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Last Updated: October 22nd, 2012

One of the things that makes Fraps so popular among PC gamers is its ability to capture frames per second info in the corner of just about any game, allowing users to monitor and benchmark performance.

Bringing similar functionality to your Android device, FPS Meter shows just how many frames per second any app is running at, and by extension allows you to capture video of that performance with the recording app of your choice.

The interface is as straightforward as possible – a few options like text size, location, and transparency, and a giant button to activate the fps counter.

It's worth noting that right now FPS Meter is limited to devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and below, and will only work on rooted devices. When asked why the app was incompatible with Jelly Bean, Android Advanced Tools Team commented that it simply won't work on JB devices because of changes to the OS meant to prevent ASLR exploits (here is a good explanation), but that the team is working to bring the app to JB devices as well.

Update 10/22/12: The app should now work with Jelly Bean!

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While FPS Meter is undoubtedly a tool with niche appeal, it could prove to be a very useful $0.99 tool to those curious to monitor or benchmark real world fps performance. Just hit the widget below to grab the download.

Liam Spradlin
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  • jjrudey

    It's not free, it costs $0.99

    • Cheeseball

      What's your point? FRAPS isn't free either.

      • jjrudey

        My point is that he originally had it saying the app was free. And it's not.
        Also FRAPS is free.

        • Cheeseball

          FRAPS is not free. You need to pay to remove the watermark and record longer. http://www.fraps.com/buy.php

          • Simon Belmont

            This. You got a reply in before I did.

            Seeing that watermark always annoys me a little. Heh.

          • jjrudey

            That's not what I'm talking about. You said it isn't free. There is, in fact, a free version. Whether it have watermarks or no recording at all, it is free.

          • Simon Belmont

            I see you're going through and down rating all of our posts. Cool story, bro.

            You can get FRAPS for free or you can pay to remove the watermark. So you're both right. How's that for diplomacy? Cheers.

          • Cheeseball

            The functionality of the paid version of FRAPS is similar to the functionality of this 0.99 cent app. FRAPS isn't free for the paid version, but it is for the trial version. Again, what is your point?

          • jjrudey

            The free version of FRAPS has an fps counter.

  • gh

    that already exists in the settings

    • evulhotdog

      Where does this exist in the settings? Just checked on EOS 4.1.2 latest nightly, no options in dev options

  • Barton82

    It's compatible with Galaxy S II i9100 and Galaxy Nexus i9250, but not Galaxy S III i9300 which is my main device.

  • GraveUypo

    wow it's not even free.
    no thanks

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. God forbid anyone who puts time and effort into developing an app make any money.

      It's sad that the mentality is everything should be free. I proudly pay developers who make good apps that I use often.

      • GraveUypo

        two things:
        1- i'm a developer. you don't have to tell me.
        2- learn sarcasm.

        • GazaIan

          If that was sarcasm then I don't think you know what sarcasm really is

          • GraveUypo

            what? that was the very definition of sarcasm. maybe YOU should look it up.

        • Simon Belmont

          Cool, I'm a developer too. I detected no sarcasm in your post, man.

          Maybe a "/s" would have helped a little. Just a thought.

          • GraveUypo

            maybe but sarcasm no longer works if you have to explain it.

            and how can you not detect it? who the hell says "wow, it's not ̲e̲v̲e̲n̲ free", as in expecting MORE than free? maybe "it's not free", but not EVEN free? come on...

          • Cheeseball

            Welcome to the Internet... WHERE EVERYTHING IS TEXT.

            Note: Mass-Capitalization used to denote mindless yelling and driving an obvious point.

          • GraveUypo

            whatever. this has deviated a bit too much from the original topic. let's drop it


    awesome thanks for adding this! always wanted something like this.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el Noel Barcellos

    It's not compatible with jellybean yet.

  • http://twitter.com/TheAndroidizen TheAndroidizen

    Pointless if it dosent work on JB

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.williams.980 Richard Williams

    Not compatible with either my Nexus 7, GS3 or Jellybean? :(

    I've wanted an FPS counter for Android for a long time, so I'll keep an eye on this and gladly pay for it, but I hope it becomes compatible soon!

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    added to my wishlist until it comes to JB,

  • Developer

    New version supports Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now! Already in Play store.

  • Slighter

    why the fuck does anyone care if a/the game plays well? Is there a free hummer contest out there for fastest phone most frames, ffs get drunk get laid then repeat then see if you give a fuck

  • Dhruv

    Ok free or not free (its free now) doesnt matter. I just dont want to root my phone :( Is there any other counter available which can work without rooting my phone? Its a new phone, i paid a lot of money for it, and I cant see the warranty disappearing before my eyes. Thumbs up to the developer but I wouldnt mind paying extra if he could develop one that would work on non rooted phones as well.