Within the deluge of exciting announcements made today in lieu of its New York event, Google announced that it has partnered with Warner Music Group to explode the Play Store's music selection, bringing the media giant's full music catalog to listeners all over the world. This means that Google is now partnered "with all of the major record labels globally," along with many independent labels and all the major US magazine publishers, which is nothing if not good news for consumers.

Google also announced that Play Music will be coming to Europe. Starting November 13, listeners in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will not only be able to begin listening and buying from the Play Store, but will enjoy the free 20,000 song upload other listeners use to get their personal library connected with their Google account. This comes in addition to another big feature – free music matching.

Music matching means that, when uploading your personal library, Google Music will scan your titles against its own catalog. When it finds a match, it will add that song automatically, without spending extra time uploading your files. This is a great feature – and one that many have long hoped for – that will save a ton of time in syncing up your existing library. This feature will launch with Play Music on the 13th in Europe, and will come to the US "soon after."

Finally, Google promises "this will all be free – free storage of your music, free matching, free syncing across your devices and free listening."

Source: Google Official Blog

Liam Spradlin
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  • cwagner

    Getting Google Play only requires you to have a US IP upon registration, afterwards you can keep on using it (even on your mobile phone) with whatever IP you have:)

    • http://twitter.com/Pascalwb Pascal

      Yop, I am using it from Slovakia without problem.

    • Nagy Balázs András

      It also works faking a US-only tablet/mobile. I had it activated with a Nook that had the fingerprint of a verizon xoom.

      • cwagner

        With your mobile browser? Fascinating wouldn't have thought that worked:D

        • Nagy Balázs András

          No, with Play Store. And by fingerprint I mean the hardware fingerprint the device provides to google.

    • NicholasMicallef

      Yeah I just used a VPN having my music on the cloud is already awesome, this should just be amazing once it finally makes its way to europe :D. Hopefully the fact that I did that doesn't cause any problems, but I'm guessing Google doesn't mind so long as they have no problems with the record labels.

      • cwagner

        I was really happy when I found out I didn't need to set my phone up for my VPN:)

  • ercliou

    I thought Apple patented Song Matching thing.. thank god I was wrong..

  • ercliou

    I was waiting a music streaming service from Google :
    They are going to be late for the party.. there are rumors saying that Apple is partnering with studios already

  • http://profiles.google.com/sol.europa Bill C

    Can't wait till the 13th...
    That gives me time to downlaod all my music again from Google's US service so I can re-upload them to the UK service once it starts.

    I don't think their will be a easy way to transfer a US account full of music to the Europe based one! Oh and I got rid of my local store or tunes when I started with Google's service ^_^

  • Simon Boulet

    Hey, I just check on Google Play (in canada) and I have access to Magazine, but still no music.

  • Jonathan Wong

    "Finally, Google promises 'this will all be free – free storage of your
    music, free matching, free syncing across your devices and free
    listening.'" Turns out Google won't be charging anything for all the storage of music. Thank you Google. You are awesome.

  • lbrfabio

    Finally, matching song

  • http://twitter.com/dynomike666 Mike

    Finally getting support from Warner! Very nice.

  • http://twitter.com/whatisajimmy ok


  • Alex

    What about Portugal! >_<

  • blunden

    I wonder if the matching will work for those of use who *ahem* "appeared" to be in the US when we registered for Google Music when it was released in the US. I'm guessing no since we don't currently have access to the store. Would be nice though.

  • Freak4Dell

    Hmm...I think I need to delete all my music and reupload so that it pulls from Google's tracks instead of my own. I'm betting Google has higher quality versions of a lot of my stuff.

  • Aleebaan

    And no Sweden :-(

    • Imparus

      yeah it, sucks to live in Scandinavian :-/

      good thing we just need to use a proxy to get access to it

    • Michel

      And no Switzerland... Music Streaming doesn't work for me in 3G either...

  • Jorge Ivan Sanchez Gonzalez

    I wait a redesigned app

  • jordanjay29

    So does song matching just work on song title, or does it work across song artist, recording year, etc. Basically grabbing that exact version of the song, or does it do the "fuzzy match" like iTunes does? I'd rather not have an approximate song in my Google Music, I want the songs that I already own.

  • selonmoi

    Awesome. I hope they'll get to Canada soon.