How far we've come since the early days of running from zombies! Why, back in my day, if we wanted to be chased by hordes of the undead, we had to actually get out of the house and run around, since GPS was the only supported method for keeping track of our progress. Now, however, the app that's designed to get you working out by forcing you to flee for your life has added accelerometer support, so treadmill runners can get in on the action. Nifty!

zombiesrun1 zombiesrun2 sombiesrun3

In addition to accelerometer mode, there is also a bit of new content. A couple more missions have been added, and now you can upgrade your buildings to level 5, so you can expand your tiny empire even more. The price is still pretty steep at $8 (unless you caught it when it was on sale), but at least this update demonstrates that the company isn't leaving you out in the cold, with nothing but a pistol, a single clip, and your wits to defend you against the day of reckoning as the dead rise to assume dominion over the earth.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    I'm very glad of this update. I bought the app for training in the gym but was disappointed to see that it didn't work properly inside it... I don't do treadmills, I run laps around the small gym space but it's not a good enough room size so that the GPS signal would pick me up accurately.

    Looking forward to trying this out tonight! :D

    • JG

      Yeah, I was debating on it & decided against getting it during the sale because I figured I'd be doing most of my running in a gym - either on a treadmill or like you, laps around a small enough area (+being inside) the phone wouldn't pick up on the movement... Don't really want to spend $8 on it though... Maybe it'll go on sale again soon, considering Halloween is approaching & to celebrate the new update?

  • ChristianAhlin

    Lost a couple of kg with this app, running 2 times a week for two months now. Really nice

  • Justin Hunt

    Wonder how well the accelerometer will work with an elliptical machine. I'll have to try it out this week.