It seems Apple is getting far more than it bargained for in its failed iPad lawsuit in the UK, having been ordered by a judge there to run statements in both print and on its website clearly stating that Samsung's Galaxy Tab had not copied the company's own tablet. Of course, when Apple ran the apology on its UK website, it was one paragraph of acknowledgement of the judgment, and four paragraphs of reasons why that judgment was stupid, essentially. Which is not what the court order told Apple to do.

So, Samsung brought that up with the judges at the UK appellate court, and they aren't happy. In fact, they're pretty pissed: "I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this ... That is a plain breach of the order." And if there's one legal concept that holds true across all borders, it's that you don't upset the judge. Apple upset the judge.

Now that judge is telling Apple it has 24 hours to remove the notice, and 48 hours to come up with a new one. Apple's lawyers argued that they needed two weeks to comply with the new order because of the "technical difficulties" associated with putting up a corrected statement. What constitutes a "corrected statement?" Getting rid of those four extra paragraphs that make it look like UK courts are silly and have no idea what they're talking about. Yes, fixing that would take two weeks according to Apple's lawyers.

Well, the judge had a response for that, too: "I would like to see the head of Apple make an affidavit setting out the technical difficulties which means Apple can’t put this on their website ... I just can’t believe the instructions you’ve been given. This is Apple. They cannot put something on their website?"

I think, more than anything, this is proof of how fitting the punishment of a public apology (really, acknowledgement of being wrong) is for a company as obsessed with image as Apple. And I can't say I'm not enjoying the rather poetic justice of it all.

via Bloomberg

David Ruddock
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  • Drew

    beautiful news

  • Ashish

    A blank page with some HTML in the center takes 2 weeks to craft up? This totally explains why there is a lack of change in iOS.

    • Cherokee4Life

      haha hey now, they changed the screen size after a few years.

      • flosserelli

        They also ditched the shiny metal band, now its an all-black or all-white monolith. That's got to be worth waiting years for, right?


        • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown


      • carbonated_turtle

        Yet their tablets are still 4:3, an aspect ratio that the rest of the technological world abandoned 5 years ago.

        • Matthew Fry

          But then they wouldn't be 35% larger than Android tablets!

          • DaS4ilor

            Objection, Archos 80G9 or 80XS are at a 4:3 ratio ^^

          • http://twitter.com/Telanis_ Telanis

            Objection, Archos is shit.

          • DaS4ilor

            Still Android.

          • PINJ

            Well Archos Is.....

        • Abhijeet Mishra

          I'm still using it on my desktop monitor (17"), but yeah, just too bad to stick to it on smartphones and tablets, devices which are used for viewing content that would benefit from those. But then again, what Apple does is what is right, and we must all believe them :D

          • carbonated_turtle

            It's true, there are still a fair amount of 4:3 monitors kicking around, but how many of them were just released to the market a week ago?

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            Hehe, good one. :D My monitor is more than 7 years old, so I am actually excused I guess, haha.

          • DCMAKER

            hey 16:10 and 4:3 for desktop monitors rock! 4:3 is bomb for web browsing.

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            Very true, I just don't want to move to a 16:9 monitor if it's not above 24", as anything lower means I get less vertical area than my current 17" monitor :|

          • DCMAKER

            i hate how i can't find a 1920x1200 27 inch screen...they only make 24 inch screens and i feel its a little too small for games and productive work. Where is a 27 or 30 inch screen :/ 30 would be too big but hell i would still take it

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            True. Though I can't really go above 24". Saving for even a 24" monitor is proving hard for me, haha.

          • DCMAKER

            you can get the dell u2412m for 300 bucks if you call dell and haggle them. thats a good IPS 1920x1200 monitor...now the fabled HP ZR30w is a different store that ranges from 1100-1300 bucks for an awesome 30 inch 2560x1600 screen...absolute epic screen but for that much its impossible to buy unless you got a good job and dedicated to computers.

        • PINJ

          Wouldnt Be Good For All The 100k+ Dedicated Tablet Apps If They Were To Change That.

    • ddpacino


    • carbonated_turtle

      Well remember, we are talking about Mac users here.

    • DaS4ilor

      I should totally work for Apple, I'll be a frickin genius!

