It may be pretty hard for Apple to get away from the ruling that it has to state publicly on its website and in advertisements that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. An appeals court has ruled that the previous sentence should still be in place. The judges stated that, if Apple wasn't the one to clear up the confusion, the damage caused by the lawsuits all over Europe would be irreparable to Samsung.

Said the judges:

The acknowledgment must come from the horse's mouth. Nothing short of that will be sure to do the job completely.

The one thing the appeals court did change is that the web-based disclaimer doesn't need to take up a large amount of real estate on Apple's homepage, and instead a simple link to "Samsung/Apple judgment" will suffice. The link will be required to stay up for a one-month period. This is likely a nice respite for Apple, as the company already can't be too keen on saying nice things about a competitor it so ravenously dislikes.

At this point, Apple doesn't have much left in the way of getting out of this sentence. They can still appeal to the UK Supreme Court, but it's a little unclear if it would even hear the case, much less if it would offer a different opinion than the lower courts. Otherwise the company will be required to issue print ads in the Daily Mail, Financial Times, T3 Magazine as well as some other outlets, in addition to its UK website.

Grab your popcorn.

Source: BBC

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/Darkmyth_pt Darkmyth PT

    where can we see such ads?

    • DroidBricker

      I'm sure they'll be hard to miss if & when they happen!

      • http://twitter.com/Darkmyth_pt Darkmyth PT

        ohh i misunderstood.. i thought they were already playing

    • Harjit Sahota

      It will only be on apple's british website ( http://www.apple.co.uk)
      Major british newspapers and magasines

  • Sean Livingston


  • NexusKoolaid

    Poetic justice!

  • http://twitter.com/mfr118 Michael Ruocco

    Is there a link or screen shot of the disclaimer?

  • alex


    • Logan B.

      Browsing AP during an operation? That's some real dedication!

    • LazarusDark

      *sings*: "Living with a Hernia..."

  • jack

    Samsung are winning more cases and more appeals. I saw the Samsung and I saw the Apple. It's clear to these judges as it is to me that they didn't copy Apple. When Samsung wins the US appeal, it'd be nice to see similar results.

    • mesmorino

      You mean if they win. Between the patents office and the justice system (and the dumbest jury this side of Bella Swan) Samsung's chances aren't too great.

      • Andy_in_Indy

        Samsung already won this case (Galaxy Tab vs. iPad) in the US. It was the iPhone patents that it lost.

    • Duncan Booth

      The UK case wasn't about copying. In fact the Appeal court went so far as to stress in the judgement that it wasn't about copying. It was about whether or not Samsung had infringed the design patent, which they could have done even if they reached an infringing design completely independently. As it happens they don't infringe on Apple's design because of significant differences such as the presence of the Samsung logo on the front.

  • http://twitter.com/BatfinkUK1 BatfinkUK1

    Lol lol lol lol

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    Steve Jobs would vowed to destroy UK after reading this.

    • Zomby2D

      He would probably have closed down the European Apple branch before publicly admitting he was wrong.

  • br_hermon

    Ohh happy day! :)

  • itznfb

    How many full rotations has Steve done in his grave so far?

    • http://twitter.com/psych2L Joseph Lee

      for the love of god somebody make a gif of that!

    • On a Clear Day

      How refreshing to see that - in addition to the courts in Japan and Korea - that respect for reality and the truth do still exist. How sad that it takes a court to point out the obvious, but as Stalin said in so many words, "If you are going to tell a lie, make it a 'really, really big' one" (we invented the rectangle and the idea of a screen inside of one). Stalin's rationale being that if you make your lie SO big, so totally preposterous and absurd that people will find it almost impossible to believe you could be lying. I wonder who Steve's heros were?

  • Bleakvision

    I don't get it. I own several Samsung products and I am willing to admit that Samsung has copied Apples iPhone. I have the og. Samsung Galaxy S which was also the most blatant rip off by far.

    The notes app, the dock, The clock App, the music player, the icons, the squares that where put behind every app icon...all things Samsung added specifically to Android to make it more similar to the iPhone.

    This ruling is shameful and gives Samsung a free pass. TouchWiz has changed a lot since then, but Samsung should not be rewarded for their previous behavior, neither should Apple be ridiculed in public for calling them out.

