Update: The ever-vigilant evleaks has leaked some press-quality shots of the Flash, and wow is the back of this thing ever ugly:

We had some internal documents regarding the upcoming Sprint Flash, a mid-range Android 4.0 handset by ZTE, leak yesterday. Today, we've got some actual pictures of the phone itself, which has a front fascia that absolutely screams "NEXUS!" (and no, it's not a Nexus).

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The device model number, N9500, can be found over at the FCC complete with Sprint branding on the FCC label sample, as well. We can also now see that the buttons on this phone are definitely virtual, which is pretty cool, and quite rare, despite having been a design guideline for Android phones for over a year now.

By the way, it's definitely worth noting that this phone looks incredibly similar to the never-released ZTE Flash that was leaked for Sprint back in July. Sounds like Sprint and ZTE went back to the drawing board on the virtual buttons and apparently stock Android software.

As a reminder, the Flash is supposedly packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.5" display, Android 4.0.4, 12MP rear / 1.2 MP front cameras, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and support for Sprint LTE. This is shaping up to be a decent mid-range device, though the ZTE sourcing still has us a bit wary. We expect the Sprint Flash to launch on November 11th, with a retail price of $179.99 on a 2-year agreement ($129.99 after MIR).

Thanks, Anon!

David Ruddock
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  • IncCo

    Looks pretty nice

    • John O’Connor

      it will be interesting to see the spec comparisons and benchmarks vs the nexus 4 or old nexus. Not bad at all for a budget device, not that I am in the market for one

  • http://twitter.com/nirvanaman_1985 sam

    wonder how much it will be without a contract. Wonder if it is using dual core cortex a15

    • ProductFRED

      Most likely the A9-based Snapdragon S4 dual-core that's in most high/mid-range devices today.

      • descendency

        Snapdragon's are NOT A9 based. They are based on Krait cores.

        This is more than likely the same Omap 4440 in the Galaxy Nexus.

    • fixxmyhead

      a15? ur freaking retarded

      • poosh2010


        • fixxmyhead

          stfu this is the internet no one cares about spelling except for dumb@sses like u that like the self gratitude of being right

          • Freak4Dell

            Based on the 4 (now 5) people that downvoted you at the time of writing this comment, I'd say there are at least some people that care. God forbid some of us look somewhat intelligent from time to time.

          • John O’Connor

            Upvoter myself here. However, why not just edit instead of comment-reply-correcting

          • Freak4Dell

            What do you mean? The guy that corrected him wasn't him. Only the original writer of the comment can edit the comment. The best the rest of us can do is reply with the asterisk and the correct spelling/grammar.

          • fixxmyhead

            Cuz I'm lazy alright. Plus I hate Nazi grammar f@gs like that on the Internet. Take that shit at school where it matters not on the Internet

          • Freak4Dell

            *Because. *Plus,. *to. *matters.

          • fixxmyhead

            Now ur just trolling. Seriously bro?

          • Freak4Dell

            Stop being an idiot, and I'll stop trolling.

            Also... *you're and *Seriously,.

          • fixxmyhead

            NO! I wasn't trolling the guy was clearly an idiot. Dual core a15 on this phone?

          • Freak4Dell

            I didn't say you were an idiot for that reason.

          • fixxmyhead

            It's just sad that it matters so much that grammar f@gs have to correct u for using slang. I wanna see this in real life, yea It this doesn't happen cuz you'll get ur ass kicked for that

          • Freak4Dell

            There's a difference between slang and stupidity. I have no issue with slang. Nobody has to correct people for poor spelling while speaking because you can't tell how they're spelling it.

          • poosh2010

            haha, calm down man. I was just giving you a hard time for ironically calling someone a retard when you're spelling like one.

  • http://twitter.com/psych2L Joseph Lee

    looks like the galaxy nexus lol

    • John O’Connor

      perhaps they received a bulk discount on leftover inventory of the old nexuses housing

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    Stock Android, soft buttons, and a black case - that's all what you need to be called a Nexus rip-off.

    • whargharbl

      And the exact same shape maybe?

    • GazaIan

      But is that necessarily a bad thing? For some, we could look at that as a phone where a manufacturer doesn't have to waste its time making it's custom skin work on a new OS, faster updates, smoother performance and the user gets to experience Android the way it was meant to be.

  • Scott

    If it wasn't for the black levels and the LED at the top, I would believe it was a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Plerisei

    Google gonna sue for patent infringement, lol.

    • andy gowrley

      Google will love it if it was stock droid and makes more people use Google services :-D

      • Plerisei

        looks like that will be the case.

    • Tyler

      Why would google sue, first off it would be Samsung who designed the device, and second off Apple would beat Samsung to the punch.

      • Plerisei

        It was a joke, lol.

  • John Petersen

    Interesting. I'd love to see a glut of "unofficial" Nexus devices. That is, devices that happily run stock Android, despite not being certified Nexus devices. The AOSP could swell with new options this way, assuming all the hardware drivers are available.

  • Bariman43

    At least it's a Nexus ripoff and not iPhone ripoff #357

  • Kida

    'Today, we've got some actual pictures of the phone itself, which has a front fascia that absolutely screams "NEXUS!" (and no, it's not a Nexus).'

    Fascia: "That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means."

    • Freak4Dell

      His usage of it is fine. It means something different in the medical world, but the the way it's used in this case is taken from the car world, where it means "look". Front fascia means front look. The front look of this phone is similar to the Nexus devices.

  • masterdebater

    This looks like an outbidded Nexus device. LG won.

  • me

    So I locked. My phone and don't not know my email what can I do I no phone