If you were thinking about picking up one of Motorola's newest Android handset, maybe this will push you over the edge. Android tinkerer Dan Rosenberg has published a root exploit that should work on almost all of Motorola's recent devices including the RAZR M, Atrix HD, Photon Q, RAZR i, and the upcoming RAZR HD.


The exploit is exceptionally easy to run. All you have to do is get your device plugged in with USB debugging on. Download the .ZIP file from the source link below onto your Windows PC, and launch the 'run.bat' file. You will get a series of instructions guiding you through the process, but it should only take a few minutes.

Users in XDA are reporting success, but as usual, proceed at your own risk. Errors might crop up during the root that require you to do a factory reset before continuing. Backing up is always a good policy. This exploit reportedly works on the leaked Jelly Bean update Motorola is working on, but it will probably be patched down the line.

[XDA Forums; Thanks, Justin]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://twitter.com/MagicXB Nick

    Worked on my Atrix HD - this guy's my personal Android hero. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Twitteninja ZZ

    Well that's great news for the aftermarket commu....WHERES RON'S 4.2 ALPHA TEARDOWN PART 2!?!?!?! I NEED MY FIX, DAMN YOU ANDROIDPOLICE FOR HAVING THE GOOD BUSINESS SENSE TO DRAW IT OUT OVER TIME INSTEAD OF POSTING EVERYTHING IN ONE ARTIC....*cough*....excuse me. Don't know what came over me. As I was saying, great news for the Motorola aftermarket community.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo


      New installment tomorrow. (10/17)

      I promise.

      • Scott

        Ron we're all waiting =D

    • Scott

      LOL that was hilarious

  • oneillperson

    So you don't even need to know much about rooting? Just plug it in and do what it says?
    I've never looked into rooting but it would be nice to remove the bloatware...

  • Freak4Dell

    I knew it would get done eventually. Now I just have to wait for TBH or somebody else to get these running on US GSM networks, and I'm back to square one as far as deciding between the M and i.

  • JG

    Any word on if this'll work on older devices? I'd love to get my Droid X rooted again, after I was tricked into accepting the .621 update (apparently Don't Install in landscape is the same location as Install on portrait & even though I pressed it while in landscape, the phone decided to wait till it flipped to portrait to register the touch).... Preferably without having to install the European OS just to be able to downgrade to a root-able version of Gingerbread....

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.roberts85 Timothy Roberts

    I wonder if it will work on the X2, anyone know?

    • Mack

      The Droid X2 already has a working root method.

  • dsass600


  • Mɐxʍell Foɹtuǝy

    i installed everything perfect but know when i go on my droid razr m i have superuser installed but when i try do use an application that requires root it dosent work!?!?!?! what should i do!?!?!

  • Atrix HD

    Will it work with new update jellybean