    Well, it all doesn't matter anymore, I'm going to get the Optimus G and let Samsung taste their own medicine. Go Optimus UI!

    • mduran1023

      If you'll take a closer look, you'll see that this ruling only applies to Samsung's Tablets, not their phones.

      Also - good luck with that LG device. I'm glad you like the software it's coming with, 'cause it'll probably never be upgraded.

      • Bleakvision

        Dammit. Missed that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/vivecuervo7 Isaac Dedini

        Wait and see, I think. LG seems to have learned a lesson, and hopefully speedy updates will be a lesson they learned. Anyway, I'm waiting for the Nexus, besides that CM would get the job done.

    • James

      haa....buthurt isheep spotted trying to save the apple.

      • Bleakvision

        No, you just witnessed an Andoid fan capable of pointing out negatives in our own ecosystem. We're a dying breed though.

    • ashlandT

      note 2 < Optimus G

    • Eye4Detail

      You should really read the source article. This isn't about copying, it's about infringement. There's a difference.

    • k2hsharpe

      i've had a palm pilot and a palm treo, seems to me that almost all of the iphone was found in these 2 devices first. Advanced technology allowed the iphone to do it better, not apple inventions or innovations. Also seems to me that apple steals through patent abuse as much as it invents in the phone market. And you.are a right plonker!

    • Droidfan

      Did you buy the Samsung because you thought it was an iPad?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

      Its human nature to take an idea and tweek it and make something new. Virtually every piece of technology is based on that from tv's, computers, even the microwave oven If you really think only the "first" of something should be, then you pretty much need to return every piece of tech you have.

  • Imran

    youtube link to the ad when it is aired please


    oh sweet justice

  • Eye4Detail

    Anyone with any interest in this case should read the BBC article in the source link. One of the quotes sums it up perfectly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1368032580 James E. Burkett

    I'm putting the ad as a banner on my Facebook page as soon as someone captures a GIF image of it.

  • Jon Garrett

    +1 for the British.

    PS. we're so very sorry for turning your colony into the world's greatest country.

    • jim bob


      • Jon Garrett

        lol, Canada is nice but i was talking about the U.S.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vivecuervo7 Isaac Dedini


      • Jon Garrett

        lol, Australia is nice but i was talking about the U.S.

        • http://www.facebook.com/vivecuervo7 Isaac Dedini

          Haha even with their awesome patenting system? :P

          • Jon Garrett

            lol, I hate our patent system, and I hate how people worship apple.

  • Macuser W. Androidphone

    I am a long time Mac user since 1987. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Gio. Waiting for the package to arrive in the mail any day soon.

    I find that Apple is really becoming everything they critisised Microsoft for being in the 90s. It is very ironic. If they really believed in their own products, they would just have let the products speak for themselves in stead of going to thermonuclear war. Apple didn't invent the tablet form factor and they didn't invent smart phones with touch screens with on-screen buttons in the shape of rounded rectangles. Yes, the products look similar and Samsung probably ripped off Apple's design, but so what? Nobody thinks that a Samsung Galaxy phone is an iPhone, if they know how to read the logos, even if the GUIs and the looks of the phones are very similar. Apple should rather focus on making something better and giving people more value for their money in their next product(s). It is just a waste of time and money for Apple (and the courts) to go to legal action all around the world. They are dragging their own brand down into a wasteland of thermonuclear winter.

    • Macuser W. Androidphone

      They really deserve this smack on their fingers, I think.

    • On a Clear Day

      There is a study from decades ago that stated that most companies that were run by charismatic leaders - once said leaders are gone - being an almost inevitable - if not inevitable - decline with the time line being about 48 months before the real winter of their downward spiral sets in.

      Apple no longer has its "genius" at the helm, but it does have so much money it thinks it is the god of the smartphone and techno firmament and as such has a divine right right to rain down upon its enemies all manner of righteous lightning strikes in defense of its honor.

      Well, fact is, history has shown that no matter how much money you may have or how much force you may choose to use to inflict an untrue idea, in the end might does not make you right and can only temporarily forestall your fall.