Ah, Black Friday. The biggest (and most malevolent) shopping day of the year. A day of good deals, hateful people, and... other stuff. If you're willing to brave the all that for a new phone, Sam's Club has you covered this year, with the Galaxy S III going for less than a buck with a new two-year agreement.


From what we gathered by calling a few different Sam's stores, this is good for all four carriers (so long as your local Sam's has them all). The ad doesn't specify, but it would just be silly to sell them for this cheap on one or two carriers and not the others.

Of course, you'll have to be up bright and early (or just skip sleep altogether) if you want to take advantage of it. Good thing you know about this a couple weeks ahead of time. Now you can go take a nap to get ready.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • James Barr

    I want someone to have a full-price SGS 3 for Verizon sale. : /

  • fabsn

    I don't get it. So it's 96cents but u don't have no Idea what the contracts conditions are gonna be. If it's a hundred bucks per month for 24 months, it ain't no deal. To put it in perspetive, I pay 3,90€ per month for my plan (plus extra expenses, i usually get to 6-7euros). on the other hand i bought my phone all by myself for the full price.

    What i wanna say is, what the hell does the subsidized price tell you?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      U.S. Contracts don't work that way. You pick your plan and sign an agreement to stay with the carrier for two years to get this price. That's it.

      • ChavaM

        Well most American carriers charge around $100/month for 24 months for a decent plan. Post-paid is bull.

        • GeneralSkeptic

          Post paid does work out depending on usage and features. Prepaid here for full price phone at the cheapest is about $50/month. Say the phone costs 500 (for Galaxy SIII). Then, $50/month prepaid (TMobile). Total 2 year = 1700 + taxes, fees, etc.

          Versus: Free Galaxy SIII right now, on $60/month contract (500mins/2GB data --slower after the first 2 GB but no addl charges). Total 2 year = $1440 + taxes and fees. And, this 2-year contract can be cancelled without fees after 1 year if you send back the phone. So, really, it's a one year contract.

          The nice thing about prepaid is - no contract. vs. the nice thing about contract is - no weird random frivolous charges that you cannot explain. I have been on prepaid for a few years now, and I'm finally going back to contract because I'm thinking the Galaxy is perhaps the first phone I will actually use enough to justify the contract. We'll see.

  • jammer

    Ummm. The ad didn't say doorbuster on it, so you probably don't have to stand in line for this deal. That's just a guess though.

  • Ron Pemberton

    Is this NEW plans only, or will it work for existing plans renewing?

    • Matt DelMastro

      I think this is for new plans only.

      From what I've seen, upgrades will be $50.

  • Sorian

    I wonder if Best Buy will honor the price.... it is within the 30 day price match guarantee.

    • hdawg5000

      no one price matches black friday deals.

      • Christopher Saylor

        I've been pricematched by both Best Buy and WalMart before, but that was not for phones. Phones may be another deal entirely though since it often goes through an outside contractor.

      • Sorian

        It is worth a shot, worse they can say is no.

        • letsplaaay

          I surely hope you are certain that that's the worst case. I do not want to be court-ordered to stand outside of Best Buy with a sign that reads "I tried to match Black Friday Deal's price."

          • onpoint G

            lol I would love to see that

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryansworld10 Ryan Shea

      As someone who works customer service at Best Buy, no. We don't price match clearance items :)

      • shadowdude777

        This isn't a clearance item though. A clearance is when they sell at a deep discount until stock runs out, and once they're gone, they're gone. This is just a good sale.

        • http://www.facebook.com/ryansworld10 Ryan Shea

          Didn't spot your reply until now. We consider Black Friday deals clearance items. In fact, we don't even price match anything on Black Friday.

          • shadowdude777

            I guess I can understand not price matching on BF because it's a crazy day. Still, I don't understand categorizing something that isn't going to be out-of-stock after the sale as "clearance". By definition, clearance means it's being discounted so they can get rid of it. It's not just a good deal.

  • Jav11 .

    cool deal..

  • Astrofrigo

    Oh Black Friday.... America, you cray.

  • Steve

    Target will price match their own price if bought before BlackFriday on BlackFriday