Most people love fast cars. Vin Diesel loves them. Will Ferrell has been known to go 'round the track a time or two. Heck, even Tracy Chapman needed a fast car at one point. Driving fast is a thing that, by nature, we like to do. However, it's usually not the best idea jump behind the wheel and hit fifth gear at full throttle. For that, we have video games. All of the fast, none of the wreck/death/ticket/jail time/other bad things.

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If you long to be chased by police for whatever reason, though, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is here to help. And now you can have it on Android. The game features 35 different cars, two different control methods (touch and tilt), oodles of available mods, and much more.

The game will set you back $7 in the Play Store, which is much cheaper than a speeding ticket. Though, if we left it up to EA, the speed limit would have been 130 miles an hour: