The pace at which Samsung is pushing out Galaxy S III Jelly Bean updates is picking up steam in Europe with the much anticipated arrival of Android 4.1.1 for unbranded UK handsets. The Brits aren't the only ones getting it today - in fact, the list is quite sizeable. Here, check it out:

  • UK unbranded
  • Switzerland unbranded
  • Luxemburg unbranded (update: supposedly, Belgian S IIIs use the same version too)
  • Denmark (Three)
  • Bulgaria (Mobiltel)
  • Romania (Cosmote)
  • Ireland (Meteor, Vodafone)
  • Czech Republic (O2)
  • Sweden (Tre)
  • Croatia (Vipnet)

Not bad at all - looks like the next platform distribution update won't be as depressing. Congratulations to everyone who is now able to enjoy Jelly Bean and Google Now.

The history of Jelly Bean OTAs for the S III follows:

  • October 22: unbranded in Germany and France; Bouygues in France.
  • October 22: O2 in UK and Ireland; Vodafone in UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and Germany.
  • October 18: Hutchison Whampoa companies (Three, 3, H3G) in Italy, UK, Ireland, and Austria; Swisscom in Switzerland.
  • October 17: SFR in France; Vodafone in Spain and Romania; A1 in Austria; unbranded in Spain
  • October 15: Sweden (unbranded or Telenor, it's not clear - the CSC for the release is VDS)
  • September 24: unbranded in Poland

As before, check your update notifications, pull via Kies, or download from unofficial ROM sites SamMobile or Samsung-Updates.

image wm_Screenshot_2012-10-24-13-54-34

Thanks to Martin for the screenshot of his Danish S III

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  • Dominic Powell

    Does anyone have a list of all the phones updated to JB 4.1? I really want to see what has it and what has promised to get it

    • mesmorino

      What has it at the moment that I am absolutely sure about are just the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3.

      What has been promised to get it is pretty much every flagship phone that is going to be released in the near future (and some that have been recently released like the Galaxy S3 LTE edition, and the Galaxy S3 Mini, I think).
      The HTC One X is also going to get it (if it hasn't already), while the One X + will be released with it.
      That's about as much info as I have off the top of my head.

      • Dominic Powell

        any chance JB will be above 3.0% in the next distribution chart?

        • mesmorino

          Not any time soon... Phones are still being released and sold with ICS (and even GB for some low end phones :/), so that's what's going up (and slowly at that). When the manufacturers stop doing that and all cohesively move to JB then it'll go up- Except, we'll probably be on the L release of Android by then, and they're never going to work together like that anyway, they have no motivation to.

          This is my own conjecture and analysis by the way, but I don't think it's too far off

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Pretty sure it'll be over 3% just based on the S III updates.

  • Poor Canadian

    What about Rogers??



  • Cristopher

    I wanna the new version for Chile!!... when this come come to chile?

  • spydie

    shit, can you believe? I'll have a new Note 2 with JB before my flagship phone the SGS3 gets it!

  • gold

    Any idea when can we get the jelly bean here in the philippines for samsung SIII GT-i9300?

  • sumit

    Hey guys any idea when are we getting jb updates in India....????

  • aries

    I have a problem when updating my s3.when i close my phone and open again the samsung logo is not appear when starting to open only sound u can here..how to fix it this problem.