    • squiddy20

      Seriously. Anyone with even basic knowledge of Dreamweaver could put together the "apology", a few images to distract from the apology, and few button menus leading you as far away from the apology as possible, within a few hours, max. A day to make it to Apple's high standards of design.

  • Blaine Magee

    OUTSTANDING! Apple is reaping what they sowed!

    • Cherokee4Life

      I was waiting to see if anything would come of this. That "apology" is bogus. Apple you won this trial in every country except 1... you got billions of dollars for this lawsuit in every other country. Just be the bigger man and write an apology.....

      You don't you have say your sorry just say Samsung didn't copy you. I don't understand why that's so hard. I wouldn't want to deal with a company that will not own up to its mistakes.

      iOS6 Apple Maps, seems to come to mind here.

      • Jameslepable

        If by every other country you mean America and that even they ruled that the tablet didn't infringe on the design patient.

        • Logan B.

          Germany had a similar ruling to the US Courts, IIRC?

          • PhilNelwyn

            Wasn't it just a preliminary injunction rather than a ruling?

          • Logan B.

            Quite possibly. I didn't follow it too much, so my knowledge is pretty high level.

          • Samuel Hart

            I seem to recall someone saying that the ruling was being overturned as well, but don't quote me on that.....

        • RajivSK

          True, I remember the Dutch court wiping the floor with apple and nullifying several of their 'patents'

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

        actually they do have to say sorry..they were told to apologize
        and what other countries besides USA?? The rest of the world isnt buying Apple's crap just the iSheep in this country

        • Maturity

          Lol, iSheep? I've been on Android since G1, so I'm not defending Apple...but c'mon, what a worn out format for a joke.

          Some people just want a phone that works and handles their typical consumer needs (not everyone has the free time to make their device their life).

          That said...let's be grown ups. I just read an Nexus 4 review on an Apple fan site - guess what? It was decently written and they weren't flinging their poop at us and taking jabs.

      • http://profiles.google.com/cootang2 Jin Woo Shin

        What every country? Do you thing america and UK is the only country on the earth?

        • Samuel Hart

          Wait.... you mean they aren't?! D:
          Everything I know is a lie!!

        • eduard kax

          america is a continent!! Are you stupid, no... You are from US

          • John O’Connor

            If we want to get technical about it, The entire western hemisphere is comprised of "the americas"

      • Cherokee4Life


        Apple has had Lawsuits in multiple countries. I am not saying they won every single one but they have won a few...

    • PINJ

      The Are.

  • sliders7

    2 weeks??? I think the goal is to humiliate court order once more.. apple laughing behind their back...

    • Paul Brocklehurst

      the goal is to let their lawyers and marketeers sit in a room for a couple of weeks and see if they can spin it in their favour again, under the guise of 'technical restrictions'. Guess they'll be having a busy weekend instead :D

  • Sven


    • jamaall

      In the process of sending apple some ointment for that burn!


      mmmmm warm apple pie :)

  • http://pctonic.net/ Ashutosh Mishra

    om nom nom

  • defred34

    Apple acts as if they're the only smart ones, and everyone else (including the honorable judge) are dumb, just like their herd of iSheep. /smh

  • hyperbolic

    UK, fuck yea! :D

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      United Kingdom. Fuck yeah, lick my butt and suck on my balls

      United Kingdom, Fuck yeah, a pot of tea is the only way. yeah.

      Terrorists your game is through, cos now you have to answer to..

      United Kingdom. FUCK YEAH!

  • Kris

    This is awesome, but knowing Apple they will make it as difficult as possible and until I actually see the proper apology I won't be celebrating victory for Samsung haha. I'm glad Apple is getting what is coming to them for an obvious breach of the order and a mocking of the UK courts.

  • Joris

    Give apple a fine and be done with it...

    • thatisall

      fine them a billion dollars if they don't comply

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    on a side note, we really need Judge Judy to preside over all future software patent lawsuits

    • Samuel Hart

      YES. THIS. That would be fantastic, the whole friggin' thing would be sorted within a week!

    • Laborin_HK

      *sudden surge of Judge Judy memes come to mind*

      Start laughing like no tomorrow.

