The notorious @evleaks Twitter account is at it again, and this time it's showing off specs and an image of the purported LG Nexus 4. There really isn't any new information here, but this lines up with all the previous rumors we've heard over the last several weeks:

  • 4.7" 1280x768 display
  • Quad-core APQ8064 CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB/16GB on-board storage
  • 8MP rear shooter, 1.3MP front
  • 2100mAh battery
  • 9.1mm thick
  • Android "JB MR1"


Given evleaks' previous accuracy, combined with current rumors, it's probably safe to say that this is the real deal. If I were a betting man, I'd be willing to place a wager that this is exactly what we'll see from El Goog on October 29th. I guess we'll know for sure in ten days.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Keith0606

    i don't think those specs could be right why would they make a 1080x768 resolution display? Maybe that's just a typo?

    • http://www.theultralinx.com Oliur Rahman (UltraLinx)

      Thinking the same thing. Very odd resolution from the standard 1280x720.

      • Guest

        Unless you include the 48 pix of software buttons...then it's not odd at all.

    • http://twitter.com/PetrBa Petr Bažout

      Display resolution is standard 1280x768. it's only mistake in article. That device name is horrible :D

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      'Twas a typo. Should be 1280x768, ;)

      • Guest

        That typo was obvious. I was referring to 768 instead of 720. Not that I know anything about standard resolutions...

        • ericl5112

          768 is legit. It's a somewhat standard resolution, but a lot less common than most.

    • Sven Enterlein

      Maybe that's to account for the on screen buttons?

      • ericl5112

        The extra 48 pixels are along the short side, but the buttons take up space along the long side.

        • Sven Enterlein

          You can see that I own an Android tablet haha!

  • mog386

    Whelp, here's hoping that there is more than one nexus phone...

    • Marc R.

      That rumor has already been proved as a fake.

      • Keith0606

        did you see the Google+ annoucement on the galaxy nexus account? Google said something like "dear galaxy nexus" happy 1 year bday get ready to meet your new little brother(s). So there is still hope in my book.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

          That's an unofficial account.

        • Hidetomaru

          Galaxy Nexus "UNNOFICIAL FAN PAGE". fixed.

        • peacekeeper05

          Not official. It's not in any way affiliated with Google.

      • ericl5112

        Oh, what proof? The GNex account was fake. I haven't seen any proof that the rumor is fake.

        • Greyhame

          My thought is, how can there be multiple Nexii if they call this Nexus 4? Doesn't leave much room for other Nexus devices (what would they be called? Nexus 5? 6?). Now if that name doesn't stick, there might still be a chance.

          • bloomtronzero

            I could see the HTC Nexus 5(as in inches) still happening, but despite my want for an HTC Nexus, I don't think there should be. It'd be fine if there were a bunch of Nexuses, but if there's only 2, and one of them is pushing on phablet? That'd be weird. I don't think there should be a big push for a phablet Nexus, regardless of how popular the GNote was, unless it's one of many.

            That said, it probably won't happen anyways.

          • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

            HTC Nexus is a possibility

          • bloomtronzero

            A really slim one at the moment. The LG Nexus is, at the very least, taking centre stage.

          • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif
          • bloomtronzero

            There is almost nothing to support that. All we know is that HTC has a 5" phone. It says 'with Google' on the back, but so do quite a few phones out there. I doubt the Nexus 4 will when released, it will probably say 'Google' or 'Nexus.'

            It's possible with prior rumours that HTC floated this phone as a possible Nexus, but lost out to LG. But, again, no evidence anywhere for anything.

          • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

            No recent phone has "with Google" branding, not even Motorola's phones.
            All Nexus Devices will now come with Nexus branding.
            It will be interesting if there's no leaks about HTC Nexus & suddenly they announce it! :D

          • bloomtronzero

            Well that was pretty well the only bit of evidence the people in that link gave, so that's done. Maybe there will be an HTC 5" Nexus based on that thing, but it's pure speculation. I'd call it slim chances, to none. I wouldn't call the Butterfly and indication just yet.

          • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

            I'm sure Google would love to bring this powerhouse to the Nexus family. Nexus is going towards consumer level now.

          • marcusmaximus04

            There's already 2: The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

          • bloomtronzero

            Allow me to specify: Nexus phones. Of which there's only ever been one at a time. I could see also having 2 tablets concurrently(budget 7 inch, high-powered 10 inch). Phones, though, having one standard and one phablet? I think it might be a bit early to have a phablet Nexus alongside one standard Nexus. If Nexus were merely a category, and the phablet being one of a bunch of varieties, fine. But with only 2 Nexus phones at once? It'd be kinda weird.

          • Matthew Fry

            Why not just LG Nexus 4, HTC Nexus 4, Samsung Nexus 4, etc?

          • MikeCiggy

            Oh god that would be a huge mistake!!

          • QwietStorm

            Well the Nexus 7 seems to have been given a pass to cut the line then. It could just be a name and that's it. And Nexus 4 sounds a lot better and more marketable than Nexus 4.712

          • MikeCiggy


      • mog386

        I wasn't referring to any rumor... I was stating that I was hoping there would be more than this dud of a phone...

        The only thing that makes this anywhere near better than my GNex (for me) is the processor... but it's fucking useless to have better graphics if the damn thing can't install more than 10 apps without running out of space... And while the optics may be better, I rarely use my phone for the camera so it's pointless to me...

      • thistimearound

        Interestingly enough, the original rumor was 4-5 Nexus DEVICES, not phones. Nexus 7 8/16/32gb and an LG Nexus 4 8/16gb make 5, count 'em f-i-v-e, devices. Sadly, that rumor is spot on.

    • coversnails

      If there was going to be more then one nexus we'd have heard about it by now. Every phone gets leaked these days especially if there is a lot of interest in it. LG has been getting s load of publicity by having there name associated with the Nexus leak, other manufacturers would have 'accidentally' leaked by now too if they were coming out.

      • mog386

        That's why I said hoping... I know it's a long shot at this point...

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phillip-Martin/100000077199240 Phillip Martin

          Why would they release two? The spec's on this one are fine, what more could you want?

  • Marc R.

    I stopped taking those rumors as facts (at least for the next two weeks) until the Google event at 29th of october. Then we will see whether there will be a new NExus phone or not, what specs it will have and and and...

    • Sven Enterlein

      Apparently you didn't stop or else you wouldn't comment here ;) But I get what you're saying!

      • Marc R.

        I didn't say that I stopped reading them ;)

        • Sven Enterlein

          Apparently I can't read, d'oh! Sorry mate!

  • John

    I love that I'm still 99% content with my current phone(gnex). All I cared about is my batt life, and I just put in a 3800 to take care of that. New phone looks good I guess, but I still wish the LG Nexus batt was a bit more. Oh well...we all know they won't make the perfect phone for $$ reasons.

  • Chris Webster

    Yea, I'm not going to get this while the Butterfly is on the loose

    • Evostance

      Butterfly is Japan only

      • Kory Rice

        that won't stop people from ordering it and using it wherever they can

      • ericl5112

        Right, because HTC is going to hold such a major flagship to one country.

    • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

      If Butterfly becomes a Nexus then take my money!

    • peacekeeper05

      Yeah, the 5-inch, quadcore, 1080p phone with only 2000 mAh of battery. That should last you only 2 hours of on-screen time.

      • Chris Webster

        There's these things called chargers, some people actually use them. Also, I root and UC so I can even get 2 days out of my HTC Evo 3D

  • Derek Duncan


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000061784994 Shen Chen

    What's wrong the name "LG Nexus 4"?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      The Nexus 7 is named such because of its 7-inch display. This phone doesn't keep the same naming convention and is named "4" because it's the fourth iteration in the series. Just doesn't make sense.

      • Marc R.

        Well, it has a _4_.7" display. Doesn't that qualify for the name "Nexus 4"? ;)

      • Derek Duncan

        i mean, technically no, but Nexus 4 makes sense. 4th Nexus, 4-ish inch screen

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

          OK, I'll give you that. But the progression still doesn't make sense. Nexus One > Nexus S > Galaxy Nexus >...Nexus 4? Still doesn't add up.

          • ericl5112

            Nexus One>...Nexus S? Nexus S>...Galaxy Nexus? Galaxy Nexus>...Nexus 4? The only naming convention across generations is a lack of one. Not sure why another name that doesn't follow last years "convention" (if one device can be called that), name is so confusing.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

            No one said it's confusing. Only that it doesn't make sense and it's not good.

