Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of live wallpapers. I love the idea, but in practice I've never found one that suits my taste and is compelling enough to stay on my device for more than a few minutes. That changed today with Cypher Cove's release of Audio Glow to the Play Store.

Audio Glow is actually a stand-alone app with a similarly named LWP companion which also launched today. The app is a music visualizer, which in itself is not so exciting. What makes this app exciting is that it isn't just a music visualizer – it's one that's beautiful, functional, and extremely customizable.

Basically, the app (or LWP, as the case may be) reacts to sound from any other app on your device (though its main target is music). It does this with colorful bars and little glowing particle specks that float around and can react to your touch. The app is simple in concept, and executed brilliantly with a ton of customization options. (Don't believe me? Just look at the screenshot on the far right below.) Users can change bar shape, color, particle density, whether bars and particles react to touch, the app's zoom level, its default music app target, and so much more.

In use, the colored bars bounce up and down as you'd expect, the particles drift lazily through the screen, and the artist name and song title smoothly slide together and apart.

Screenshot_2012-11-06-14-23-23 Screenshot_2012-11-06-14-38-17 settings

This is a fun app, and an even better live wallpaper – one that can stand on its own even when no music is playing. Did I mention that Tasker and Locale users can use their saved visualizer themes and set them to trigger in response "to almost anything you can imagine"?

The app is free in the Play Store, and the LWP is only $0.99, so there's no reason whatsoever not to try them out. Just hit the widget(s) below.