Update: Samsung amended the picture and took out the 64GB option. Was it included prematurely or just a mistake? We'll have to wait and see.


Hurricane Sandy may have stopped Google's live announcement of the new Nexus family (and Android 4.2) yesterday, but it didn't stop Google from releasing a truckload of information on its upcoming products online, including the Nexus 10.

The Nexus 10, in case you missed it, is Google's new 10" slate (in partnership with Samsung) that has an incredible 2560x1600 (~300ppi) display, Samsung's latest and greatest A15 dual-core processor at 1.7GHz, and 2GB RAM. All that is on top of Android 4.2.

Of course, as with the entire Nexus family, one major concern with users was over the lack of a microSD expansion slot. Many criticize the Nexus line for not offering expandable storage, though we know well why this decision was made. What made complaints worse, however, was the lack of a storage option above 32GB.

Quelling those concerns though, it looks like Samsung Korea has indicated the existence of a 64GB model by including it in a promotional spec image, which should calm some customers down who want to carry just a bit more media with them.


Of course, we don't have any official word from Google on the existence (or availability) of a 64GB Nexus 10 just yet, but it should only be a matter of time. We'll keep you up to date as we learn more.

Thanks, Nexus RaY

Source: Samsung Tomorrow Korea (Translated)

Liam Spradlin
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  • Anotherworld


    • Lachlan

      Um... I don't want to go gadget shopping with you... that would be awkward!

      • http://plus.psylink.net Psylink

        You say awkward, I say hilarious

      • John O’Connor

        I couldn't find any awkward tech boners on Google....

  • FadyMahfouz

    Now Slam a 3G modem in it and IM SOLD. Wifi tablets are stupid.

    • Lachlan

      I disagree... I already pay for 3G on my phone, why would I want 2 plans?
      Step 1 - enable wifi hotspot on my phone.
      Step 2 - use wi-fi tablet.
      Step 3 - ?
      Step 4 - Profit.

      • ins0mn1a

        because the whole point of a mobile computing device is that it's always on and *always connected*. tethering is a nice enough solution for emergency situations, but it is not viable for everyday use. all kinds of notifications, updates etc should seamlessly trickle into a device without me doing anything. and i want to be able to use the device without the steps that you describe here.

        having said that, i will not be terribly sad without a cellular modem on a 10" device (too big to pull out on a whim while on the go). on a nexus 7, however, i need it badly, and i am thrilled I will soon have one.

        the point is, different people, different use cases. many people don't see the point of tablets at all, some can live just fine with a wifi tablet, others need cellular data on it. easy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/duckofdeath Hans Pedersen

          A MiFi is a smarter alternative I think. Getting a SIM for every device you own is a bit of a waste. And paying for a 3G or 4G modem in every device is also a waste. A MiFi costs something like €50 today, and it can share the internet connection with your tablet, laptop and anything else you might feel like bringing with you.

          • ins0mn1a

            what would be the advantage of mifi over tethering (serious question, i never had or even looked into a mifi)? i have a feeling they suffer from the same problems: the need to switch them on in order to connect.

      • Butts_McButts

        Not every mobile market in the world is diverse enough to support this kind of thing. In some places you can save a tonne of money by opting for a different carrier for your data on a tablet and a cheaper voice provider for your phone. The lack of 3G in HD Android tablets is a huge dealbreaker as a result.

  • [email protected]

    I wouldn't be too surprised if we see this happening for the nexus 4 as well. Be it a 32GB version then :-) or one with an LTE radio and significantly higher price point. I'd expect this version (to be unveiled) around Christmas...

  • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Roberto Giunta

    I'd rather be interested in a 32GB Nexus 4, but the more options the better. It's all about the choice, isn't it?

    • Julio M

      I think this might not be off the table. Lik the Nexus 7 upgrade, we could see an arrival of 32GB's on Nexus 4 early next year.

    • Lachlan

      YES YES YES. 32gb Nexus4 please?!?!

    • http://twitter.com/the_om3ga_man The Omega Man

      According to Matias D. "With a Nexus you know exactly how much storage you get upfront and you can decide what’s the right size for you. That’s simple and good for users." Well when there are only 2 options it gets tough to decide for some!

  • Jason Lynch

    64 GB version? I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening. :-(

    • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

      64GB is not available anymore on Samsung site - only 16GB/32GB versions.
      Maybe there was an error after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mostro503 Manuel Gamboa

    Holly shit if its a 64 gigs it ll make me change my mind ;-)

  • Milo

    This is what I was waiting for =D

  • hldc1

    32GB Nexus 4 with FRIGGIN' LTE would be nice...

    Just sayin'...

