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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 3 weeks or so.

This is the app roundup. The game roundup from this week can be found here.

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Featured App

Applorer: Game Recommendation

This week's app roundup is sponsored, appropriately, by Applorer. Though the Google Play Store has made leaps and bounds in usability, the sheer volume of games means that the average user (and Android Police writer) just can't weed through and find the silver in the dross. Enter Applorer, a curated meta-store which brings notable games to the forefront, not unlike our own Game Roundups. In addition to universal recommendations, Applorer features personalized suggestions based on the games you've already played, Netflix-style.


Have Fun Discovering The Best Free Android Games On Google Play Via Applorer. Applorer is the best game recommendation app on Google Play. We’re big fans of Android games so join us and immerse yourself in a world of never ending fun and non-stop mobile gaming. Applorer is the fastest and easiest way to discover the newest and best free games on Android. Rather than searching through thousands of games on Google Play, Applorer provides personalized game recommendation based on the games you play and how often you play them. We analysis your playing patterns and habits and recommend games that you may want to play next. We have also profiled over 10,000 of the best free games into new categories that you cannot browse in Google Play: action, strategy, puzzle, adventure, rpg, mafia, zombies, first-person shooters, simulation and many more. Even retro genres like Digimon.


Dolphin Jetpack

Android Police coverage: Dolphin Browser Updated To v9.0, Adds Support For 'Jetpack,' Network Diagnostic Tool, Night Mode, And More

Let no one say that the developers of Dolphin rest on their laurels. Just a short while after releasing version 8, version 9 is now available, with an upgraded rendering engine and a tweaked user interface. The Jetpack add-on grants you access to beta features for even faster browsing.


Get Dolphin Jetpack - the fastest and free mobile browser with the deadly combination of Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Engine. Dolphin Jetpack uses Dolphin’s very own HTML5 rendering engine that powers Dolphin for the best HTML5 web game and web app experiences. The nitty-gritty: Dolphin Jetpack is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas/GPU/JavaScript enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology, which makes Dolphin Browser the highest performing HTML5 browser according to a number of tests and benchmarks.
How fast? With Dolphin Jetpack, Dolphin Browser is:
• 5 - 10X faster than the default Android browser and 2X faster than Chrome
• Scored highest when tested on ( is an industry respected tool for testing a browser’s su¬pport of HTML5)
• First and only browser to make it to the final ring of Ringmark’s benchmark test

iKnowU Keyboard FREE

Android Police coverage: iKnowU Keyboard Offers Phrase Prediction, Next Letter Highlights And Gestures To Make You A More Efficient Typist

Keyboards are one of the best arguments for using Android over some... other options, and the latest one is iKnowU. This contender differentiates itself with both word and phrase prediction, spelling correction, and syncing its user-customized data among all your devices.



iKnowU’s award-winning keyboard is the most feature-rich and intuitive you’ll ever use. Using state-of-the-art patented technology it knows what you’re about to type - letting you complete sentences at blazing speed. It’s so accurate, you’ll be amazed you ever typed without it. iKnowU becomes more accurate every time you use it, constantly learning about you and your style. Amazing features such as WordChunking™and Gesturing™ enable you to chain together phrases and create whole sentences in a matter of seconds, saving you precious time. iKnowU is more than just a keyboard, it’s an extension of your personality.

Showtime Anytime

Android Police coverage: Showtime Intros Showtime Anytime For Android - Watch Full Episodes Anywhere (FiOS And U-Verse Only, For Now)

Showtime is awesome. If you're not watching Homeland (assuming that you're both in the US and a Showtime subscriber), I pity the dull, tension-lacking Sundays you've spent. Like HBO and Cinemax before them, Showtime now has an Android app that will let you catch up on the latest Dexter episode any time you like... if you use Verizon's FiOS or AT&T's U-Verse cable, anyway.


SHOWTIME ANYTIME® - now available for Android™ phones. Get unlimited access to full length versions of your favorite SHOWTIME® programs – acclaimed Original Series, uncut hit movies, hard hitting sports, comedy, reality/documentaries and much more, right at your fingertips. With new titles added each week, there's always something great to watch. FREE with your SHOWTIME subscription through participating TV providers.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Kangerator Keeps AOKP Users In The Know And Up-To-Date

Android Open Kang Project is awesome. If you disagree, then I've got a rainbow-colored unicorn to show you. Dedicated AOKP users can now download official builds and Gapps from the unofficial Kangerator app, making it that much easier to get your latest dose of custom ROM swagger.


Always know what is up to date on official AOKP releases. You can read the change logs in this app as soon as we post them on No more running around the internet on your phone, this does it all for you.

CyanDelta Updater

Android Police coverage: Quick Hands-On: CyanDelta Updater Brings You Incremental CM Updates, Eliminates Nightly 200MB Downloads

What's better than timely ROM updates? Timely ROM updates that don't kill your bandwidth limit. CyanDelta does just that, by granting incremental nightly downloads to supported, official CyanogenMod 10 ROM builds.


Tired of download 200 MB everyday to get your latest CM nightly? CyanDelta lets you update your CyanogenMod ROM by downloading just a small delta file (about 10 MB) instead of a big full zip file each time. With CyanDelta you can finally update your ROM in just some minutes even with a slow and expensive 2G or 3G connection. CyanDelta is a perfect “CM Updater” and “ROM Manager” replacement, since it can notify you when new updates are available and it can also automatically install the new zips via recovery.

PerfMon by Chainfire

Android Police coverage: [New App] Chainfire's 'PerfMon' Is A Floating Performance Monitor With A Unique CPU Metric

Wondering how that latest game is impacting your device performance, or whether that iffy app is running something unwanted in the background? Then try PErfMon, a floating "widget" that stays on top of your screen in any app, reporting on CPU, RAM, storage, and network statistics.


PerfMon is a "floating" performance monitor tool. It shows on top of any other app you are running. Aside from being useful for powerusers wanting to know what their device is doing, it is a great tool to use during debugging and profiling.

PerfMon offers you four categories of metrics:

- Foreground App
- Disk I/O
- Network I/O

FPS Meter Root

Android Police coverage: [New App] FPS Meter Shows Just How Many Frames Per Second You're Getting In Any App (Root Only)

Serious gamers crave frame rate like a wino craves Thunderbird. Now they can measure their hardware performance on all those spiffy new games with FPS Meter Root - which, of course, requires root permissions to run.


* This app requires root. * FPS Counter. Shows how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen. Now you have opportunity to see your framerate both in system and in apps/games. Test your device, compete with your friends. NOTE: If app works partially (FPS freeze in games) try to set "Developer options" - "Disable HW overlays" option in system settings.

Google Calendar

Android Police coverage: Google Releases Official Google Calendar App On The Play Store (For 4.0.3+ Devices)

Google previously separated Gmail, YouTube, and others from Android to make sure we could get them from the Play Store when carriers and manufacturers drag their feet on OS updates. Now Calendar joins the list. If you're running 4.0.3 or later, go grab it now.


Experience Google Calendar on devices running 4.0.3 or later. The Calendar app displays events from each of your Google Accounts that synchronizes with your Android device. You can also:

- Create, edit, and delete events.
- View all your calendars at the same time, including non-Google calendars.
- Quickly email all event guests from a notification with a customizable message.



Android Police coverage: Google Releases Dedicated Zagat App, Shows You Restaurants Near You In Beauty And Style

Ah, Zagat. Ever-present friend to the sophisticated urbanite who doesn't want to talk to locals. Google has surprisingly released its own first-party app for the restaurant and attraction rating service, free of charge. Get after it, foodies.


Find the perfect restaurant. Be a critic.

Now 100% free and re-built from the ground up. Browse over 30,000 restaurants in the world’s top dining destinations. Concise ratings and reviews you can trust.
- Explore the world’s top dining destinations
- Find the perfect restaurant
- Refine your search with 100+ filters, including cuisines, Zagat scores, cost, and dining features (e.g. outdoor seating, open late, child-friendly, etc.)
- Reserve a table
- Be a critic--your quote could be printed in our next restaurant guidebook
- Optimized for Android 10-inch and 7-inch tablets


Android Police coverage: [New App] Official Pinkberry App Now Tempting You In The Play Store

If you're not in the know, Pinkberry is the Starbucks of frozen yogurt. ...and that's a lot better than it sounds. While you can't actually reserve a bowl for yourself with the Pinkberry app, you can refill and charge to your store card, or find the nearest location.


Enjoy rewards, helpful features and exclusives all in one convenient place.


