Back at the beginning of September, we got our first glimpse of the Note II on Verizon... and it had a branded home button. Initial thoughts after seeing this were unanimously along the lines of "eww" and "omg why." We all hoped it was some stupid thing they tried while the device was in testing.

It wasn't.

Samsung just released some press shots of the Verizon Note II variant, complete with the absurd home button branding. Dear God, why? It's atrocious.

i605_600x600_xlarge_cf9 i605_600x600_xlarge_bk_1

One of these things does not belong.

As if throwing the logo on the front of the device wasn't enough, Big Red is so arrogant that it felt the need to stamp a huge "Verizon 4G LTE" logo on the back, too! Not that we mind carrier branding on the back of devices - that's become commonplace. And honestly, it doesn't look bad.

The home button, though? I just can't wrap my head around this. Sure, there will be way to cover and/or remove it, but that's not the point. The point is it shouldn't be there in the first place.

Now, we have to know - potential Note II owners on VZW, does this sway your decision to buy the device?

Update #1: Our own Ron Amadeo is at Samsung's Note II launch event right now, and snapped this shot:


And a few more pics:

wm_20121024_210148 wm_20121024_210201 wm_20121024_210154

Update #2: According to Ron and a few other people who tried, you can actually scratch off the logo quite easily. We might sneakily attempt it at some point tonight.

Update #3: Here's the report from Ron's sneak attack: "It's pretty tough. It'd be pretty hard to do it with a fingernail. I tried with a car key and scratched the paint. If it's possible, it's a delicate process."

Update #4: @WinDroidGuy says "A penny and tape does the job easy," and Artem tends to agree that this could be a good way to go.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://twitter.com/dantmaldo Dan Maldonado

    Not one bit. Carriers will be what they will be.

  • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

    Go prepaid and avoid their crap!

    • Jeffrey Matthews

      Prepaid would still be Verizon, and would still have the branding though...

      • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

        T Mobile, AT&T, Solavei.. so many options

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UUAOR64DGXGPMKOFAV5MDS3M7M Dustin

          if you live where they have decent coverage

          • Ryan Wallace

            Yea really AT&T (T-mobile) sucks for coverage and speed/quality... sprint is in the same boat and Verizon is overpriced.... who to go with :/

          • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

            you get what you pay for

  • http://twitter.com/sbatwater Sebastian Atwater

    at&t's branding on the One X is what led me to get an unlocked Rogers model.

    I despise carrier branding. I thought Samsung was finally past it with the GS3 and the new Note. This is a bummer.

  • Gary .

    If I really wanted it, it would not stop me from buying it but seriously Verizon is the worst

  • http://twitter.com/TIBoine Tor Ivan Boine

    shit. you guys in the US seems to have to deal with a lot of crap regarding cell phones and carriers. I´m happy that I can change to whatever carrier whenever I want. And use whatever phone I´d like.

    and yes, that logo on the home button looks awful. I don´t think I would´ve bought that phone

    • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif


    • jusatin

      But they get their phones for like max 200$, where we need to pay 700€ (+900$) for the phones.. :P

      • Josh Legoza

        Except most of us would rather go your route (cheaper in the long run) and there seems to be a growing movement of people doing just that.

    • Sporty369149

      I agree with every word! I am in London and this would not happen. Our phones are part of our style!

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com benmarvin

    Because people might forget what carrier they're using? Maybe they went for the cheap paint and it will wear off after 2 months of usage.

    • Robert

      Slim chance you'll forget you use Verizon when it's time to write the monthly check for service. Trust me, they do not need a logo on a home button.

  • Hary Ayala

    i never buy anything with a carrier logo i can't easily remove...

  • http://twitter.com/LeeNephi Lee Smithson

    That would bug me. I love that the Galaxy Nexus hasn't a single word on the front.

    • mechapathy

      And that killed Verizon so much they had to take GOOGLE'S LOGO OFF THE PHONE.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Time for eBay sellers to make huge money on home button replacements for the Verizon Galaxy Note II.

