We've been eagerly awaiting the day that we would finally hear some kind of stats on Nexus 7 sales and, finally, ASUS has let some figures slip. Apparently sales of Google's first Nexus tablet have not only been great, but are getting progressively better. While we weren't given exact numbers, the company's CFO David Chang had this to say about how the slate has done in the market:

"At the beginning, it was, for instance, 500K units a month, then maybe 600, 700K. This latest month, it was close to 1 million."

Assuming he means each month's sales, we can estimate sales have been close to 2.8 million, but it's unclear at what rate exactly the numbers have increased. What is clear is that they're only going up. Part of this is likely to do with the expanded international availability of the tablet (now on sale in 13 countries). We can also assume that even more will be sold now that the base level of storage has increased and the holiday season starts bearing down on us.

Up until this point, Amazon has held the front-runner position for Android tablet sales with its Kindle Fire line, raking in 3.9 million sales in Q4 of 2011, the first quarter it was available. If ASUS keeps up at this rate, it might just manage to beat even that record. Which would only be good news for Android tablet fans.

Here's hoping, right?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Ittiam

    500k+600k+700k = 1.8 to 1.9 million in Q3.. Asus sold total of 2.3 million tablets... So non-Nexus 7 tablet sales were 400k to 500k for Asus

    • http://revengeofthepc.com Ethan Madison

      You're forgetting the "near a million" from the "latest" month.

      • facundo

        this is first month of Q4 (oct, nov, dec).

  • goat vagina

    Fuck yeah

    • Cherokee4Life

      this is going to be a very interesting Holiday season this year....

  • sky stanojevic

    this can only mean a great future for Nexus branding as well as both Google AND Asus and their partnership :)-

    • Matti

      I'm a Nexus user myself (GalNex + Nex7 currently), but having the average Joe (ie. not geeks like us) recognize the benefits of a Nexus device is still a far-away scenario, imho.

      To do that, Google would have to market it in such a way that "Nexus" replaces "Android" as a brand. Not sure if they want that. I'd sure give em the thumbs up if they did, though.

  • cy_n_ic

    One in a million! Nexus is legion for we are many!

  • Laurence

    So, um... with all of those Nexus tablets being sold, is too much to ask developers to start making some more apps that are optimised for the form factor?

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      There are some of us ;)

      • Matti

        And you have our utmost gratitude. Trouble is, we need a lot more like you.

        • Laurence

          I love my Nexus 7, but I've honestly been disappointed with the app selection. Apart from the first-party Google apps, I've only been able to find a small handful of apps (Pocket, Evernote, Pinterest, IMDB, TED) that truly feel optimised for a 7" screen.

          If Android Police could do a once-off special feature on apps that work well on 7" screens, that would be a great service to the community (hint, hint).

          • Hamish

            Seconded, that would be a really useful article.

          • carbonated_turtle

            Second seconded, or would that be thirded? I'm absolutely loving my Nexus 7, but it's been tough tracking down anything that's optimized for it. It doesn't help that Google Play is still nearly impossible to navigate without frustration. Seriously, Google, what if I just want to browse NEW apps, not just top new apps? Sorry, off topic.

    • pip010

      I'll be looking into it :P

    • http://profiles.google.com/davidcesarino David Sousa

      I "tablefied" my app this month. It's great and users are liking it.

      Meanwhile, back on topic, I'm sure Asus/Google would sell MUCH more if it was available here in Brazil. Asus brings so much stuff, why not the 7? It would sell like hotcakes. Really.

      • adi19956

        "Nexus" is a registered trademark in Brazil bringing complications, the Galaxy Nexus was branded "Samsung Galaxy X" no mention of Google, probably a tense area as Google wants some recognition for it and they don't want it under Asus branding

        • http://profiles.google.com/davidcesarino David Sousa

          I don't think that's the problem. Galaxy X is widely available here, and they certainly could make a X7 or even drop it all and call Google 7. Considering older and much worse Samsung tablets sell like hotcakes here...

      • Matti

        That's what I don't quite get about Google. Take the Nexus 4; it's clearly made for teh Rest of World, bing HSPA+ Pentaband and having a low unlocked price, but Google will only be selling it via the Play Store, which only allows purchases from a few countries. In the countries not selling it through the Play Store, expect LG o sell the Nexus 4 at a marked-up price, just like Asus are doing with the Nexus 7.

        • juxli125

          yeah in germany the nexus 4 16gb costs 350euro if you buy online, here in austria LG wants 550 ! :(

        • ChrisB

          In Australia Google also sold it's Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S through carriers, and direct retail. I expect that N4 will be the same.

      • Laurence

        What is your app, out of curiosity?

        • http://profiles.google.com/davidcesarino David Sousa

          Sorry for the silence, I don't use disqus comments much. If you're ever listening to replies, It's called "Tide tables Brazil".


          I developed this out of curiosity, so no business goals here (although it does have paid optionals). However, as I said, people are liking the new tablet interface, even though I definitely have other ideas to make it truly great. Still, hopefully ages ahead of general apps that cater to specific Brazilian content.

    • marcusmaximus04

      I'm a game maker, so there's only so much tablet-ification I can really do. That said, what I can do I am doing(mostly just re-positioning buttons in the main menu so they're properly placed)

  • http://twitter.com/Dave_BG Dave Bg

    Go Android!

  • lbrfabio

    What it is the record for unit sold? (android tablet)

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      Of true Android tablets (excluding the Fire), it's a record as far as we know.

      Presuming that the Nexus 7 is at roughly 2.9 million units...

      As of August 2nd, IDC reports: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23632512
      Samsung's total of tablets shipped (from the very beginning) is estimated at about 3.5 million. That's every single tablet they've ever shipped, from the OG 7" Galaxy Tab through the Tab 2 line and all of the carrier variants. We know that Samsung had sold 1.4 million of the OG Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 combined as of Q2 2012, and I doubt they sold many more after that date. After subtracting those, they are down to 2.1 million units, split between all other variants and sizes.

      ASUS had sold exactly 1,252,502. About 500k of that actually includes Nexus 7, meaning that about 750k belong to the entire Transformer line. Clearly there hasn't been an upswing in Transformer sales (for ASUS, Hasbro, or Paramount...Ba'doom ching), so the Nexus 7 has nearly quadrupled the sales of the rest of ASUS's tablet line.

      Amazon hides their numbers behind an iron curtain. Unless somebody knows something I don't, it's anybody's guess. I suspect the OG Kindle Fire still has higher sales, but I am reluctant to consider that an Android tablet. Even if you want to count the Kindle Fire, I'm not sure how much longer it's lead will last thanks to the Nexus 7 refresh and increased marketing. Two more months of increasing sales for the Nexus 7 and the fact that Amazon is sticking to US-only sales, I'm pretty confident that the Nexus 7 will overtake the OG Fire if it hasn't already.

      • lbrfabio

        Pretty good. I'm very curious to see after holidays how much unit total will be sold.

      • Matti

        Calling the Kindle an Android tablet is like calling a VW Beetle a 911 Carrera, imho.

        • ChrisB

          Both were designed by a Nazi?

      • EvilBadger69

        Brit reporting in - you can buy the Kindle Fire here.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          My bad, I know that the OG Fire launched as US-only and I never saw an announcement about an expansion. Even an article I saw a couple of months ago said it was US-only. Thanks for the correction man.

  • aholsteinson

    Glad to hear the Nexus 7 is doing great, it is a fantastic tablet. I hope the Nexus 10 follows suit and sells well too.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ootpapps.saving.made.simple&feature Out of the Park Apps

    I'm making a tablet version of all my Android apps now.

  • http://pctonic.net/ Ashutosh Mishra

    Oh dear lord just bring the Nexii to India already. -_-

  • Goldenpins

    Those are pretty good numbers considering the Nexus 7 isn't available everywhere.