•Receive a free small yogurt with toppings upon registration.
•Enjoy a free small yogurt with toppings after every 10th purchase.
•Get treated to a small yogurt with toppings on your birthday.
•Receive bonus rewards at any time

Isis Mobile Wallet

Android Police coverage: Isis Mobile Payments Start Today In Salt Lake City And Austin - Here's The Full Breakdown

Who's been looking forward to using the app that keeps you from getting native support for Google Wallet on almost every new Android phone? For the two of you that raised your hands, the would-be monopoly consortium Isis is finally ready. Click the widget below for AT&T, click here for Verizon or here for T-Mobile.


The Isis Mobile Wallet everything in your wallet now on your phone. By holding virtual versions of most things in your existing wallet or purse right on your phone, the Isis Mobile Wallet™ lets you:

• PAY WITH YOUR EXISTING CARDS – Store your existing, participating American Express or Chase card right on your phone (Capital One cards are expected to be available soon). Or use the free Isis Cash™ card that comes with every Wallet. Choose the card you want to use, tap your phone to the contactless payment terminal at checkout and you’re on your way.

• SIMPLIFY YOUR LOYALTY CARDS – No more over-stuffed wallet or key chains. Conveniently store your loyalty cards from participating merchants in one place so you always have them with you.

• SAVE WITH OFFERS – Send offers and deals directly to your Isis Mobile Wallet – no coupons to clip, no emails to print, nothing to forget.

• CHECKOUT IN A SINGLE TAP – Seamlessly transmit your payment info, loyalty and offers at checkout with just one tap at Isis Ready™ SmartTap™ merchants. No more fumbling through your wallet or purse.

Philips Hue

Android Police coverage: Philips Hue Light Bulbs Have An Android Control App, Go On Sale Tomorrow, Let You Live In The Future

Philips makes Hue light bulbs that talk to your home network. Now they talk to your Android phone, too. This is more useful (or at least, more interesting) than it seems: you can control the dimmer values, colors, and on-off sets of different bulbs in different places. The app is free, but the bulbs will cost you a whopping $60 a piece.


Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue bulb in your home. All in the palm of your hand. It makes the light switch look like it came from the Dark Ages. With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you play with tone, contrast and colour to create any lighting mood you could dream of. It’s clever, intuitive and connected. It‘s so much more than just a light bulb. We call it PERSONAL WIRELESS LIGHTING.


Android Police coverage: A&E Releases 'History Here', An App That Highlights Historical Locations All Across The U.S.

Imagine a walking tour without the tour guide - that's the idea behind History Here. It's a GPS and map-enabled app that highlights points of interest all across the country, written and verified by the folks at A&E and The History Channel.


An interactive guide to thousands of historic locations across the United States. HISTORY Here is an interactive guide to thousands of historic locations across the United States, brought to you by HISTORY. The easy-to-use interface, photos, video and dynamic maps bring history to life anywhere in the country. Whether you're on vacation or just running errands, the app makes it simple and fun to get the facts on the history hidden all around you, including amazing architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes and much more.

Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta)

Android Police coverage: Nuance Releases Dragon Mobile Assistant, Asks, 'What Google Voice Actions?'

Google's voice recognition is great. The software from Nuance (of Dragon Naturally Speaking) is better. Dragon Mobile Assistant is their take on Siri/Google Now, and since it's free, you've got no excuse not to try it.


You spoke. We listened. The new Dragon Mobile Assistant builds on top of the popular Dragon Go. directed search experience, adding a totally new, conversational design and the most popular personal assistant features. Dragon lets you speak naturally to access a wide range of content, and makes it easier to do everyday tasks on your phone when your hands are busy. Dragon now offers completely hands-free controls, thanks to the new Driver Mode. When turned on, you can wake up Dragon with by saying "Hi Dragon," and the assistant will offer you more spoken guidance to help you out when you can't look at the screen. Dragon will also read your incoming messages aloud. Now you can access your favorite features in more places than ever before.

Xbox SmartGlass by Microsoft

Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass Released: Cross-Platform Goodness For Console Gamers

Wanna pause the movie playing on your Xbox 360, but the controller is an agonizing four feet away? Grab your Android 4.0+ phone and load up Xbox SmartGlass, to enjoy all the control and social features that Windows Phone 7 users have had for months. Finally, relief from controller-keyboard syndrome.


