In Royal Revolt you play the role of the young prince, recently dethroned by his extended family. To reclaim your kingdom there is but one option: storm the castle! Conquer all 30 castles, and you will be restored to your throne. But beware, you will encounter dangerous magic, pointy arrows, and the dreaded in-app purchases during your quest.

The controls in Royal Revolt will take some getting used to – it's all tap to move, not thumbstick based. To make up for this you can enjoy the absolutely wonderful, fluid graphics. The game has a Pixar animation sort of vibe, and the colors are fun and vibrant. You'll have to build up your army to siege each castle, but you can also unleash magic to heal your troops or attack the enemy. Along the way, you will have to buy upgrades to your forces. As you might expect, this is a lot faster if you drop a few dollars on bundles of gold.

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Royal Revolt is a free download, so maybe those in-app purchases aren't that bad. The download is also hefty at 150MB, but those silky-smooth graphics don't come without cost.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Jon Garrett

    This game looks really nice, installing right now.

  • Christopher Wilmeth

    God I hate in-app purchases. I'm afraid to even try it for fear of enjoying it and hitting a brick wall that you can't get past. There needs to be a "pay this much and get enough bonuses to complete the game" IAP for about $2.99 or something.

    • Mark

      +1 for the preference of a fixed price purchase.

    • Matthew Fry

      Seriously, though. That is a good idea. Either a fixed price version that gives you what you need from the outset, or an IAP that you can buy to get it to that point.

  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    the design reminds me of happy wars on the xbox 360

  • CJ Walker

    "and the dreaded in-app purchases during your quest."

    lmao. that was perfect.

  • Al McDowall

    There are three pull down menus, with settings at the end. The middle one has a picture of coins on it. Click on that and I get:

    "The payment system is not available. Please sign in with a valid Apple ID"

    Apple ID? Hunh?

    Other than that, very very polished game. Not super interesting, but very pretty. Like Hayden Pannettiere in the first season of Heroes....

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      Funny, the whole time I watched the video, I just thought about how much it reminded me of several similar looking games on iOS. I was about to check for it on the App Store, despite the video only showing a Google Play badge. When I saw this comment first, it took away the little doubt I had. It was first released in the App Store on August 10th, 2012. Judging by the quality of the graphics and animations, it's a pretty well done port.

  • Force

    Crashes my HTC Flyer after intro

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    In-app purchases.
    Not for me, thank you.

  • Ash

    Pretty nice game had to actually "plan" a strat for couple of end game levels, rest were faceroll friendly.
    The in-app purchase aint needed really unless you're a really bad player. Finished the gamre without spending a dime on it.

  • Starmother

    If the app is free I feel it is only fair to pay something if you can justify it. But most apps are nothing like Oblivion..one of the most amazing roaming RPGs ever...loved it and was happy to pay 59.95 for the game. But these free apps are deceiving because you can get caught up in the game and forget how much you spend...easy to pay three times as much as Oblivion, or Witcher, or Fall Out...so many great games worthy of the price. If I try to budget as I felt some free games deserve our support, I budget what I feel they are worth only to discover that it gets more expensive as you upgrade. Then the con becomes transparent. Time for app games to charge a one time fee period...like the old days. I do not appreciate being taken advantage of...I despise greed....I hate seeing the faces of the developers laughing on the way to their bank with our hard earned wages in my head...don't you agree?