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Note II early adopters on the Now Network, time to head into the Settings menu and check for updates - Sprint just announced a new OTA is rolling out for its iteration of the phablet. This update brings a few meh changes, like GPS lock setting enhancements, email fixes, and improved text message notifications while talking on the phone. But it also brings one major feature: Multi-Window. It's good to see this feature start rolling out to U.S. handsets, as it's been on the Korean and International versions for several weeks now.

Start around the two-minute mark to see Multi-Window in action.

The update should be on its way to handsets now, so head into Settings > System Updates > Update Samsung Software > Check now to see if it's available on your device.

Enjoy doing two things at once.


Cameron Summerson
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  • meetloaf13

    ...if only I could walk into a Best Buy and purchase one =]

    The release of the Note II for Sprint has been a very curious experience

  • Note 4u

    Will it kill root?

    • dextersgenius

      Of course. Get Mobile Odin Pro and flash the update using it to preserve root.

  • Waydaddy

    I can't get the update. Sad.

  • Mobile

    I work at a Best Buy, we got ours on last nights truck. Call your local BBY and see if they got them.

  • RaptorOO7

    IF only we could get this on Verizon already . . . typical delays, delays and more delays.

  • Mario

    Hopefully this can get ripped and installed into the other US variants

  • ScandaLeX

    "Text message notification will beep while in a voice call" My Note 2 already does this and the notification is a PITA! It makes you think you rec'd another call when you didn't.

  • yarrellray

    Glad this is being pushed out. Glad for my Sprint friends but we on Tmobile needs this immediately. Nothing beats this device ever unless the Galaxy Note 3 is on the way..

  • Maxwell Bryant

    Go to Settings, Application Manager,All, Google Services Framework, Clear data, Force Stop,return to Settings, System Update. This should work. It worked for me, good luck. :-)

  • Corey

    Tmobile needs to step up..How on earth can they carry the Note II 1st, but Sprint already has the update rolling? I got the Note II the morning it came out and i love it, but im ready to use "all" the features for this phone, so whats the hold-up,Tmobile? Makes me wanna switch carriers..

  • qbking77

    How to manually update to LJC: