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Rovio has been teasing us for about a month now with yet another new Angry Birds title – Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is an almost inevitable mash-up between the smash hit mobile game and one of the most famous science fiction films of all time, and features (as you'd expect) light-saber wielding, force manipulating, laser-shooting birds. They are, of course, angrier than ever and they'll be battling more thieving pigs in more Star Wars-inspired environments than we care to count. Of course all the classic birds have been re-costumed and outfitted with appropriate accessories to remind us of Star Wars characters from Han and Chewie to Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, and even C-3PO, among others.

In Rovio's latest Angry Birds entry, you can expect to enjoy gameplay dynamics from both the game's land-locked and space-bound variants, with gravity, timing, and mastery of new weapons of course serving as keys to success.

Of course there's also a heavy focus on new Star Wars-related elements. In a live hangout just before launch, the Angry Birds team promised that Star Wars comes as close to canon as possible "within the Angry Birds universe."

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If you've played through previous Angry Birds games, you pretty much know what you're getting with Angry Birds Star Wars – the gameplay style that has made the series incredibly popular, along with some fresh (classic?) Star Wars gameplay twists and storyline elements.

Whether you're a fan of Angry Birds, Star Wars, or (ideally) both, Star Wars is worth checking out. Just hit the widget of your choice below – the regular version is ad supported, but can be rid of said ads for a $0.99 in-app purchase, while the ad-free HD version will run you $2.99.

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  • TylerChappell

    Well to this only one thing can be said...

  • defred34

    So the HD has no ads...that's all? Hate the IAPs here!!

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      Don't hate on the reasonable IAPs. The alternative is that they put 2 versions in the Play Store, one with ads and one without for $0.99. The other IAP mentioned in the Play Store entry is to unlock more levels. These aren't abusive money grabs, they are just options to monetize.

      The option to buy a bunch of Falcons is a way to cheat through to the end of the game. It does stink a little bit, like they might have boosted difficulty of some levels to raise the odds people would get frustrated and buy Falcons to finish the game easily.

      I'm not so sure about the HD thing. Rovio has done some weird stuff with those, usually not even including higher res graphics.

      • defred34

        I confirm HD has exact same in-game graphics as free version. Only buttons are bigger, and the splash screen more HD-er.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          I know that HD doesn't actually mean anything, but I really wish everybody pretended it did and stuck to it. This HD gimmick, without something actually being HD, is a terrible practice.

      • moelsen8

        I just hate IAPs because you never know if it's going to "stick" if you uninstall & reinstall the game/app, or install it on another device. that's really my only beef with IAPs. I want to know something like removing the ads in this game is permanently tied to my account. I think it's up to devs to implement it, and I've found it's hit or miss with this kind of unlocking/additional feature crap.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          I agree with this completely. Inconsistent and unreliable handling of something that is VERY easy to code for, that bugs the crap out of me. I've seen the API to handle IAP (wow, that's so weird to write), and it's not that tough.

          There's a game I've been idly considering for a couple of months now and I won't buy it because I see in their FAQ that after re-installing the game, the only way to get expansion packs back after you've purchased them is to attempt purchasing them again, at which point the play store tells you that you've already purchased that IAP and then the game finally activates it. Anybody who's implementing IAP wrong is probably not making the game very well either.

          To Rovio's credit, I'm pretty sure they aren't screwing this one up... But, I admit, I'd be much more confident to see a Deluxe (all IAP's are automatically included) version.

      • Klaine

        On iOS its always just a paid .99 version

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          I'm not defending Rovio's logic here. I just know that they wanted to experiment with ad-driven games on Android, supposedly because Android customers are less likely to buy apps. According to Rovio, that turned out to be true and they made better money relying on ads with Android. Again, I'm not defending it, but that's why they do things differently between iOS and Android.

  • Tee

    If I tap the 'back' button inside a level, it closes the game altogether? Is bug in the the game or my ROM?

    • onpoint G

      NO IT'S JUST YOU! jp IDK man I didn't make the game

    • mana

      I had the same problem and i solved it turning the wifi connection on. I hope it helps you.

    • http://twitter.com/EIsentinela EIsentinela

      No, its a BUG, as the other guy said, just turn the WI-FI on, it doesn't matter if you are in a network or not, just turn it on

  • Dave Molina

    where do you get the unlock code for it and how? (it was in the settings) any ideas anyone?

  • ChainsawCharlie

    OK i'll bite.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    Heads up, in the opening screen you can tap on the Tie Fighters to shoot them. I've got no idea if it leads to any easter eggs or rewards, but there you have it...

  • CJ Vanilla


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Martin/100003697994211 Susan Martin

    Unlock Code, where or how do we get that. I've reached a point in the Android version where there's a keypad and an unlock code needed???? Any clues anyone?

    • Redpaps

      This is the screen of the unlock code page in settings. Have you had a response to the code and what does it do???

  • crane476

    lol Anyone notice that Yellow Bird's laugh in the cinematic trailer sounds just like Spongebob?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hskrsrock77 John Sidwell

    There is a option to put in a unlock code. Any ideas where to get this code?

  • Klaine

    Don't understand why angry birds is so popular..its OK but can't say its anywhere near my most used apps...and they know have 5 iterations...all the same except for themes.. yawn for me, but realize I'm minority

  • Drew

    Looks like the codes are included in toy sets. See: http://www.amazon.com/Angry-Star-Wars-Fighter-Strike/dp/B0090H0RRU "Players can also unlock Angry Birds Star Wars in-app content with a special code in each pack." I wonder if they're unique and one-time use only?

  • Boombuster 11

    What is the flippin cheat code

  • you guys are idiots

    Get an angry birds star wars toy with a code and enter it. duh