    • Android_Tech_Girl

      You can already buy replacement buttons. Any color. Unfortunately, it is VERY hard and dangerous to replace it yourself. Major dis assembly. I've done it. It's not easy.

      • Dima Aryeh

        Taking apart a phone so extensively is always dangerous, and that sucks. It ain't no rear cover you can just take off, snap in half, and throw on an international unbranded one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

        and voids the warranty as well

    • Scott B.


  • Joe

    deal breaker.

  • HellG

    can i ask any one here something without getting shitload of dislikes? everytime i ask this it seems like people get mad at me for some reason !
    can i know when google will have the power to make the carriers not touch its phones (if not google then the OEM's)? apple did it when it was in power! now android phones sell like hot cakes then what the fuck are they waiting for?? control of updates,removing of google wallet all these are warning signs! and my question is why google/OEMs are letting them?? i'm yet to see an iFAIL 5 with a carrier logo on the back...oh wait that will never happen :@

    • tony

      People probably get mad because you keep asking and there's no answer.

    • nexusplay

      Apple isn't all that powerful. They bowed to AT&T on the 4G logo in the status bar. Its a give and take. This is over the top though.

      • RedPandaAlex

        This. We honestly have no idea how much Apple capitulates to carriers. I'm guessing iPhone updates need to be approved by carriers the same way Android updates do. The difference is Google and OEMs don't hold back updates just so they can launch all at once.

    • Jeffrey Matthews

      Because it's not Google's phone. They just distribute the open source software they run. And the OEMs have so many variants of a phone, i guess it's just easier to brand it with the carrier.

    • mesmorino

      They're not Google's phones. Google makes the operating system. They're the manufacturer's phones. If Samsung doesn't want Verizon defacing its phones it should probably say something

      • HellG

        Again i got dazillion dislikes and i really dont know why :/
        i included google as i know these moves from the carriers hurt android ALOT and thought google will push the OEM's to do something after they removed google wallet which imho one of the most douche moves they have done in years (after removing unlimited plans)! google bought motorola for billions to help android, why dont they push OEMs to help android as well?!

        • mesmorino

          Don't take the dislikes to heart, I thought it was a reasonable question. It's just a bunch of Internet strangers which are even less relevant than strangers you might meet in person. I'll get 50 likes one day, 85 dislikes the next- not bothered.

        • Sporty369149

          Yes don't take it personally the dislikes. They are probably Verizon submissives or armchair warriors winding you up.... the question you asked is one that I have asked myself a few times when I increduously read what is going on in the US.

          I can't believe the manufacturers allow the phone carriers that much power! It is unheard of in Europe! And for what is supposed to be the same phone being different in physical look, software UI and functionality, depending on the carrier is incredible. And why is the Iphone on only 1 (or 2) carriers? All our carriers have the same phones at more or less the same time ie when they 1st come out! You guys on the US are being abused!

    • http://twitter.com/mimrixmike Frettfreak

      People are dumb... Screw them all. It's a great question and one I have wondered for a bit now. The only thing I can come up with is yes android sells better than Iphone. But until the s3 there wasn't 1 android phone that out sold the Iphone. However I still agree and think oems need to grab their nuts

    • roninpenguin

      The reason is simple. Apple can strong arm carriers because they are the only ones who sell the Apple product, that means if a carrier doesn't do what they ask Apple can pull all Apple products from that carrier.

      If an Android manufacture (like lets say Motorola) says something like "I don't want carrier logos on my phone" that carrier can then say, "Okay we'll not carry Motorola, we'll carry LG or Samsung or HTC or any other of the myriad of Android phone manufactures out there that ARE willing to put the logos on their phones. Google doesn't have a whole lot of control either because Android is open source, if one of the manufactures wanted to build an Android phone and just not put on Google products they can do so without Google's permission.

      • HellG

        and That's why the Open Handset alliance exists, as its the only "Legion" that unify all these parties, can't they gather around and make one decision not to let carriers fuck with their phones!

