We know a lot of our international readers have been eager to get their hands on the Play Store's content ecosystem. It turns out Google is just as eager for that as you are. In addition to movie rentals, users in Canada, the UK, France, Spain, and Australia will be able to purchase movies outright and watch them forever.

Said Google on the matter:

We’ve recently added a ton of great new entertainment to Google Play, such as movies and TV shows from Twentieth Century Fox. Earlier this year we expanded our service beyond movie rentals and now you can purchase movies and build a library of your favorites in Google Play. Today we’re bringing movie purchasing to more countries - Canada, the U.K., France, Spain and Australia.

This news, added on to the expansion of Play Music, is going to be a great boon to the Play Store at large. Coupled with the comparatively wide availability of all the new Nexus devices launched today (versus the initial Nexus 7 release), it looks like Google's gunning hard to expand into the rest of the world.

Source: Google

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.facebook.com/manolis.krestas Manolis Krestas

    Greece will never get anything ever... it took them 5 years to bring xbox live for my 360... Music and Video with Greek subs... that will never happen... Oh well thank god for Yarrrrrrrr :P

  • daveloft

    Magazines are also available in Canada, except I can't install the magazine app as of yet.

  • Alex

    What about the rest of the Europe... :(

  • Göran Sävström

    As always...

    Thank you, but no thank you. Until the day when I can - here in Spain - buy a movie in it's original language I'll spend my money somewhere else...

    - How hard can it be to understand that there's a lot of people that DO NOT want their moves dubbed?

  • Harjit Sahota


    • Imparus

      we can only hope :(

  • Colin Richardson

    I don't see the option to buy.. :(

  • sootie

    we get movies but no music in aus?

    bit odd but progress is progress

  • captylor

    As usual, Asia has been left out of all the fun :(

    • Nevi_me

      And Africa, at least South Africa

  • Muddy

    these prices are pretty insulting though. $25 for a POS twilight parody movie "Breaking Wind"

  • Timkus

    It sucks that you have a Nexus 10 and can't get access to the Play movies & tv, play books store or even the music store in Sweden. The Nexus 10 is an awesome tablet, however, without access to the stores, it lacks a little. Come on Google, get the store widely available already! There are MANY androids currently in Sweden.