  • bobbutts

    It's great that this is improving, but 64GB is a tiny storage capacity for an ultra high resolution media consumption device. If you wanted to stream a video at the native resolution or even a blu-ray quality without devastating amounts of compression, it's going to take an ideal wireless connection or a huge chunk of the built in memory. Ditching the SD card is a huge downgrade. At least with that people can buy cards for media playback and have as much capacity as we can stand to carry. Also as memory capacity always seems to increase and get cheaper, and memory requirements tend to grow over time, it works out well to have an upgrade path there.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    32GB Nexus 4 NOW!

    • Anotherworld

      with no LTE...FAILED

      • pman

        gets updates quick... WIN

      • Humberto Hernandez

        Dont care about LTE, my country does not have LTE/4G, and the fastest 3G i've seen is 200kb/sec. (It's not my fault my goverment sucks). So... lack of LTE? Not a deal breaker. Storage is.

  • Lte_Addict

    i am sick of alot of android fans bitching about storage, u guys sound like ifans right now! yes i agree google should've made a 16g/32g nexus 4 because 8g is a joke, but cmon 16g is only $50 more and 16g is a pretty decent size memory. beyond that maybe u need to use the cloud which is the reason why companies made cloud services. as for the 64g nexus 10, that is way more than enough, just buy the damn product already, if u dont like it move on!

    • Lachlan

      "bitching about storage"? I think that expecting more than 16gb of storage on our phones in 2012 is reasonable. iFans thank apple for providing them with whatever Apple can get away with, Android fans make reasonable and compelling points about storage uses, and hopefully Google listens, again, just as it has with the Nexus 7.

      My 2 1/2 year old iPhone is 32gb, which has about 20gb of music, some games, some books, some photos... 16gb = about 13gb of usable space which is NOT ENOUGH, especially considering an 8MP camera takes larger sized photos which take up MORE room, games with nice graphics take up MORE room... the reasons for 32gb are many and varied, but almost all are entirely and easily justified.

      • Chris Carter

        Root+ OTG cable+ stick mount= As much storage as you want. Out of pocket cost, less than $2 plus whatever storage you desire/ Some posted that they mounted a TB drive.

        • Anotherworld

          WOW great idea...having a dongle hanging on the phone...=FAILED.
          What about when you need to charge it?

          • Southrncomfortjm

            Nexus4 has wireless charging

          • Anotherworld

            Yes but you carry it around with a dongle? Wireless charging is only when you put the phone down...what about when you want to carry it around?

          • Cenarl

            i dont know why you keep pointing out the obvious negatives, everyone knows its not ideal but if you need a workaround there is one.

          • Anotherworld


    • Anotherworld

      And I am sick and tired of people like you thinking that 16gb is good enough..Its not...We all don't stream on the cloud..I don't like streaming my music on the cloud..all I am doing is wasting data..Whats the point of streaming all your music on Google cloud if you have it locally on your PC? Whats wrong with just having it locally? Its way better..Its like having cyber sex with you girlfriend when she is in the other room..

  • Anotherworld
    • Southrncomfortjm

      Don't call that an article. It's just a rant.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      To be fair, while I respect the author's opinions, that's a forum post not an article, and it demonstrates a fairly shallow understanding of "the cloud."

  • disqus_RvyvhGweMM

    That source has updated, now the image sys 16/32 GB!!!

    • tery_cota

      16/32/64 se the left picture

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    Did I just read 9000 mAh. There's a new kind of Sandy.

  • tvBilly

    Some of the reviews I've seen say bluetooth 4, and some say bluetooth 3. I wonder which it will turn out to be. In the picture above, right before the 3.0 is the word for bluetooth in Korean (블루투스).

  • gladgura

    I truly want the Nexus 10 but... my real concern is the not the lack of MicroSD slot, but rather the build quality. Samsung may sell a lot of devices more over Apples iphone quarter after quarter. But Samsung is not known for there build quality.

    • Bala

      please say you are joking :) their build materials may not be the right choice but the quality is great

      • gladgura

        No I was not joking. If you look at most if not all reviews of Samsung's Phones and tablets Most reviewers says that the devices have a cheap and plastic feel. But it turns out the Nexus 10 has a solid build feel to it.

  • olbp

    L A M E ! If you are not going to put in SD access, then you need 128GB as a minimum. Things grow, app wise, but the RAM can't once the unit is built. So put it there to start with.

    • TomatoSoup

      Get out.

  • TechGuy

    And where are the 32Gb and 64Gb variants of the Galaxy Note II that they announced at their big launch?

  • FrillArtist

    Could have been a typo. Stop grasping at straws.

  • FrillArtist

    And seriously you dolts need to stfu about LTE. It's getting annoying. HSPA+ is more than enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    It seems to me like Samsung is having trouble making the 64GB memory for the devices that they keep announcing with 64GB. Hopefully they fix that and release a Note 2 64GB so I can give them all of my money.