        • roninpenguin

          But the OHA isn't bound by contracts at all, it is just a loose agreement. At any point one of the manufactures can pull out so you can easily see one jumping on an opportunity to undercut the other manufactures.

          As it is Acer almost pulled out in order to build that cheap ass phone in China, everyone says that soon Samsung may pull out because they are going to make their own version of Android minus Google products as well, so I can see them not making a fuss over logos because that can give the other manufactures a chance to gain market share.

  • RedPandaAlex

    That's just stupid. Is there nobody there who knows anything about UI design? Might somebody think, maybe we shouldn't LABEL THIS BUTTON SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT'S FUNCTION??

  • ProductFRED

    What the f*ck?

    • yarrellray

      Verizon sucks major ass they always will. Great exampleof how not to be. Thank god there are some people out smart enough to have broken than Verizon curse and have gone in another direction.. Most people love that Verizon hot dog in there mouth it makes them feel good. The three things I hate most is Apple Iphones,Verizon and that trolling asshole squiddy20..

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

        because there are better networks in this country? Nope there arent.

      • NemaCystX

        That coming from the guy that trolled Verizon & At&t users for years claiming how his EVO 4G and Sprint was so much better than everyone when a new device got leaked or announced on another carrier other than his own.

      • charliesheenhardcore

        At least iPhones never get carrier branding. Oh not to mention in most cases they are great devices.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      sure they do
      its their right to have it made any way they choose
      does it bother you that it says Samsung on the front of your tv? Your car? etc
      if you dont like it you can always not buy it

  • http://www.facebook.com/YAYSAVERGN Eric James Salcido

    I hope Samsung sells a dev version with Verizon radios and without any branding. My next phone will have to be off contract especially if I want to keep my unlimited 4G. As soon as I lose that I'm switching to another carrier.

  • Asphyx

    We should start charging them for promotional services...

    • michael arazan

      wtf, they need to start paying us or discounting our monthly bills if they want me to advertise for them. I actually got some celebrity's to autogragh my G nexus right over the crappy vzw logo. Verizon, doing everything they can to screw the customers.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    You're nuts if you don't get this device only because of home button branding. It's so trivial.

    • rgspro

      Would not stop me from buying it, but may sway me to AT&T instead of Verizon

    • mesmorino

      I KNOW! It's completely mindboggling the amount of trivial bullshit I see Android fans getting riled up about, honestly. It's like when the GS3 was announced and there was this article here about how "ugly" it is, and there was even that nonsensical poll. Like, REALLY?! And then we turn around and laugh at the iPhone fans for getting excited that Apple moved the headphone socket to the bottom ¬_¬

    • Doan

      It's trivial today. It's Verizon's gateway into something even more sinister tomorrow. Who knows what they'll be doing on next year's devices if we don't voice concern over this today?

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        Your post is a great showcase of the slippery slope fallacy. I don't approve of Verizon's logo placement, but it doesn't mean they're going to suddenly start placing irremovable advertisements on every home screen or something equally worse.

        • Doan

          Fallacy presumes that it will not happen. We don't know that; and I'd prefer being safe, than sorry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wrg25 Will Gonzalez

    all phones should be like the Nexus and iPhones...... branding on the rear not the front................... can Verizon be more ridiculous

    • jammer

      GS3 doesn't have any branding on the front. Except the startup an lock screen do. CM10 removed the startup branding and minimalized the lock screen branding.

  • James_C_L

    This definitely sways my decision on buying it just out of pure disgust

  • Barton82

    ANY carrier branding on a phone - hardware or software - is a deal breaker for me. But I live in Europe, so that's a different story. But I'm very sorry for you there in the US. And this one is just hideous.

    • Sporty369149

      I agree. We have it good in Europe. They massacred the phone and have gone over the top with the branding! Someone said that you see verizon when you switch on the phone! My goodness!

