The G'zOne Command is slated to receive a small maintenance update fairly soon, according to the Verizon Support site. C771M130 is definitely not breaking any major ground, promising that the PIN unlock keyboard now displays correctly, improved keyboard accuracy, and a more sensitive proximity sensor.


As always, updated support documents don't indicate that an OTA is actively rolling out, necessarily, but that it's at least close to being released. So, tap away at that "check for updates" button over the coming weeks.

Verizon Support

David Ruddock
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  • http://www.facebook.com/ataranlen Nathan Walter Stoltenberg

    Oh boy, an update for my old phone. If VZW hadn't locked down this handset and would let us root it, I totally wouldn't have upgraded.

  • Zenoneon

    Just recieved the latest G'zone update at midnight.

  • flynhawaiian

    how do i root my casio commando