          • ericl5112

            Talk about pedantic. In fact, I'd say my wording makes more sense, unless you an 100% confirm the exact reason for what the name is so you can say for sure that it does not, in fact, make no sense. Since I believe you can't do that, confusing is the better term.

            You are trying to argue a point that is pretty poorly done, but can't seem to let it go. What naming convention given the past 3 nexus phones, would you expect them to follow? You seem to see a pattern that I certainly don't, as you had no problem (according to your previous comment, if we are being pedantic), with the names Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus.

          • bloomtronzero

            If anything, I'd say that's Samsung's fault for refusing to call their first one 'Nexus Two.'

          • blix247

            Maybe they are finally trying to create some consistency. If next years model is also called the nexus 4 (assuming it clocks in under 5), then I can get behind the convention. Especially since its unlikely a future nexus 5 would be exactly 5 inches, or a future nexus 10 would be exactly 10 inches.

          • Simon Belmont

            Why doesn't it add up? It's the fourth Nexus phone.

            Hence, Nexus 4. I makes perfect sense to me.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Well, yes, if you ignore that rounding up exists as a thing. Listen, they can call it whatever they want, but I'm with Cameron as to the scheme: it doesn't make sense.

          You can come up with as many ways to justify it as you like - it's the 4th Nexus phone, 4.7" has a "4" in it, it has 4 cores - whatever. Hell, let's call it the Nexus 4^3. Just like people are justifying the "iPhone 5" name (which makes NO sense), people are going to justify this. And they're going to force it to make sense because clearly if Google thinks it should be called the Nexus 4, it should be called the Nexus 4, because we love Google and Android and so we should love the names of their products.

          If you have to think about it for more than 5 seconds for the name to "make sense," the name doesn't *really* make sense. It's just a name, and they chose some arbitrary factor that led them to it. I would have been all for Nexus G, Optimus Nexus, or even Nexus 4.7 (at least it'd fit with the Nexus 7 at that point).

          But Google chose Nexus 4, for god knows what reason, even after they specifically said "there won't be a Nexus Two" and swore off the numerical generation naming scheme, but whatever. Who cares what it's called: it's the new Nexus. Now sit down and wait for October 29th so we can all forget that we were ever arguing about how dumb this dumb name is.

          • PhilNelwyn

            First of all, the name's not official yet...
            And Cameron didn't say "the scheme doesn't makes sense," he said that this phone's name is "godawful" and doesn't make sense because it doesn't keep the same naming convention as the Nexus tablet...
            The scheme actually doesn't make sense because there's no Nexus 2 nor Nexus 3, but to call the 4th Nexus phone "Nexus 4" would make perfect sense.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

            If you really wanna get down to analyzing it, Cameron asked in the AP chat for a way to improve on the otherwise bland headline "LG Nexus Outed (Again) By Evleaks." To which I offered the suggestion that became the headline. We all had a good laugh and, as happens far too much at this job, people took me seriously enough to run with my ideas.

            Truth is, the name doesn't make sense. Most phone names don't make sense. We've held on to the hope that, at least, the Nexus line would make some kind of sense (so far each name has had some significance: "One" was the first, "S" and "Galaxy" both were spin offs of the Galaxy S line with a Nexus slant, and "7" was the premier 7" slate that offered a brand new look at how Android might exist on smaller tablet form factors). We just expected more from Google and LG this time around.

            Is it a huge deal? No. If it ends up being called the Nexus 4, no one will really bat an eye. Of course, that's not really why we get bent out of shape. We get upset over crappy naming schemes because sure, they work now, but in the future, they're going to become a mess. Like the Galaxy S III Mini, or the HTC One X+ or the Sony Xperia TX, which is distinct from the Xperia T. It's so confusing. We all want to see manufacturers, carriers, and Google make these phone names less dumb and more easy to understand for consumers. Sure, the Nexus 4 will be easy enough by itself to understand and, as part of the Nexus brand it's alright on its own. But it's still adhering to bad practice. Which is to say, inconsistent practice without rhyme or reason.

          • PhilNelwyn

            "Truth is, the name doesn't make sense."
            Well, IMO it does.
            As you said, "Nexus One" had significance because it was the first, so I can't see how calling the 4th Nexus phone "Nexus 4" doesn't make as much sense, that's totally contradictory.
            And even if it doesn't make sense to you, is it that awful?
            How much more than "Nexus One?"

            "We just expected more from Google and LG this time around."
            It's a bit too early to say that.

            I completely agree with you about bad naming and inconsistency, but to me "Nexus 4" wouldn't be the worst name in the Nexus range...
            As you said, there are two Samsung Nexuses, one with the Galaxy brand, one without. Is it really better?
            And there's what is IMO the worst one: the only device with its name matching its screen size, the Nexus 7.
            What if they want to launch a new 7" tablet? Will it be the "new Nexus 7?" The "Nexus 7 AndChangeIDidntCountExactly?"
            Besides, it prevents the return to the consistent naming convention that numbers could and should have been from the start. Because of it, now, naming the next one "Nexus 4" wouldn't make any s... uh, wait a minute... ;)

          • ericl5112

            The question is, how many names really make sense, if you analyze them? The Galaxy S, what does that mean, for example. Names that you an pinpoint the exact meaning to in under 5 seconds is pretty limited. Heck, lets take a name like nexus. To me, that makes sense, it's where hardware and software meet. What portion of the population would say that in 5 seconds. iPhone, how many people could say what that means in 5 seconds. Droid, what's up with that, it's just a truncated version of Android, and you seem to disagree with truncation. The list goes on.

            Why bother though. Your last few sentences are pretty classic child arguing tactics (which is sad, since that's not what I saw going on here).

          • mog386

            In defense of both Apple and Google (as well as other companies)... The names of devices are marketing names... They have never been nor will ever be an indication of genation. That is why the iPhone 5 name makes sense (iPhone, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5). Next iPhone will probably be the "5s". If it just so happens that it coincides with the generational number all the better. But again it is a marketing name/number first and foremost

        • Jameslepable

          Should be lg nexus g. Or optimus nexus. The nexus brand so far has been incorporated into which mainstream device it has been based on. That is where the name sake should be from.

        • Sean Livingston

          lol, its just a name. Name could be LG optimus 4 Nexus for all I care; I'm just going to call it "LG Nexus" or something shorter anyway, or "the new Nexus" or, the nexus when anyone asks, or I'mma just show my iphone friends the phone and not answer the question. lol

      • PhilNelwyn

        For now the 7 is the only Nexus device whose name matches the screen size, I wouldn't call that a naming convention...

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667020551 Jose Torres

        Agree, does not make sense that a Nexus 7 came before a Nexus 4. They now need to come up with a better name within the next 3 generations...

        • PhilNelwyn

          You agree?
          If the "naming convention" is related to the screen size, then it has nothing to do with which device came first.

      • ericl5112

        Follows the naming convention well enough. I'd rather them truncate to the integer, than call it the Nexus 4.7. Also, I like how you, who as far as I know aren't a Google employee, are confirming their reasons behind the name.

        I'm hoping that means that they have maybe a Nexus 5 from HTC as well. It's a good naming convention, and putting decimals in it would make it that much worse.

      • bloomtronzero

        It could make sense if they kept '4' as an indicator of size, and then named every phone from here on out the Nexus 4.

        Ex: The 2013 Nexus 4 by LG
        The 2014 Nexus 4 by HTC(if only)

        etc, etc. Do the same with the Nexus 7 and 10.

        • Pabel

          Given that the Nexus 4 shows bugger-all imagination in design, and a laughable lack of appreciation for peoples real world needs (8gb of memory....seriously, who's going to be dumb enough to buy that version?), are you really surprised they can't even come up with a decent name for it?
          I'll be sticking with my Galaxy Nexus till something more tempting comes along I think!

      • Vilkku

        I thought Nexus 7 was a homage to the Nexus 6 from Blade Runner, TIL :D

        • bloomtronzero

          Really, the whole Nexus line is. Androids called Nexus.

      • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

        Take out the .7 and it's 4

      • ssj4Gogeta

        Yeah, because Nexus One had a 1" screen :P

        • Simon Belmont

          Haha. Exactly.

          I said the same thing above before I saw your comment. Well done, sir.

      • Simon Belmont

        The Nexus One didn't have a 1 inch display either. I don't think Nexus 7 should mandate the nomenclature for all Nexus devices from here on in.

        Maybe only Nexus tablets will use the number as a screen measurement. Phones will use the number iteratively.

  • http://twitter.com/Dr_MBambi Moaz Bambi

    Lower res than GNex?!

    LG is doing it wrong..

  • Sven Enterlein

    I might have missed it but is there a microSD slot?

    • Sqube

      There isn't one. Google has already stated that they're not going to put microSD slots in their Nexus devices anymore.

      • Nigel Wong

        then they really dropped the ball with only 16gb. With games like Bard's tale 32GB is minimum these days.

        • peacekeeper05

          who knows. Why are talking like these are all official specs.

    • BrianLipp

      Nexus devices dont and wont have expandable storage

      • Sven Enterlein

        Thanks guys. I feared I missed something big :(

  • shad

    Whats that cpu? No name?
    Im glad the design is the same as the nexus, still dont like that its made by LG.
    Those 8gbs and 2100mah could be better as well...

    • peacekeeper05

      The CPU is Qualcomm's S4 pro. It's a quadcore cortex A15-class processor made from 28nm technology. It's considered as a second generation quadcore. It's a more powerful chip than tegra 3 and the Exynos 4 found on the Galaxy S3.

  • Nigel Wong

    i have to say this looks SO BORING. I want nexus device based on HTC Butterfly.

    • peacekeeper05

      yeah and have a really terrible battery life. The 1080p 5-inch screen and the quadcore will eat the 2000mAh battery of the Butterfly in just an hour or two.

  • Robin C. M. Staple

    Who would buy this over a Galaxy Nexus which can be obtained on eBay UK for £280? I will wait for the 2013 Nexus before I upgrade.

    • peacekeeper05

      Me! are you seriously asking that? Although the Galaxy Nexus is cheaper. The New Nexus is better in every possible way. The S4 pro, Adreno 320, 2 GB of ram are good enough reasons to buy this phone. Have you seen the Optimus G's review. All the reviewers were impressed how snappy the phone is eventhough it;s only on ICS. Some reviewers even hailed it as the fastest and smoothest Android phone. Imagine what could Android 4.2 could do with that hardware specs.

  • krismith

    Swear yinz people complain about anything. Nothings ever good enough. Yinz sound like a bunch of women. That being said, go make me a damn sandwich and shut up! "What a crappy name!" (In my sarcastic voice)..... get a life you turds!

    • bloomtronzero

      You had me until it turned outrageously sexist.

      I like the name. But the women thing? Come on man, make your point, and then explain it. No one takes the point of view seriously once it's attached to women-bashing nonsense.

  • Nick D

    Why's everyone complaining about the name? A Nexus by any other name would still smell as sweet. At this point I just don't think there's a single naming convention that could possibly be used on Android. Even if you give every product line a name and stick with it, and each product line gets numbers, you would still eventually end up with the One X+ 2 and the Galaxy S4 Mini Plus.

    I want one. I want one whether it's the LG Nexus 4.7 HD 4G or the LG [whatever adjective Samsung haven't used yet] or the LG Nexus AAARHGHGHGHGH. Come to think of it, the Nexus Growl sounds like it would be badass.

    • bloomtronzero

      Agreed. I like the simple 'Nexus 4' a lot more than 'Galaxy Nexus' or its natural continuation, 'Optimus Nexus'. Those versions kinda put the Nexus brand as secondary, when it deserves a bit more than that.

  • Alchemy08

    9.1mm for the LG Nexus 2100 mAh

    8.9mm for the Galaxy Nexus 1750 mAh
    9.5mm for the Galaxy Nexus(LTE) 1850 mAh

    I wonder what Google was thinking when going with LG...SMH. Yea has the quad-core and slighty higher screen res. But I see nothing compelling

    • ericl5112

      I don't understand these people. Making an 8GB version is insulting, even when it's almost guaranteed that they sell something bigger, and may not even sell the 8GB. I'm the one shaking my head.

      Then, what do you look for in a phone? Improved screen? Better camera? Larger battery (with hopefully better life)? Faster processor? Better GPU? More RAM? The LG Nexus has all that over the GNex. What are you looking for in an exciting phone? I'm excited simply to try LG. I've heard great things about the hardware, with only software holding them back. This is a chance to get away from that problem.

      • peacekeeper05

        I agree. People are trashing the Nexus 4 because it is made by LG and not their favorite Samsung or HTC. It's quite sad actually.

  • Nessie

    I used to get excited about new nexus devices but this one so far is leaving me underwhelmed, I don't see anything that makes it exciting. That added with no hope of ever having more than 16 gee bees on board just leaves me hoping for another vanilla android device that looks better with more storage or SD support. And to the inevitable replies of "why do you need more than 16gb, use the cloud" UK networks arnt reliable enough, there's always a black spot or just very poor signal areas that won't allow me to use the cloud.

    • ericl5112

      They had a 32G GNex. What are the odds they go backwards and don't offer a 32GB at all? If anything, they will make 32GB more available than before.

    • peacekeeper05

      ? complaining over a rumors and non-official specs? I will not give you a cookie because of that

  • Michel

    Are there any plans for a 32 gig verison? I don't understand why Google always releases devices with such memory specs... I mean, Nexus devices are great, but only 16GB? Seroiusly? It'd be so goddamn easy to make a 32GB version, wouldn't it?

    • peacekeeper05

      These are just rumors. Only Google knows.

  • Sef

    I'm sure someone has said it, but they should call it the "Nexus Quad".

  • lolobabes

    what a piece of crap!

  • JC

    8/16 with no expandable storage? No thanks. They can talk about the cloud all they want, but until the cloud works in rural areas with a slow connection and no WiFi, no dice. Shame, too. I'll stick with my S III and a 64gb card.

  • googleymoogley

    so they just re-released the same info but all these peepz on here are spazzing out like it's the official business? god bless the interwebs

  • JoeInMO

    I keep hearing it called the LG Optimus Nexus as the retail name. GSM/LTE only... no CDMA version so neither Spring nor Verizon will see this phone.

  • mgamerz

    They are really going to piss people off with that storage size. I would definitely pass on it since there is no expandable storage.

  • Derek B

    The Nexus 4 name is somehow bad but the iPhone 5 name gets you all tingly inside? Idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DoUknoGREG Gregory Cabral

    I feel like my S3 still has better specs than this. Google, you have disappointed me. Hoping for another Samsung or HTC Nexus. *Crosses Fingers*

    • peacekeeper05

      how? This phone has better specs than the S3 in almost every possible way.

      • http://www.facebook.com/DoUknoGREG Gregory Cabral

        No SD card? No removeable battery? The only thing i see "Better" here are the quad cores. other than that everything else is the same. i could live with the non-removeable battery. But no SD card? nope, sorry

        • peacekeeper05

          Not supporting SD cards are actually good. It's faster, more stable and more secure. You can use the full storage as EXT 4. The whole storage for the apps because there is no partition too.

          The screen is better, the build materials and build quality looks better, the RAM, the battery, the OS is better.

  • peacekeeper05

    Nexus 4 is actually good. It's quite easy to distinguish it. It's simple and Short. I'd rather have that than Nexus Optimus

    • Freak4Dell

      Agreed. The name makes absolutely no sense when you think of it as referring to the size (like the Nexus 7 and supposedly the Nexus 10), but it's still a way better name than Nexus Optimus, or Nexus Optimus G, or Galaxy Nexus, or whatever other stupid name these companies would have come up with.

  • Tatsuya

    I had a dream where I could do everything offline!
    I had a slot on my device to add more space and I didn't care if connectivity worked or not!
    Everything was fast, used less battery and it was more reliable!

    Then I woke up and realised it was the past.
    Thanks Google for forcing us to a stupid future where we would need you for anything (chromebook) and will have to pay regularly in the end for your services.

    Samsung is selling the most with: a modern device + miscro-sd slot + removable battery.
    Google doesn't really want to sell hardware.

    • Michel

      either they really don't want to sell hardware or they're just ignorants. You are SO right.

    • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

      Leaving aside if you are right or wrong, are you really so confident that you are right and Google is wrong? Just because something is right for you doesnt make something different wrong.

      • Tatsuya

        There is no "right or wrong" here. I just say there is a strategy.
        And I'm not happy because I'd like to buy a Nexus device (for clean AOSP) and each time we face the same strategic limitations.