  • still on a tbolt

    Does with me. That's just another step away from the Note 2 towards the HTC DLX (DNA is stupid ) and the Nexus 4 IF it comes to big red.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    As a piece of semi-practical advice, it's likely that this logo can easily be scraped off. Unless this one is underneath the phone finish (extremely unlikely), it's just a very thin coat of material on top of the plastic.

    Here's how to get rid of it (test at your own risk).

    Get a penny (or nickel, whatever), and gently, without pressing too hard (moderate pressure), quickly rub the edge of the coin back and fourth over the logo. You'll notice it start to scrape off within 30-45 seconds. Just be gentle - and you won't scratch the home button (at least not visibly, there'll obviously be a risk of micro-abrasions). There are probably other methods out there, but I did this on my Droid Bionic back in the day and it works like a charm.

    • GazaIan

      I hear nail polish remover, or something with similar chemicals can remove logos like that.

      • jammer

        Acetone in nail polish remover eats most plastic for lunch. I don't recommend this.

      • shadowdude777

        The Galaxy S3 is made of polycarbonate. One can assume that the Galaxy Note 2 will also be. Polycarbonate is immediately dissolved by acetone. Don't ever, ever do this.

    • Christie

      quick, careful, buff with a dremel!

    • roninpenguin

      Another way I've heard is to use a sugar cube. They are just abrasive enough to get the paint off, but not enough to really scratch the plastic.

  • http://twitter.com/gbdickinson Greg Dickinson

    Really? Raging over a logo on a button? First world problems, indeed...

    • MrStylz

      we work hard to be able to complain about our first world problems. it isn't like Verizon is just handing this phone out for free.

      • Sporty369149

        Exactly! If you are paying for something, you have the right to have your voice heard. @GregDickinson, majot World problem it is not but it is communication via customer complaints/feedback and 21st century electronic communication via the internet (forums/comments/twitter/facebooks etc.) that a Co. can get feedback and make improvements to past business decisions. Verizon thought it 'important' enough to make certain decisions over product branding. Why should it be considered less important for a paying consumer to equally have a voice on that same issue? So let's not be glib or sarcastic.

  • Allallon

    WOW! Really! Because of a stupid logo on a stupid button people are going to not buy this product. I am not big fan of Verizon and their pricing tactics, but isn't there better things to worry about than a log so tiny that most people besides the user will mistake it as dirt! I am hoping AP and other Android news sites are not turning into the other news outlets that just sensationalize everything and call it news!

  • rgspro

    Having the branding on the back lets every one know what company owns you. Verizon put it on the most used button to keep reminding the user that they are owned. :)

  • JediLoki

    I view this along the same lines as the stupid car dealership decals that are placed in strategic locations on a new car you buy.

    I negotiate my best deal.
    Then at the last minute I tell them to remove every single mention of the dealership name on the car.
    Or they can leave them on and take another $5 grand off the price (current price, this has gone up as time as went on due to cost of the new vehicles). I tell them I am not a mobile billboard for their company, however if they would like to pay me for advertising for them.....

    I have not left the parking lot of a car dealer for several decades with a single dealership decal anywhere in sight.

    • Jake

      I do the exact same thing when I buy a car. The last time I bought a car they removed the decals on my insistence, but tried to pull a fast one by replacing my exiting license plate holder with a dealership-branded one. They put my original one in the trunk. Before driving off I told the salesman to replace it himself. He did.

      • Luke

        oooooo, you the man!

  • Jackson Veliz

    does all that logo and advertisement decrease the price?? NO! they're beginning to join the #darkside

  • Baby_Girl

    If you hate Verizon so much... to the EXTREME degree that you don't even want to see the mere name even mentioned on the device button. (Extremely small.) Then why did you buy it from Verizon... and sign up with them?

    If I hated Verizon that much... I wouldn't have them as my carrier.

    I couldn't care less if it says (or doesn't say) "Verizon" on the device. The device *IS* connection to Verizon.