Use Xbox SmartGlass to enhance your entertainment on Xbox 360. Xbox SmartGlass lets your phone work with your Xbox 360 console to bring rich, interactive experiences and unique content about what you’re watching or playing, right to the device that’s already in your hand. Interact with your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports, and games, and bring remote control to a whole new level.

Wildfire - American Red Cross

Android Police coverage: American Red Cross Releases 'Wildfires' App, Helps You Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot

As someone who was temporarily deposed by one of the more than 100 wildfires in the American west this summer, I can say that I wholeheartedly appreciate the American Red Cross. Their new Wildfire app provides information for potential evacuees, including emergency numbers, current fire conditions, and an automated "I'm OK" message for friends and family.


Be ready for a wildfire with Wildfire by the American Red Cross. Get notified about active wildfires, as well as fire weather warnings, prepare your family, home and pets, let loved ones know that you are safe even if the power is out – a must have for anyone who lives in an area that is susceptible to wildfires or has loved ones that do.

• Step-by-step instructions let you know what to do even before/during/after an wildfire, even if no data connectivity.
• Get notified about current wildfires or wildfire-conducive weather.
• Let family and friends know you are okay with the customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email and text.
• Find open Red Cross shelters in your area when you need help.
• Stay safe when the lights are out with the Toolkit, including a strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions.
• Prepare for the worst by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation.
• Empower your family to stay safe and remain calm in an emergency by learning how to make and practice an emergency plan.
• Earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your wildfire knowledge with interactive quizzes.
• See an illustrated history of wildfires in your area.


MyFord Mobile

Android Police coverage: Ford Releases Very Cool MyFord Mobile App For Android, Works With Ford Focus EV And C-MAX Energi

Eat your heart out, BMW. Ford's latest addition to its impressive digital lineup is the MyFord app, which interfaces with two of the company's electric and hybrid cars. The most useful option is the ability to view the charge state of your EV without having to check the dash, but it can also find charging stations and set the heater or AC to "on" so you arrive to a toasty or cool car. And if you're an exhibitionist jerk, you can share how far you've driven in your environmentally-conscious EV on Facebook or Twitter.


The MyFord Mobile app will be available for all Ford plug-in electric vehicles and allows consumers to manage vehicle functions with their Android device. This will work in tandem with to give access to customers in the method which works best for their lifestyles. consumers will initially receive MyFord Mobile free of charge at purchase and for a fee after the initial subscription subsides.



Android Police coverage: [New App] Fontly Gives Font-Nerds Something To Type Excitedly About

Fortune favors the bold. Destiny prefers italic, whereas Luck quite fancies underlined. Fate, however, absolutely hates all caps. If you've ever given serious thought to the pros and cons of Adobe Garamond versus Georgia, Fontly is for you. It shows off some classic typography in major cities, complete with a map view and uploads. It's like Pinterest for typography nerds.


Use Fontly to capture, map, and explore the world of vintage typography. Collect and share typography all across the globe. Create a living, collaborative, and digital archive filled with examples of unique type and signage that speak of a bygone era. Share the best of our world’s ghost signs, neon, architectural, foil lettering, hand-painted, and other typographical wonders. Preserve this invaluable part of our visual heritage.

Hotels by Orbitz

Android Police coverage: [New App] Launches Hotels By Orbitz App – Discover, Explore, Book Hotels On The Go

Oh, wow - Orbit has an app! Now I can look at that sexy British chick while I... wait, what? Hotels?


An ultra-fast way to book a hotel, esp. for tonight + get mobile-only deals Simple, powerful, fast and fun. The free "Hotels by Orbitz" app gives customers an intuitive search-and-book experience designed specifically for Android. It offers travelers the entire selection of Orbitz hotel properties, exclusive mobile-only discounts, powerful comparison tools and secure booking in just three taps.


Android Police coverage: Redbeacon For Android Helps You Find The Right Home Improvement Professional For Any Job You Need Done

I can root an Android phone in three minutes flat. Need a new desktop built? Gimme an hour. But when it comes to home improvement, I'm not Tim Taylor. Next time my door sticks or my shower explodes (showers do that, right?) I'll use Redbeacon to find local handymen, complete with reviews and job estimates.


