If all this wide world of information is used for is to figure out who that one guy was in that movie you saw, it feels like a waste of a good future. Which is why it warms our hearts just a bit to see things like this: now, in both Google Search or Maps, if you search for information related to a a missing or abducted child, AMBER Alerts will now be included among your search results.


Obviously, this information is no substitute for contacting local and national authorities if someone you know can't be found or if you have information on a possibly missing or abducted child. Still, the easier it is for people to access this database is, the better.

Google is also working to expand the service to other countries, announcing that the company is working with Missing Children Europe and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection for future rollouts.

Source: Google

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • thistimearound

    Good guy Google. Company takes a lot of flak sometimes and still continues to do things like this.

  • Ellio

    How great would it be if they set up some sort of push notification service, that would send out an alert to people in the city where a kid is missing w/ a picture, even better sending it out to people in a 25km, radius of where they were last seen.

    Missing kids would never be a problem again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sabrina.nation.9 Sabrina Nation

    This is a terrific Idea :) Way to use your powers for "good" Google!