    • mostro

      I thats not what they saying ,it doesnt matter who or what company it is ,is just the fact that the put it on home button and it does make the beautiful phone look awful

    • GazaIan

      I'm not a Verizon customer, but use some brains here. For some people, they have no choice but Verizon since all other carriers provide shitty coverage.

    • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

      Because of Verizon's excellent LTE coverage and speeds.

  • Baby_Girl

    For $2.... and about 2 seconds of your time... you can buy a back-plate (15 colors) from ebay.

    Back logo, instantly gone.

  • Bojan Gutic

    I'll put it this way, I've already decided I'm leaving their network one my contract expires.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      then you have no real issues in life if this is a big deal to you
      damn people are so spoiled and need to find real things in life to worry about you petty asses

    • ddpacino

      I'm not even waiting that long. I'll pay my ETF to jump to T-Mobile (or AT&T) for unlimited plans (or hopefully not,, tiered on Big Blue).

      I'm seriously sick of Verizon's Shyt!!!

  • http://iamandroid.co/profile/rocktoonz Rocktoonz

    Most Verizon phones have their logo on the front, usually at the top of the screen, but there's nowhere else on this one to put it since Samsung put theirs up there.

  • rumthin

    I can barely stand OEM branding on my phones! But my gawd. All the carrier branding you yanks have to deal with is beyond my comprehension.

  • Bleakvision

    OK Samsung, listen carefully! When uncle Verizon starts to touch you in the wrong places, you say NO! Got that?

    • Bleakvision

      Oh, and don't forget to call the Android Police!

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      show us where they "touched" you, show us on the dummy phone

  • Doan

    Phone off; looking at front of device: Verizon logo right in your face
    Flip the phone over: Verizon logo right in your face
    Looking at front of phone; turn it on: Animated Verizon logo right in your face
    Lock screen: Verizon logo right in your face
    Swipe down notification menu: Verizon logo right in your face

    Did I miss anything?

    • http://twitter.com/LeeNephi Lee Smithson

      *Sigh* Sometimes turning it off, too. =X

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

      Nope. Look Verizon, you covered everything.

      • Letsplaay

        Nope, they missed the stylus.

        • Trey Mitchell

          SHHH dont give them any ideas

        • gangstahamsta

          They also missed the battery.

  • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

    There we go Cameron, that's the honesty I mentioned at the BBQ :)

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    Honestly, this just makes it easier for me to hang onto my S3 until a 1080p phone comes out by Samsung (if the HTC DLX/DNA/whatever sucks that is).

    • Ryan Wallace

      an HTC flagship device suck? what planet do you live on... HTC is king

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        Reread my comment. I meant if the HTC DLX/DNA/whatever (turns out) to suck or something. I hear too many complaints that the battery on the OneX sucks but also heard others say they had no problems.

  • Jonathan Wong

    Can't we just rub off the logo with use?

  • Chad Olson

    I don't mind the branding on the back I always buy a case, and it will be covered. Maybe some one will make stickers we can put on the home button.

  • TechGuy21

    haha wow wtf. this is why i hate the big red. it makes the phone look uglier now smh thank god i got a S3 from TT

  • Letsplaay

    Outrageous!! Every move of Verizon hugely disappoints me nowadays.

    • http://twitter.com/mimrixmike Frettfreak

      But are you still a customer? Everyone bitches but rarely does anyone actually do anything. They just bitch

      • ddpacino

        Shiiiid, I only came over from Sprint in January for the Gnex. As soon as the new Nexus on sale, IM GONE!!! I will gladly pay my ETF to get away from these imbeciles.

      • Letsplaay

        Guilty, but as someone pointed out, VZW is the least likable carrier with the most advanced network coverage. I'm still weighing my options, but the scale definitely started to tip.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jpivovar Jonathan Pivovarov

        I left them 2 years ago for their bs surcharges. after sprint decided to redo their network and raise prices just because they started selling stupid iphones, i have decided to leave them. so vz did something weird, at least they have service.

  • Zacisblack

    That is the BIGGEST Verizon logo I've ever seen on any smartphone and they want it on the front? In the worst possible spot also? So glad I left Verizon for ATT. This may seem trivial but it's absolutely ridiculous and Samsung should have have stood for it.