  • mesmorino

    This is the kind of bullshit they wouldn't do to an American judge. It's almost as dumb as poking the Buckingham palace guards in the chest, when you wouldn't do the same to the White House guards. Fucking stupid idiots, maybe now they'll realise that in the UK, the judge can and will straight jack you up one time if you misbehave. You know, just like the rest of the world

    • Freak4Dell

      Actually, Apple would probably try this with a US judge, too. That is, if the bag of cash they tried to throw at the judge didn't work.

      • efan

        yeah. apple wouldnt try that with an american judge because they wouldnt need to. they'd get away with it. i guess UK judges cost too much... or have some integrity...

        • DCMAKER

          oh snap crackle pop rice crispies!

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.garcia.779 Johnny Garcia

      i guess the british isnt dumb and we americans are

  • Stephen Taylor

    Yeah, that "apology" from Apple is complete crap. It's quite similar to a petulant child "apologizing" for hurting their sibling when they damn well meant to do it and the other kid knows the apology isn't real. Their excuse is pitiful in saying it will take two weeks to fix this simple HTML 101 page.

    I think the judge should have told them to put it up on a flashy page with a nice picture of the Samsung product(s). What jerks.

  • Goldenpins

    This is what happens when a company thinks they are above the law.

  • http://twitter.com/danlocker Daniel Locker


  • Darren Hilton

    Don't try your strong armed tactics with us Apple, this is the UK.....and hopefully soon the USA will be telling you the same.....your pompous days are coming to an end, the same as your outdated Igingerbean os !!

    • flosserelli

      "hopefully soon the USA will be telling you the same"

      I applaud your optimism, but Apple has a remarkable ability to obtain favorable court decisions in America, even when those decisions are absurd.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.quevedo2 Aaron Quevedo
  • triangle8

    Rotten Granny Smith

  • jonathan3579

    BOOM! goes the dynamite.

  • Kindroid

    Affidavit HELL. Fine the bastards $100,000 a day for every day they are late, after the two week deadline. Contempt of Queens' Court.

    • Josh

      $100k is pocket change for Apple... they'd have to be fined at least several million a day before they'd take threats of a fine seriously. It would be great if the judge could simply ban all sales all sales until Apple complies, but I suspect further legal proceedings (likely not even starting until long after Dec. 14) would be required.

      It IS clear, however, that Apple's failure to comply constitutes an act of contempt of court. This is a criminal offense, and the judge probably does have the authority to put the involved Apple execs, including Tim Cook, in jail for a few days.

      disclaimer: I'm no legal expert, and not even a U.K. citizen...
      If anyone is familiar with British law, please feel free to elaborate and/or offer corrections.

      • Samuel Hart

        the judge wouldn't be able to do jail time for apple execs unless they had British citizenship, and even then if they just don't come over for it they'd have to be extradited ... WHOLE lotta trouble for no real reason.

        However you are right, apple could very easily be held in contempt of the courts for this, and that is a criminal sentence. From there the punishments are a lot more varied, and it wouldn't surprise me if something like this DID go to court (which I don't think it will, though I hope to god it does...) that all apple products could be banned.

        What would make more sense is to bar apple execs entering the country whilst the proceedings are going on, slap them with a couple-billion fines and then jail the heads of apple in the country :D

  • not that stupid

    let's imagine that by mistake someone put iphone 6 specs on apple website.
    does anyone think it's going to take two weeks?

  • Sarah Puls

    Apple isn't sorry for suing...they're sorry they got caught acting like a spoiled child.

  • GlennStile

    Well that's me vindicated, bloody Apple fanbois who were having a pop at me last week because I said this statement was wrong and should be changed can apologise now... I wont hold my breath

  • Dreamcasting

    I remember those two weeks it took for Apple to update their page when Steve Jobs died.

    • http://xstex.co.uk/ Stephen Robinson

      That'sa joke right?

      • Dreamcasting

        Dry humor.

        • DCMAKER

          to be fair i though you were being serious too lol

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    There is a God.

  • Ryan Young

    >Open filezilla
    >ctrl + s
    >connect to website
    >download samsung/apple aggreement.php for editing

    >ctrl + a
    >type "Samsung did not infringe on us"
    >ctrl + s
    >click yes on filezilla upload prompt


    • Logan B.

      >document has a "/" in it and that's an invalid character.
      >Fatal Error.
      >computer lights on fire or something

      • mesmorino

        Only if you're using a mac

      • DaS4ilor

        Lol. No, it causes the mayan apocalypse.