Now there’s a great way to find a trusted pro for your home project. connects you with price quotes from qualified home-service pros in your area. And best of all, it’s totally FREE. Just how does it work? 1. Our brand-new Android app simply walks you through giving a few details about the job and allows you to quickly attach photos or video of the space. 2. You’ll be alerted on your notifications bar of new incoming quotes from pros in your area. 3. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to select a quote and book a pro right from the app. Each pro is backed by Redbeacon’s Home Service Guarantee, which means that your job is backed up to $1,000.


Flip Launcher

Android Police coverage: [New App] FlipLauncher Is An Ultra-Quick Way To Launch Apps From Anywhere

Here's an interesting one: embed up to five folders with four apps each, accessible anywhere, with FlipLaucher. The defaults are kind of ugly, but there's a lot of customization to be had - you can even make them invisible if you like.


More convenient to your smartphone. FlipLauncher. Flip Launcher is a launcher app that makes your smartphone more convenient. Open designated apps and shortcuts with a single flip. You can assign four apps & shortcuts to each flipper on Flip Launcher—24 apps & shortcuts in all. Web browsing, email, games, Facebook, Twitter, LINE—any app or shortcut can be opened instantly once it's registered with Flip Launcher. No more trudging back to the home screen or shuffling through your app list.

Skypath by ImageShack

Android Police coverage: ImageShack Releases Skypath For Android, An Automatic Cloud Backup Tool For Your Photos

You take a photo. You save a photo. It gets synced with Dropbox or Google Drive. What's wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing... assuming those are your backup options of choice. Now ImageShack users have a photo-syncing service of their own in Skypath, which integrates with the already-available desktop version.


Skypath synchronizes your photos with ImageShack Service. SkyPath is absolutely free to use. Combined with Skypath Desktop application, Skypath for Android allows you to share your mobile photo library with the ImageShack Cloud Service, which in turn mirrors your Android's photo library photos right to your Skypath folder on your PC, mobile photo library backup never been easier.

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by Loud Crow

If you don't like Peanuts, then go f- er, go think about your wasted childhood. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is perhaps the most beloved Halloween special ever, and now it's an interactive storybook for Android. Narrated by none other than the real Charlie Brown, this app is a must-have for kids and the young at heart.


Oh, Great Pumpkin. Where are you? This Halloween, hang out with Charlie Brown and the entire Peanuts gang to find out for yourself. While Linus and Sally wait for the Great Pumpkin, you can create your own Peanuts character and join Charlie Brown at his first-ever Halloween party. Choose from millions of hilarious costume combinations and dress up to trick-or-treat with Lucy, Pigpen and the rest of the gang. Carve your own pumpkin, play a little ditty on Schroeder’s piano and bob for apples with Snoopy — just watch out for dog germs, blech.

The Grint

Trying to lower your handicap, or just impress your office friends on the green? The Grint can do both. It's a fantastically complex scorekeeper app for golfers, showing every personal stat you can imagine and tracking your progress as you play multiple games.


Our sole purpose is to facilitate the way golfers track their Handicap and Stats. Write your scores on a PAPER scorecard, take a picture and load details from "The Grint" app and your scores will be uploaded for you. It's quick and easy. We believe in pencil and paper scorecards, our app and service allows you to avoid the use of any devices and distractions during your round. Once you upload your Scorecard Picture, you can visit our website at and you will be able to track your stats and Handicap, connect with friends, view their scorecard pictures, and plenty more...


There are still a few things that you absolutely have to have a full-sized computer to do, including 3D computer-aided design (CAD. Or... not. Spacedraw aims to close the gap with a full-featured Android CAD suite, complete with multitouch support. The free version only saves limited models, and keeps a limited history of your actions - but the unencumbered Spacedraw will cost you just five bucks.


multi-touch 3d-graphics - new ways of viewing, drawing, modeling

full-featured 3d-modeling software
designed for tablets & smartphones

viewing / drawing & constructing / polygon & patch modeling / texturing / 3d-painting
efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout
adapts to almost any Android-device, highly configurable



MMORPG players will know this phenomenon: find all the stuff you've gotta do in a particular map, knock out the objectives one by one, then reap that delicious experience. Calenta is that, for real life. And adults.


The next dimension for your calendar - View your events on a map, in a glance. Ever wanted to visualize your daily schedule spatially rather than chronologically? Looking for a new way share your calendar with your social network? You can now do that. Calenta is the next layer for your android calendar - see your calendar events laid out beautifully on the map, automagically in a single tap.

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