Sure, Verizon's running those ads that tells you how obvious it is their network is best, but AT&T wants you to know it's not sleeping on the job. Today, the carrier announced that it plans to have LTE coverage for 300 million people by the end of 2014. For those counting, that leaves only about 10 million out in the entire country.

The plan comes as part of a $14bn investment into wireless and wireline services—$8bn of which is going to wireless—that is expected to be carried out over the next three years. The new 2014 estimate will add an extra 50 million LTE  customers on top of the already expected 250 million people covered by the end of 2013.

It's not all wireless news, of course. Here's what else AT&T expects to offer:


  • 4G LTE network expansion expected to cover 300 million people by year-end 2014
  • Wired IP broadband network expected to expand to 75 percent of customer locations in AT&T's 22-state wireline service area by year-end 2015
  • Fiber deployment expected to reach 1 million additional business customer locations, covering 50 percent of multi-tenant office buildings in AT&T's wireline service area by year-end 2015
  • 99 percent of customer locations in wireline service area expected to have high-speed
    IP Internet access via IP wireline and/or 4G LTE
  • Investment expected to be approximately $14 billion over three years — $8 billion for wireless initiatives, $6 billion for wireline initiatives; Total capital spending expected to be approximately $22 billion for each of next three years
  • Revenue mix following investment period expected to be 90 percent from high-growth areas – wireless, wireline data and managed IT services
  • Consolidated revenue growth improves to GDP-growth-rate-plus 100 basis points, assuming stable economy
  • EPS expected to grow mid-single digits next 3 years; opportunity for stronger growth going forward

It certainly looks like the nation's number two carrier isn't content to let that position stand, if it has any say over it.

Source: AT&T

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • yarrellray

    I can't help but laugh at both Ass t&t and Verizon making all these large promises. Verizon today is slow and has crappy reception/signal strength not to mention piss poor battery life on 75% of it's overpriced Lte devices. Ass t&t has crappy data plans and are the second worst carrier in updates to android devices. Piss on both Verizon and Ass t&t

    • jose acevedo

      sir you are an idiot

    • Chris

      Wow dude you have issues...

  • Scott

    I'd like to see some HSPA+ coverage expansion.

  • Zach Gamble

    If I am not mistaken, hasn't ATT been working on the HSPA network, so when you drop off LTE you don't hit 3G like you do on Verizon? I have been very happy with my 10mbs speeds with HSPA on ATT.

  • MetalPhoenix79

    By the end of 2014 Verizon will be deploying LTE-Advanced...

  • http://twitter.com/RobertMcKay14 Doug Heffernan

    im confused ,nancy pelosi said there were 300 million people in USA out of work,,thats almost the whole country,,How can they all afford high priced data palns..hmm

  • Yuck9

    By the time AT&T Gets there LTE Installed there will be something faster.
    They by far are the slowest moving forward I've ever seen. And there service is a crap shoot at best. I was sold a LTE Device with the promise it will be here soon. In there view, Soon is sometime in the future with no idea of when. Don't fall for it. They would sell you the moon if they could.

    Next time I'll wait till I see it working first. Don't even get me started with there coverage maps. What a joke.