  • Falconator

    As long as the price is right and the device performs well, I personally don't care overall. It's tacky but whatever. It's still supposed to be a great phone and that's all I care for, a great phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    Because Verizon ruins everything.

  • GazaIan

    Look, I'll be totally honest, I hope Verizon dies in an extreme fire

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      I feel ya there. Trying to pay my FiOS bill makes me want to punch babies.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

        not the same Verizon

        • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

          They have stores where you can pay both bills, so they're somewhat related.

  • Casey Artner

    I would walk into Verizon, ask for a Note 2, and when they pulled it out say "f**k that", and walk across the parking lot to the AT&T store.

  • http://blog.ravrahn.net/ Owen Cassidy

    It's not like this phone was well-designed (aesthetically) in the first place, but this just takes it places it should never go.

  • Zoë Won

    there's GOT to be a way to get that logo off...right???

  • JG

    Its because most (I'd assume anyway) use some kind of (protective) case for their phones.... Since the cases cover the branding on the back, they got to find some way to help remind you what network you're using.... They don't want you walking into an AT&T store to pay your bill after all.... Kind of like how Apple had to sue the mom & pop grocery store for using an apple in their logo, didn't want their customers accidently being forced to buy groceries instead of overpriced computers...

  • http://www.facebook.com/byron.knowlton Byron A. Knowlton III

    nope... I think the Verizon logo just tells everyone you have the best carrier out there! I would be arrogant if I was Verizon; fastest 4g... check, most towers... check, allow users to put the apps they want instead of only allowing them from the market (like AT&T) of course. I had AT&T and left for Sprint due to price... Left them because they have crappy coverage (this was my second time letting them have a chance) It was so bad I actually bought out my contract. Switched to Verizon and I just can't understand why I didn't do this much sooner! I will give Verizon the credit they are due. I like the BIG RED! :)

    • spydie

      As long as you're rich enough to afford the most expensive carrier on the planet!

  • Agito504

    I'll paint the button and install a navbar mod... so done with physical buttons.

  • Carlos David

    Time to put little sparkle home button stickers :P ...


    lol they have no same on trying to put there name over everything and ruining all good things

  • http://profiles.google.com/grantbarker.com Grant Barker

    The other option would be to put it on the top of the phone like NTT Docomo have done in Japan. (Although the phone isn't officially released yet.) http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/product/2012_winter_feature/lineup/sc02e.html

  • TylerChappell

    lol, I won't be buying it, looks like HTC Droid DNA for me.

  • Jee1fone

    That is just pathetic.

  • StoneColdCarl

    I'm really surprised they managed to fit the entire logo on the button.

  • IncCo

    freaking hilarious

  • KyRuMo

    I'm glad I left Verizon when the messed up the Nexus

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      and you left your spelling skills there too

  • Brady Rainey

    I could deal with the logo. It's the locked bootloader that keeps me away.

  • http://twitter.com/bigjohns WoodstockLibertaria

    I don't really give a shit. Verizon is the 2nd worst cell phone carrier on earth, so, what's the problem? If you got Verizon, or ATT, you're used to being screwed, locked in, and over charged...
    Hopefully the button logo wears off quickly.
    In the mean time, I'm waiting to see what's next at Sprint - my phone is up for replacement!


    • TylerChappell


  • http://cocainemonster.deviantart.com/ Fun With Drugs

    Atrocious. But it doesn't affect me, since I'll be leaving VZW when the Lumia 920 comes out and I don't see the use for a Phablet.

  • Guest

    lol another reason to never get on Verizon again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    Anyone got any white out?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stankoviczlatan Zlatan Stanković

    guys.... Its gonna be alright.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stankoviczlatan Zlatan Stanković

    Guys... Its gonna be alright.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

    big deal there are more impt things to worry about

    • dunkler

      Thanks george millhouse. I would have been sitting around all day worrying about the wrong things if it werent for you. I guess I should stop worrying about my beautiful head of hair and shave it all off to be like you.

