It's a big day for AT&T devices! For starters, the headlining LG phone that's managed to grab our attention as the best not-a-Nexus device the company has put out in recent memory. The LG Optimus G goes on sale today on the nation's #2 carrier for $199 with a two-year contract. Of course, for $100 more you can pick up a Nexus 4 from the Play Store, though you'll lack LTE. It really depends on how much you value stock Android over an extra 4G radio. Conundrum, eh?

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Also launching today is the James Bond phone: the Sony Xperia TL. Clocking in at $99 on-contract, it definitely helps the budget-minded spy save a bit of money versus those other flagship phones. With a 4.6" 720p "Reality Display" and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, it's nothing to sneeze at, either. It's even housing a monster 13-megapixel camera, though as David pointed out recently, megapixels aren't everything.

Both are available right now via the source links below.

Source: AT&T (Optimus G), (Xperia TL)

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