        • Logan B.

          I would certainly file that under the "or something" category :D

  • Doug Nichols

    So proud to be British right now!

    Can't believe how little respect apple seemingly has for our courts though...

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.garcia.779 Johnny Garcia

      wwell good for you and im not a proud american

    • Samuel Hart

      Don't worry Doug, it's not just us..... it's EVERY court. Apple have decided that, being a big company, they are above petty things like "law" and "respect". Still, I love our court system sometimes!

  • HellG

    And its now worse for apple! they wont put it on a side page anymore but on the main page with bold and big font, Ouch ;)

  • mesmorino

    At this point it honestly isn't even about Samsung anymore, it's about Team Dumbass and their stone cold grip on the Villain Ball (Google search "tvtropes villain ball")

  • Joe Menard

    This is Great! I can't wait to see it.

  • Rahul Shah

    I would have made them write an apology in less than 30-40 words, for not giving them space to add bullshit..

  • Matthew Fry

    Glad the judge wasn't completely oblivious to what is involved in changing text on a website. Apple's lawyers wanted the extra time so that the current version would stay up for as long as possible, thus continuing to make a mockery of the judge's order.

    • james

      Not really because they have 24 hrs to pull the crap they posted. apple can do that in 24hrs

      • Matthew Fry

        Oh... you're right. Good call.

  • Kernschatten

    I remember the days when buying Apple was a statement against the arrogance and corporate greed of evil Microsoft. Funny how times have changed.

  • http://twitter.com/xSynRGx Rudy

    Your apology is bad and you should feel bad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1559995258 Alec Smith

    Sorry I am saying this but I don't know what is up with this particular UK judge. Apple's "apology" would work for most any other judges because apple included exactly what they were told. Then they stated 100% undisputable facts about the outcome of other country's judges opinions. I feel the judge feels butt hurt about not making the same decision as other judges more than anything.

    • mesmorino

      It is partly what they said, and partly the tone it was conveying. They were told to apologise, not add in some other irrelevant nonsense, regardless of how true it is. If they want to make those 100% true statements, then they are free to do so elsewhere on their website, store, or even engrave it on their phones, NOT as part of their "apology".

      And no, it has nothing to do with "this particular UK judge", if a judge ORDERS you to paint a house white, you paint it white, end of story. You don't then add a red flair in the bottom about how all the other judges said it was okay to paint it black because not only are you not following the order, you are also calling into question the judges ruling.

      ANY judge with an ounce of sense can readily recognise contempt of court and will fuck you up if you try it. Apple's apology would NOT work for ANY judge.

      • DCMAKER

        well said except for the analogy

    • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

      The point of the judgement was to be both punishing to Apple and rewarding to Samsung. If you then create an apology that says the judge was wrong and actually Samsung did copy you according to other judges but hey we apologise cos we are ordered to do so that undermines the entire point of the judgement against them.

      • John O’Connor

        it's about as childish as a child crossing their fingers behind their back in order to lie

  • Peterson Silva

    I'm really rooting for another fuck up from Apple. What do you guys think could happen? Maybe they could be banned from the UK altogether? An enourmous fine? =D

  • spydie

    hurray for UK... now if they could just do something about letting all those muslims having run of the country.

    • Jon Garrett

      you're stupid. people all over the world have suffered at the hands of white Christians.

      • DCMAKER

        yep lets start making references to 500 years ago of the crusades...psh what a joke. Every race and creed has done some fucked up shit. Funny thing is no one actually considers what the race or creed of the "offenders" really stood for. You'll almost always find out that it was some power hungry douch that took everything out of context to push his agenda and not what the actual race/creed stood for

        • PINJ

          What Does An "actual race/creed" Stand For?

    • Freak4Dell

      Wow, you're a fucking idiot.

  • Laborin_HK

    This is what I see:

    *In a class room*
    Apple: "Miss Judge, Samsung copied my drawing, now everyone likes him and not me :("
    Samsung: "No I didn't..."
    Judge: "Everyone's doing the same thing Apple, Samsung didn't copy you."
    Apple: "but..."
    Judge: "Now apologise to Samsung for saying something so mean"
    Apple: "I'm sorry Samsung, but I'm still cooler than you, lots more people like me. Miss Judge thinks you didn't copy but everyone else does!"

