dropped the price on what was once their largest storage capacity offering while introducing a higher storage model which the majority of 16GB purchasers would have bought! The introduction of the 32GB model is what bothers me the most.

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    What about the 8gb version? Sucks that we are just getting burned for purchasing a device early.

    I guess since we got to enjoy the device for a month then Google thinks its okay to essentially rip us off. I know we payed for it knowing that we were only getting 8gb, but kinda sucks that people now are paying the exact same and getting double the memory.

    • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

      In what way did they rip you off? At the time the market was $200 for 8GB and you signed up for it, things change. Its not like you agreed to pay $200 and they instead charged your card $250, that would be ripping you off.

    • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

      Paying the exact same thing and getting double the memory *three months after the Nexus 7's release*. That is a crucial point. Memory prices have fallen during that time. Google could have either pocketed the difference OR passed those savings along to future consumers and allowed them to get more for less. They chose the latter and, in my opinion more generous option.

      • Kenny O

        Wouldn't it be 5 months? :-)

        • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

          Released in July. It is now November (but the price reduction occurred in late October) sooo August-September-October. Nope, pretty sure it's 3 months...

  • ogaitz

    what about the 8gb version? :/

    • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

      Can you simply return it in that window for a 16GB one?

  • Slpixe

    Dammit I got mine straight as it was available at Tesco, so months ago

  • ProductFRED

    This is great. ASUS and Google didn't need to do this, but they understood it was the morally-correct thing to do. It doesn't even make economical sense to do this, yet they did it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

      Actually it does make economical sense in my opnion, it's a marketing move...

      • ProductFRED

        It makes PR sense, but not economical. They're still basically giving money away.

        • DCMAKER

          not when it comes down to people's trust in Google to honor future price drops. Knowing this i am very likely to buy any future nexus devices from Google even if its a couple bucks more. Just like I buy off amazon over newegg since neweggs return policy is a 100% joke now. Unless i am saving 30 bucks on a big ticket item I am going with amazon now or if i am buying a small product that has a decent change of breaking i am also going with amazon. As long as the order is fulfilled by amazon. I bought a nebo redline flash light on sale off newegg and it was maybe 5 bucks cheap than amazon but looking back i would have bought it from amazon since it went flaky on me after 2-4 weeks. It has gotten worse now and if i bought it from amazon they would have just accepted a return with virtually no questions asked. That is why i buy from amazon almost all the time now. Same with certain items from retail stores....even if its a few bucks more its worth it. Too much shit breaks these days. I can see this as a very economical move because now google has my business even though i have never bought from them yet. They haev all my future orders and i'll let my friends know about this too. They will get many more future purchases because of this simple reason. No company in their right mind does this and expects to loose money. This is purely a PR/Customer relations move that will result in profit.

          • DCMAKER

            I also bought a kila watt meter 2 weeks ago from newegg and it broke in a week.....so i am SOL with newegg's return policy. They don't except any returns anymore on those types of products so i have to go through manufacturer's warranty which is always a pain in the ass. I still haven't RMAed my netgear router because their RMA program is a fucking joke. If i bought the P3 kila watt meter from amazon i could have mailed it back for free no questions asked....now i got to pay return shipping on a 17 dollar product and wait what 1-3 months to get it back? Psh this is why i am buying from amazon all the time now even if its 3 dollars more.

    • ssj4Gogeta

      I wonder if pricing a tablet which costs $199 in the US at $400 elsewhere (India) is also the "morally correct" thing to do.
      Sorry, but I'm a bit annoyed at Google/Asus's decision. In all probability, though, it's Asus who's to blame because Google don't sell the tablet here through Play Store.

      • HellG

        You realize that this has nothing to do with google nor asus right?
        its expensive there for the same reason the iFail products are being sold for up to 1500$ or even more! its simply the sellers that target popular products that people will still buy it even if its expensive! you can send Asus a message explaining this or simply make a move to boycott it, and when sellers find that no one buys it for that price they will drop it right away! also remember shipping/tax that also add up to the product

        • DCMAKER

          good ole supply and demand!

        • ssj4Gogeta

          You do understand that we don't have MSRP in India. We have MRP - Maximum Retail Price. Retailers can charge customers less than the MRP, but not more, which is illegal. The $400 is the official MRP from Asus, which is why retailers can charge that amount. If it were $200, there's no way they could charge more than that. And you can't expect them to reduce the price by 50%. They don't have that kind of margin. You can bet all that money is going to Asus.

          Shipping can't be a problem. The products are manufactured in Taiwan/China, which is farther away from the US than any Indian city. And no import tax is 100% which would double the price.

          • HellG

            US doesn't have taxes on Chinese products (correct me if i'm wrong) and if there is Google chooses to include that in the final price which is 199$ now the tablet is manufactured in China but being imported from USA i believe then being sent to India where a seller buy it for 200$ then pay for the tax and shipping and he have to add a profit margin and that's the Main supplier which it will end up to be 300$ for example then that supplier sells it to shops who also add another profit margin which also adds up to the price of course it wont be 400$ as greed is also a factor here, and for the MSRP that was a must go, some countries have horrible amount of tax on such products so Asus had to have a high roof for Tax+Shipping+Profit margin for these countries or no one would buy it from them, i hope you understand that i have your same situation but in another country and i talked to many suppliers of mainly computer hardware about this and even an Asus employee about their Nvidia GTX cards prices in here and they all told me the same thing as i told you :)

          • dave777

            What is sales to population and sales to theft of India to say USA? Lots of hidden reasons prices differ. It also can cause delays if bureaucracy is insane or protectionistic.

