The CyanogenMod team has been making good progress towards the latest, stable version of its ROM - CyanogenMod 10 - but there's still time for more features to be added before its eventual release.

One of those features is a root-enabled file manager, which was announced on the Cyanogen Google+ page a few hours ago. Judging from the screenshots, it looks to blend in seamlessly with other CyanogenMod features and the rest of the Android OS, with a really nice looking interface.

cmfm1 cmfm2 cmfm3

When you're browsing through your files, you will be able to choose between three access modes: Safe mode, Prompt User mode and Root Access mode. As you'd expect, it will allow you to view files on your internal storage device as well as an SD card if you have one in your phone.

If you want to take a closer look at the file manager, it's available in the latest round of nightly builds, which you can download from the CyanogenMod website. If you prefer, you could wait for the latest milestone build instead, which is expected on November 11th.

Source: Google+

John Thompson
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  • http://twitter.com/PwN0GrPhy Martin

    Will it work on other ROM's such as AOKP?

  • codr101

    waiting for the milestone/mounthly/whatsoever release ;)

    • sootie

      Go nightly's they are rock solid nowdays

  • Bobby Esco

    niiiiiice. i like it

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    awesome. it always seemed like something like this should be baked in.

  • Scott

    That's pretty cool to integrate something like that into the ROM. I prefer Solid Explorer myself though.

    • John

      Yep. It's pretty damn hard to top Solid Explorer nowadays. I doubt they will, but it'd be nice if CM eventually added a dark theme alternative in their file manager settings.

      • Bloodflame87

        Agreed. I always removed the old stock file explorer (and sometimes ES File Explorer) that was bundled with my ROM's because I only use Solid Explorer now. Surprising it took this long for the CM team to add such a standard feature though. Admittedly, it does look nice. Very much in-line with how Apollo looks (which I must say, is kind of disappointing for a music player). The root function alone is enough to make my initial tweaks a little easier upon flashing a new ROM.

      • Tee

        Total Commander is the ultimate FM to me.

  • Paito Anderson

    This is a much needed addition! Maybe it will make the play store as well?

  • McLean Riley

    Not in 11/1 D2ATT

    Edit: But could finally be the reason I no longer need Root Explorer. Great app though.

  • boywizzer_thegreat

    the app is called file manager its definitely on the 11/3 and up downloads...

  • akshay singh

    Hi, I am new to this flashing thing but I have recently flashed my captivate with cynogenmod 10.1(jelly bean version). It comes with a already installed file manager with seems to be the problem in my case. I tried to move any folder within the storage, I tried to install the stick cricket patcher and it says that the : EACCES (Permission denied). Can someone please tell me how to proceed.