  • invinciblegod

    I believe this is there atempt to introduce a Verizon concierge service! Press the button and a remote butler will assist your every whim!

  • BTME

    Is this really that big of a deal? Sheesh.

    • dunkler

      It obviously is when all of these comments are lamenting it. You might not think it is so you are welcome to not pay attention to it or comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667020551 Jose Torres

    Verizon wants their phones to show everybody that the owner is over paying for their cell service

  • enoch861

    Man, I was so happy with the way the S3 turned out. Just visit the good friends over at eBay, and you have an S3 that is basically un-branded. And then this. Wow. I really feel for you guys on Verizon. Its so sad. I mean, your like a walking billboard.

  • dr karrani

    I laughed my guts out when I read " crappy logo..." if this article goes viral it will be the end of Verizon or end of Marketing department at Verizon
    Dr karrani

  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    In my capacity as a designer (or even without such a qualification), I have always felt that the Verizon logo to be the ugliest and most ruinous carbuncle on the backside of a devicehood since time begun. (To misquote HRH Prince Charles about some not so attractive buildings in the City of London.)

    A few months ago I actually Tweeted Verizon directly to offer to re-design their logo. As expected, no reply was forthcoming.

    The problem is, in the USA, (speaking as a European), people are less concerned with aesthetic - look at some of your cars! Eewww! Note that here in the U of K, carriers no longer stickt their branding on phones at all - it stopped about the time the iPhone came out in 2007. No doubt because Apple thankfully told them were to shove their logos when the carriers suggested sticking one on the front of such a lovely device!


  • http://twitter.com/Darkmyth_pt Darkmyth PT

    ohh America... land where you pay to advertize someones brand... why do you stand to that? here in europe i've never seen such BS

  • Gary Patrowicz

    Samsung why did you put a crappy home button on your phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicholas-Snowdeal/627272243 Nicholas Snowdeal

    I was going to say the tape and penny idea I do it messing around with Dunkin Donuts coffee cups or maybe acetone or some kind of chemical that could peel it off?

  • dsass600

    I was honestly planning on buying a Note II, but this has just swayed my decision away. Seriously Verizon, F*CK YOU! HTC, here I come!

  • brizey

    Real question: WTF does it even HAVE a home button?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jpivovar Jonathan Pivovarov

    that logo will not deter me. yes it is a strange thing because we never had anything like that, but hell i never had a home BUTTON before. worst case scenario, open it up and use a replacement button from another carrier's phone. the gs3 has a relatively easy to replace button.

  • idn8tiv

    They have essentially peed on the phone like a dog attempting to mark their 'territory...gimme a break VZW. Don't feel so threatened and insecure...

  • Sporty369149

    Your carriers in the US are CHEAP and have absolutely no style compared to Europe! Where the hell is the Samsung logo? Samsung is stupid for allowing the carrier so much power to allow them to do this!

  • bwinger79

    Seriously....if I am forced to carry around a phone with their branding on it....I want some kickbacks for advertising for them.

  • http://youtube.com/user/CurelessSyn CurelessSynergy

    Dear god. In Australia, we buy phones like my Galaxy Nexus, and there isn't a single carrier brand anywhere. Literally. In the US, geez. You guys are walking advertisements.

  • charliesheenhardcore

    I hate verizon for this and I hate the fact that the carrier has android locked down. And no carrier branding doesn't look good on the back. It doesn't look good on any device ever. Look what they are doing to the new black berry z10. This gross branding is absolutely horrible and would never buy it because of it. Not to mention the verizon logo is one of the worst designed logos on earth and is looked at in branding lessons as what not to so. At least I get to have my Beatiful iPhone with no ugly ass bullshit on it. I wanted the fuckin note and I'm a version customer and they ruined it. At least in the beginning with the droids the branding was super minimal. Samsungnhasnto take controll and tell them to go fucknthenselves.