European O2 and Vodafone Galaxy S III owners, it's finally your turn to check out Jelly Bean first hand. Following last week's updates on Hutchison Whampoa networks (Three/3/H3G), now O2 and Vodafone joined the party and started pushing out Android 4.1.1 to Galaxy S IIIs in at least the following locations:

  • O2: United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Vodafone: United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany

The Vodafone launch started today right on schedule, as per this post from a few days ago.

The O2 rollout was scheduled to begin on the 19th of October, but was delayed until today, the 22nd, as confirmed by several updates to this blog post on O2's forums:

image sgs3

Watch out for the update notification in the next few days or load up Kies for instant gratification. As usual, you can also grab the full 4.1.1 OS images flashable with Odin at unofficial fan sites SamMobile or Samsung-Updates.

image image

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  • Dinofan01

    Question to all US GS3 owners: How annoying is it to see all these European JB updates?

    • dianofan01

      not at all. Custome JB ROMS are already better, so why even bother?

  • http://twitter.com/arghness Alex

    Same question for UK unbranded S3 owners!

    • JeremieCote

      I bought the UK unbranded s3 even though I live in Canada specifically to get the update first... So carriers, who must do extra firmware testing, are receiving the update before us? That's strange and disappointing.

      • Matchstick

        FWIU the carriers are demanding that Samsung NOT release the unbranded version till after all their versions have been released.

        If that is true the most disappointing bit is that Samsung haven't told the networks to get stuffed.

        • grellanl

          That's sickeningly disappointing if it's true - and I suspect it is; it's the only logical explanation.

          Another reminder to always buy Nexus, I suppose.

  • Plethora

    I guess the rest of us will be getting the JB update once Android 4.2 is announced

  • http://nurudin.jauhari.net/ Jauhari

    When asia S3 Jelly Bean will be come?

  • Tiffany Sears

    I was so hopeful a month ago. Now I think I'll be waiting post 4.2 announcement and then some for the AT&T branded S3s to get the update.

  • Dante Gonxhja

    I have an unbranded S3 which was bought in Italy and imported to Albania. I'm currently using Vodafone and I still have no update. Getting sick of all the wait.

  • Amir

    How annoying is that only the branded SIII got JB updates!?

  • Makru

    I think Jelly Bean is available for unbranded and O2 S3 in Germany too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000030478218 Patriček Panaček Gabčo

    if am from ireland 02, its in the list top 10, do i need to be unlocked?


    whan will JB be available in SOUTH AFRICA?