Most people love fast cars. Vin Diesel loves them. Will Ferrell has been known to go 'round the track a time or two. Heck, even Tracy Chapman needed a fast car at one point. Driving fast is a thing that, by nature, we like to do. However, it's usually not the best idea jump behind the wheel and hit fifth gear at full throttle. For that, we have video games. All of the fast, none of the wreck/death/ticket/jail time/other bad things.

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If you long to be chased by police for whatever reason, though, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is here to help. And now you can have it on Android. The game features 35 different cars, two different control methods (touch and tilt), oodles of available mods, and much more.

The game will set you back $7 in the Play Store, which is much cheaper than a speeding ticket. Though, if we left it up to EA, the speed limit would have been 130 miles an hour:


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Kronaa

    Still compatible with s2 :D i made good choice it seems when i bought that phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tautvydas.kaziukonis Tautvydas Kaziukonis

    I was so glad until I saw that it isn't compatable with my s3...

    • D Darden

      ROW not compatible with s3 NA is

  • kindrudekid

    not compatible with TF300t WTF?

  • krocher

    Great. Not compatible with Evo 3D

  • CJ Walker

    is this devoid of any in-app purchases? I feel like EA is pretty good about that sort of thing when there's a price for admission...

    • Himmat Singh

      IAPs - check. Required it is not though to complete the game.

    • Seeker

      They are using the billing permissions so I am gonna assume they are.

      Allows the user to purchase items through Market from within this application

    • Cheeseball

      Has IAP but like the past two mobile NFS, they are not needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/svec3 Jakub ┼ávec

    Asus TF300 not compatible, wtf?

    • http://twitter.com/AlcatrazKing AlcatrazKing

      Same here with the Asus TF101. What a shame.

  • TareX

    Incompatible with both the GNex and Nexus 7......wut...

    • D Darden

      on my nexus 7 right now....

  • http://www.facebook.com/tautvydas.kaziukonis Tautvydas Kaziukonis

    Try accessing the game from your device. It worked for me even if it showed ''not compatable'' here.

  • john

    not galaxy s2? shame on you EA :((

    • Cheeseball

      Works on GT-I9100. Probably not the US variants.

      • iTKe2k
        • Cheeseball

          Try the other link. I'm in the Philippines and it works for me.

          Click on the [+] and show the reason. More often than not it's because of the region. Try ROW instead of US.

          • iTKe2k

            i didn't work before, was the same on both links
            but it is working now, thanks!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/svec3 Jakub ┼ávec

    S3 should work

    • http://litlclic.com/ Marc

      does, and does well.

  • fixxmyhead

    pfft the other one sucked

  • br_hermon

    This is always a let down when I see EA games featured on your, or anyone's, blog. No joke, check out all the comments and reviews for different EA games. The company is HORRIBLE. They take your money and offer little to no support what so ever! They never address compatibility problems and instead just pull apps from Google Play yet they just keep pumping out games and people continue to buy them. BUYER BEWARE! Don't purchase from EA. Sorry, but their track record is the damning evidence.

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      I feel the same way. Gameloft gets a lot of criticism, but I think I'd rather spend money on Asphalt 7. That said, I have picked up some EA titles during previous sales, some working out, others not.

    • http://litlclic.com/ Marc

      I urge you to try it out. I have the S3 and this game runs very smooth. Steering is easy with tilt and it is challenging yet not too hard for a new player to get the hang of it.
      the graphics and rendering is great with beautiful textures and reflections/lighting.

      They did a really good job.

      I am disappointed in the recent Asphalts.

    • NemaCystX

      Except, this one has been made by Criterion, the company responsible for Burnout and the last Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

      Just because its EA doesn't mean its trash, you have to look at which Studio made the game, EA is the publisher (and owner of course) but when studios like Criterion make it, don't ride it off as a bad game. Its games from studios like BlackBox that suck

      But EA does have a horrible track record regarding bug problems. Which is why I would rather get it on the Xbox lol

      • Yosef

        EA Strikes again. It looks fantastic and works almost flawless on my Xperia Neo (Yes... old, slow hardware) but like almost everything EA releases, Try and resume the game, and it crashes to the homescreen. They have the worst Xperia support of any developer.
        Dead Space crashes if you try to resume a game (Starting a new one after clearing the data works... wtf? I had to download an old pirate version... Works perfectly)
        NBA Jam always crashes at half time.
        Sims Free Play crashes if you try and resume, much like Dead Space.
        Most Wanted works perfectly from the start, but I assume after the first race and then the drive to the next one, you're meant to go to the menu... That's where it crashes.

        I'm done with EA... Sick of it. Their customer support is pathetic,

    • gacl

      This is silly. I bought this game and haven't had any bugs. I haven't gotten too deep into this, but so far this seems to be the best racer on Android. I don't see any reason to care about the publisher; if the game is worth it (and obviously isn't buggy), I will buy. I love the idea of getting deeper console quality games for budget prices. Games like Asphalt seem much more simplistic.

  • Stephen Long

    It's listed as compatible with my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 - make sure you click the link appropriate link to the Play store..

  • http://twitter.com/AlcatrazKing AlcatrazKing

    Haha, I love that Focus ST in the trailer.

  • GraveUypo

    i want to buy this but i've already bought one too many $7 game that i never actually play.

    does this work offline? it's a big deal to me. the only time i really get to really take time to play games on my cellphone is when i'm in my farm laying on a hammock, and unfortunately the only cellphone coverage we get there is from one of those primitive really old cellphones using a network i don't even know the name connected to a big ass external antenna. smartphones can't even dream of getting a data connection :(

    • Cheeseball

      Works offline. Only has the initial online check.

      • ahmad

        how can we switch it to work offline?? it doseny works offline on my s3????

        • Cheeseball

          Log in to the game once, have it do the initial check, then disable data/WiFi. It should work.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jonbethea Jonathan Bethea

    is this the full version of the game

  • garychencool

    Not compatible, that figures.

  • Cheeseball

    I wish Proposition 130 was real. :(

  • Matthew Fry

    Love the infographic but need for speed was never something I've ever wanted to play...

  • annoyingapple

    Can I run this without connection?

  • iTKe2k
  • androgamer

    game working on galaxy s see video:


  • GraveUypo

    meh is all i have to say. shouldn't have bought it. it's another racing game for people that don't actually like racing. waiting on real racing 3.