  • nsnsmj

    I don't think Nexus 4 is the actual name. I believe some retailers refer to the Nexus S as the Samsung Nexus 2, so I wouldn't put too much weight behind the name of this. Also, it has 8GB of storage because it is a prototype. The G-Nex had 8GB prototypes as well, but there was no version of it that released with that amount. That said, it's also possible that the battery could be increased on the final version. They could have just used a smaller one since it costs less, and sure low cost is the reason the storage amount is low on this PROTOTYPE.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    I stopped reading at 8GB/16GB on-board storage. seriously, this better be the test phone and the real phone better come with 32gb

  • mikeym0p

    To the people upset about what seems to be only one Nexus. Be glad LG is giving us a killer chipset. Both the Nexus S and the Gnex used current chipsets at the time so they fell behind in raw power fairly quickly. I'm so happy this phone has the S4 pro, LG is pushing the envelope and I'm happy that the new Nexus will be plenty powerful for the next fiscal year.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    Why cant they just call it Nexus G or something? I hate sequels on phones. It just sounds and looks stupid. It weird to say. Just give it a letter and it should be straight. I really dont like the way this phone looks and im hoping the camera isnt doo doo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000338649747 Omario Amriky

    JB MR1 = API 17 = Android x.x.x > Android 4.1.2
    Refer to http://developer.android.com

  • http://twitter.com/Pascalwb Pascal

    Dont't like samsung design, Optimus G looks better, but it's LG so, Nexus is better.

  • xx00xx

    8 and 16 gb storage??? It is worthless, i have music over 10 gb, then there are video and movies(what the purpose of being able to play any format of video when there is no space at all??) and then there are all those new games that has 1 to 2 gb of data....why god why....

    Google,do you remember floppy device?
    google if you want u can reinvent floppy device and give us 4 mb.

    i know u want us to stream everything but its crappy as hell, i dont want my data to not be with me,I will never ever use cloud( Do u like when i have something you own and have to constantly ask me to use what u own???)

    I hate cloud.. when i see cloud i carry a umbrella, i dont embrace it and get soaked when coming back from work..

    • xx00xx

      and u can name it anything u want.. call it butterfly nexus 99 but give enough space..(32gb at least)

  • http://www.facebook.com/wrg25 Will Gonzalez

    Good...... N4 my money is waiting

  • Bruno Pedro

    I'm gonna pass on this phone

  • ssj4Gogeta

    Please, oh please have a 32GB version.

  • Peter Llewelyn

    I think the storage is a deal breaker for me. Other than that it does look lovely

  • http://twitter.com/thezymo zymo

    8GB is just a joke! Why don't you just offer more storage options like 32 or even 64Gb and let the consumer decide which one to buy.

  • shamu11

    awful name? I don't think its that bad?

  • Bleakvision

    For the record, I like the name.

  • http://profiles.google.com/charitojohn John charitos

    very tempting to upgrade from my gnex , but i think will wait for 32 gig version if ever one comes out . 16gigs on my gnex and it's always full.

  • Semianonymous

    Its funny, Samsung specifically avoided naming their first nexus the Nexus 2, because they didn't want to be thought of as number 2

    I guess LG is ok with being number 4

  • http://ootpapps.com/ Out of the Park Apps

    Battery, meh, camera, meh.

  • LanceMiller

    Would it cost them that much to get rid of the 8gb & just offer a 16gb & a 32gb model. I really will never understand how anyone could think that 5.4gb of accessible ram is sufficient.

  • hitesh jaina

    I have a Nexus 5 (32 GB) and really love it! It is just the
    right size and weight, and has an awesome HD screen and a powerful processor. I
    hope the Nexus 6 will not be any bigger (like have a 5.5" screen) as this
    would be a show stopper for me.

    My wishlist for the Nexus 6 :

    - better battery (that lasts longer)

    - better camera (at least 13 or 16 Megapixels)

    - no bigger that the Nexus 5 (which is my personal size limit)

    - LTE (of course!)

  • hitesh jaina

    Google always known for his best specs and cheap price as they did in Nexus 5,I can expect same from Nexus 6.it is rumor that it might come in more advance features then nexus 5 as mention in http://newnexus6.com/google-specs-images/

  • http://nexus6google.com/ Manish Balyan

    I think this is a fake rumor and now we all must look forward to see the most awaited smartphone Google Nexus 6. As google officially announced to launch this device we all are waiting to see it and you can check all the news here http://nexus6google.com also provide your feedback.

  • championsyedm

    Google Nexus 5 Specs