    *Judge backhand slaps Apple in the face.*

  • Jon Garrett

    HAAAAAAAAA !!! +1 for the British....and we (the United States) are sorry for taking away your colony and turning it into the world's greatest nation.


      also currently the biggest joke.....US is an absolute joke right now with how it is being run and whats going on. I am ashamed right now to be called an American :/

      • Jon Garrett

        how is the US being run? curious.

        • DCMAKER

          Seriously??? the fact that we have a 16 trillion dollar debt and a trillion dollar deficit is an absolute joke...that is proof enough. I could go on

          • Jon Garrett

            you're view of how things work seems very simplistic and uninformed.

          • DCMAKER

            that is just 1 single reason. I could go on with Obama's lies and denial of the Libya stuff and the whole ambassador thing but i honestly don't need to...anyone that doesn't believe he is the worst president of all times needs a reality check. I called it when i first heard of him that every sad soul will be caught hook line and sinker with his charismatic BS. 99.999% of all times you hear someone talking about all these promises and change and charismatic things he will be terrible. I mean shit even Hitler got elected because he was a strong charismatic person. Ask any historian. His charismatic character was a large part of him sweeping elections and rise to power. Among many other things. Not worth writing a history book in a post on that but that is an extreme example. I honestly can't recall any good presidents. Once you go past 100 years it is large amounts of hear say and speculation since there was not the same level of information taken and stored as it is now. None the less we have never really had an awesome president and Obama is definitely the worst ever...shit he is ever worse than Bush but again i wouldn't ever want kerry or gore in charge....total tards. Shit since Bush so much of our liberties have been taken away because of all these bullshit laws. Ever hear of this NDAA or whatever bullshit they tried to pass? I believe they still got it passed under some other bullshit law. I signed petitions for all my reps/senates and to the president because that is total bull. The government has been keeping warrant-less wiretaps on many American citizens for the last decade plus, which is bullshit. Thank god for truecrypt/tor browser. If tor wasn't so slow i would use it for everything but whatever. Hurray for America....or whatever is left of it.

          • Jon Garrett

            you're sick. you need help. I think your dislike of Obama has NOTHING to do with his policies.

            anyway, I voted today and by this time tomorrow (God willing) he will be our president again.

          • DCMAKER

            what??? I am sick? How lol. My dislike for Obama is very well founded. He has passed out landish laws and has made our country a joke among the world lol. I bet he will get elected. I won't be surprised if every dumbass fool who bought his bullshit change speech hook line and sinker votes for him again lol. I almost didn't vote again since its pointless. I live in IL the shittiest state in the whole union and to no surprise its a democratic state and always votes democratic. It was 63 to 35% or something last time i checked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

    I'm assuming they have to take 2 weeks to word another apology that is yet another slap in the face to the UK courts and its people?


    baffles me. If I was the judge I would give them 24 hours to repost it and also fine them as much as the law would allow. Also I would continue to fine them every day until it was up. On top of that I would have required it to be on their main page all nice and huge. Also would have required when homepage was first loaded it would pop up a notification of the update and apologize for being in contempt of court and acting like a child! I would also put a temporary injunction on all products for a month or until that page is updated, which ever is longer. I would assume that the UK has similar laws that keep employees like executive from being thrown in jail so putting the execs in jail for a little while for being in contempt of court is probably out of the question so maybe make the injunctions on all products being the jail sentence. Max 2 years right :)

    Anyways, I think this would have been much more suiting and would have sent a much better message than to give them 48 hours...seems like a total joke to me and makes the court even more laughable :/

  • PINJ

    Why Thank You Tim Cook. Why.Thank.You. [Steve Is Turning In His Jeans Right About Now]

  • http://twitter.com/IIIIkoolaidIIII Ben

    I just went onto the apple site to see if there was any change on the apology and noticed it has now been removed from the site completely. I also noticed they're not in accordance with the UK laws on cookies, as they did not display a prompt advising me they would be using cookies.

    • PINJ

      Well Thats Just Taking The Biscuit

  • steve

    Haha Apple you suck ! APPLE reminds me of the idiot that told the judge to f off just before sentencing. What a bunch of cry babies