Samsung is definitely on a roll with the Galaxy S III updates - not a day goes by without a massive rollout of Jelly Bean to devices all over Europe, and now the Middle East as well. The company began sending Android 4.1.1 OTAs to the following territories:


  • Austria (T-Mobile)
  • Germany (O2, T-Mobile)


  • Middle East: Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, UAE
  • Greater Middle East: Afghanistan, Mauritania, Pakistan
  • Nordic countries (NEE): Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland

image Eivind

Thanks to Eivind for the screenshot

Here's the history of the Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III so far:

  • October 25: Sprint in the United States.
  • October 24: unbranded in UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Belgium; Three in Denmark; Mobiltel in Bulgaria; Cosmote in Romania; Meteor and Vodafone in Ireland; O2 in Czech Republic; Tre in Sweden; Vipnet in Croatia.
  • October 22: unbranded in Germany and France; Bouygues in France.
  • October 22: O2 in UK and Ireland; Vodafone in UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and Germany.
  • October 18: Hutchison Whampoa companies (Three, 3, H3G) in Italy, UK, Ireland, and Austria; Swisscom in Switzerland.
  • October 17: SFR in France; Vodafone in Spain and Romania; A1 in Austria; unbranded in Spain
  • October 15: Sweden (unbranded or Telenor, it's not clear - the CSC for the release is VDS)
  • September 24: unbranded in Poland

As usual, check your update notifications, download via Kies, or grab full Odin-flashable ROMs from unofficial ROM sites SamMobile or Samsung-Updates.

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  • Asphyx

    Does anyone else find it odd that Afghanistan will get this before US Verizon Customers will?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Considering it's unbranded, no, not really.

      • Asphyx

        Well Also considering the majority of the units sold there have been blown to smithereens as triggers for IEDs there really aren't that many units left that need the upgrade!
        Besdies they really need to fix the reception in caves and the upgrade is probably badly needed!

        • jeff kaczor

          Lol for real just shows how bad samsung is. Giving these places OS updates before USA and CANADA. This is getting out of hand.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I hear Samsung issued an OTA and IED detonations now use premium SMSes instead of regular ones.

    • Milty C

      that's hilarious ! No offense to the poor guys waiting for this update.

    • jeff kaczor

      Yes this is looking really bad for samsung. They will lose alot of business in near future. From us GS3 owners. Next google phone that takes android king, i'll be switching to. Usa and canada should have already had it before alot of these other countrys.

  • maverick

    Got it yesterday in Australia. Unbranded.

  • GraveUypo

    damn release it to the entire world already. what's holding it up?

    • Ahhk

      Two words: Carrier. Bloat.

  • Pierre413

    Come on South Africa come on...

  • guest

    I remember my first SGS3

  • baskaran

    India need this

    • jeff kaczor

      You have cell phones in india? Lol

      • varun

        jeff, you clearly dont have good education where you come from

        • jeff kaczor

          Clearly you don't even know english.

    • jeff kaczor

      India needs alot more then this update you need a new country. Same as packy stain and afganastain. Your all a bunch off sick ppl. You all are fucked in the head. You all need to commit suicide. 60% of you are all evil. Jump off a bridge today you will go to heaven and have 30 virgins waiting for you.

  • android_fan

    Greece is having it rolled out today (by official anouncement of Samsung Greece in Facebook)

  • hak

    I am in egypt
    Do u know when jelly bean realesed for my samdung s3

  • [email protected]

    Crap my mobile is s3 bought from germaby and I am from Egypt when I updated it got the German update. Without Arabic support idiots although Imade update while I am in Egypt and now Arabic support is here with the Egyptian version and iam. Stuck with the German one!!!

    • jeff kaczor

      Go on kiess on your computer in egypt and then download the update. It will work if your phone is not branded.

  • jeff kaczor

    Yes samsung is doing this all wrong. It should of been USA and CANADA first to get it. Then the rest of the world. Just the way the power of the world is ranked. We only care about USA and CANADA. WE couldnt give 2 flying fucks about you uninportant other countries that do fuck all for the world. Ur just a bunch of lazy hogs that make a mess of the world then we have to come and fix it.

    • luke

      you are not funny dude. give it up

      • jeff kaczor

        Dumb ass we didnt get shit. Canada and usa still waiting give it nowww samsung.

        • Joe Thiel

          US, Verizon. Got it.

    • ur mama

      Why dont you go and F**k yourself jeff from canada cuz nobody gives a sh** about u or ur dum upgrade experiences

      • jeff kaczor

        Dumb ass we didnt get shit usa and canada still waiting. Give us jelly bean nowww

  • Joe Thiel

    Verizon in the United States. Update available.

  • gold

    Any idea when can we get the jelly bean here in the philippines for samsung galaxy SIII GT-i9300

  • shockwave

    Just got the Jellybean via OTA onto my SIII in Dubai. Smooth Butter.

  • Lien Wee Hoo

    Arriving to SEA (South East Asia) now.

  • Neil

    My Galaxy S3 is on Orange and I received my Android 4.1.1 update this morning at 11am. Some of the improvements in phone features and performance are noteworthy. Worth the wait!.

  • Neil

    Forgot to say guys that I live in the UK. Sorry.

  • Sadekul

    when will come it in jordan???