        • anamika

          iPad from iFail is actually well priced. Instead of buying N7 paying few more will get iPad2.

          • HellG

            N7 is in a whole other category than the iPad 2 if 10" tablets appeal to you then sure go for it :)

      • DCMAKER

        also many things can play a role on this...taxes/tariffs/exchange rates/ and many other things. Also supply and demand as i said to hellg

      • dave777

        Depends, each country has different duties, taxes, tariffs, losses including theft, fraud, knock offs and technolgy theft. Thus they will be priced differently.

  • http://twitter.com/str0mma Nahoj Morts

    I would never had bought it before if I knew they would release a 3G/HSPA+ version! Trade-in program, yes please!

    • http://twitter.com/kev_martin Kev Martin

      The trade-in program exists, but is run by Ebay. It works fine. I traded up my 16 Gb Nexus7 to a new 32 Gb one with a loss of around $75 all up. I'm happy with that.

  • Luis Rivera

    Ummm show us 8gb people
    some love

  • Simon Belmont

    Ah. Thought this might help my friend.

    He bought his way back in July though. So he's WAY off the mark.

  • deezil

    If you got he 8GB like I did, think of the $25 Google Play credit as your discount to make it $175.

  • Matthew Fry

    Good Guy Google

  • HellG

    - Good guy google
    1- gives you great product for great price, make it even cheaper
    2- gives you free money
    - Douchbag Apple
    1- gives you over priced products with crazy amount of hype and when it breaks
    2- tells you that you are holding it wrong

    • FHA

      Great. Just shoe-horn an Apple jab in there. Its almost as predictable as the use of "M$" on an OSS site. Grow up, attack companies for their actions, not on the assumptions of their actions, of which Apple has many legitimate issues to be called on.

      • TylerChappell

        Apple's actions are to overprice products and then tell the customer that they are holding it wrong when in fact it is a very poor design flaw, so he DID attack Apple for their actions. Get the sand out of your...

      • ScottColbert

        Releasing an ipad 4 6 months after the last one and not doing anything for the ipad 3 owners is a douche bag move.

        • DCMAKER

          though to apple's defenses.....those people are dumb enough to buy it lol. Some how millions of people buy there 4S the month before the iphone5....are they seriously retarded?

          Anyways i hate apple but the people who buy that shit are equally stupid.

          • HellG

            no one knew about the iFail 4 it was a surprise to everyone and no "leaks" about it were present before the event, so there were no way anyone could know that a new version is coming

          • DCMAKER

            i could have sworn i remember some engineer leaving it in a bar before release and gizmondo or whatever paid 10 grand to get it from a guy. Still there was plenty of prior knowledge about the iphone 5 coming out

          • HellG

            that was the iPhone 4 mate i mean the iPad 4

          • DCMAKER

            well you didn't make that clear....anyways there is an ipad 4?....hahah googled it and i didn't even know they refreshed it already lol. Now it finally has a good SOC lol. I guess your point is proven since i never even heard of it until now :P

    • anamika

      N7 might cost $400 in India. It seems we might be subsidizing you :)

  • gilbert sepillo

    What if I bought it in Amazon?

    • Michael Jon Carter

      I got mine from currys and they said , if google tells them to do partial refunds they will notify me. It seems unlikely though.

      • gilbert sepillo

        Yes it seems unlikely.Much better if Google add the said refund to your account on Play Store.

    • TylerChappell

      Then shame on you! jk, doesn't Amazon have them priced like a good 10+% higher?

  • http://www.facebook.com/skystorme Maria Maloof

    Damn, if I had only waited 4 more days to purchase mine, I'd be able to get some money back. At least it came with the $25 Play store credit.

    • TylerChappell

      You managed to get the Play Credit after September? I thought it stopped in september? I got my 16GB N7 the day they announced it, but just bought the 32GB from Radioshack during the little sale.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dhalamar David Miller

    *Checks the receipt* 10/11/2012

    Figures. :P

  • hush404

    Soz... my purchase back in August doesnt count? lol.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ootpapps.saving.made.simple&feature Out of the Park Apps

    Nice fair deal!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lennydevos Lenny De Vos

    Not really a fair deal because it excludes a lot of customers. I bought my N7 within the time frame, but I didn't buy it on Google Play as I COULDN'T buy it there (The Belgian Google Play store only sells the Nexus phone and absolutely nothing else), so the second offer doesn't work for me. The first offer from Asus doesn't work either: the website doesn't accept my serial number. In fact, I'm not even sure WHAT the serial number is, since there are about 10 codes on the box and none of them have the prefix SN as the site states. Also, the Asus site is so f*cking slow it took me 30 minutes to even try to fill out the forms ... Fail!

  • http://profiles.google.com/danielm.nc Daniel Marcus

    Can't they do something for those of us who got the 8GB model?