From the gameplay trailer, League of Heroes might almost look like Baby's First Diablo. In the village of Frognest, you star as a hero of the story, hacking and slashing through a variety of magical bad guys to save your town. The graphics are beautifully stylized in a 2D cartoon aesthetic. The game is free to play and includes over 60 quests.

If you've ever played an adventure game á la Legend of Zelda, you should feel right at home. In addition to the standard swordplay, you can also collect coins and unlock new equipment to both level up and gear up. The game even features a nifty weather effect system that's based on your actual local weather. If it's raining around you, it rains in-game. Cool, huh?

league1 league2 league3

One bizarre quirk of this game is that it uses a weird energy system that limits how much you're able to play in a short time period. You earn back energy simply by waiting, but if you play too much, you'll be cut out. One way to fill your meter if you lack patience is to invite friends to play. It's a pretty inconvenient way to strong-arm people into telling others about the app, but it could be worse. And hey, it does help to prevent addictive gameplay, so maybe it's a mixed blessing.

League of Heroes is free on the Play Store via the widget below.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • vitriolix

    What's its monitization strategy? That energy system is very Zyngaesque which makes me worry about them gimping gameplay unless you swipe your creditcard

  • Christopher Wilmeth

    Free to play? Check.
    In-app purchases? Check.
    Annoying, bother-all-your-friends monetization strategy? Check.

    No thanks. It looks awesome. I would pay money for this game. But I'm not gonna get roped into a social scam that dangles an imaginary carrot in front of you to line the developer's pockets.

  • defred34

    And you forgot to mention an IAP watering hole too.

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    Looked promising, too bad there are in-app purchases. I won't even touch this game because of that very reason.

  • Hank

    I would rather play ZENONIA instead... :-|