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Ludia, a Canadian video game developer famous for board game and game show adaptations across various platforms, recently added a second entry to their Android catalogue with Family Feud and Friends, a game that looks to bring the Family Feud experience to your mobile device with "HD graphics" and a few compelling gameplay elements made possible by the jump from TV to mobile.

You may notice that, unlike its television counterpart, Ludia's game is called Family Feud and Friends. To that end, Ludia has added social play, allowing you to play against Facebook friends or other Family Feud and Friends players. Besides competing, players can track their opponents' progress with daily high score rankings.

In keeping with the TV original, Ludia has included gameplay staples like Fast Money play, plenty of survey questions, the show's authentic theme music, and "the familiar scoreboard in dazzling HD."

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If you're a fan of the original Family Feud game show, or if you're just looking for one more social game for your collection, Family Feud and Friends is worth checking out, especially considering it's free from the Play Store. Just hit the widget below.

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  • michiel

    Only in the US :(

  • Freak4Dell

    Will Steve Harvey completely overreact and make funny faces to every weird answer I give? After all, that's what really makes the show worth watching.

  • Paul_Werner

    It needs more than just Facebook connect

  • defred34

    When will freemium die already

  • T-T@GAME

    why..why ....the game is not best all T-T

  • The Don

    Ludia is an awful company!! Do not invest any real money. If they update the game and wipe out your previous saved games, you lose all and trying to retrieve your money is like pulling teeth. I never did get what they promised back and no money.