The Bard's Tale is huge in just about every way. It's a 3.5GB download (at most), it's a long, elaborate game and, until now, it was $6, which is not quite expensive, but certainly pricier than the average game. Today's sale, however, brings the cost down to an outright bargain. For $3 you can get the full Cary Elwes experience on your phone or tablet. It's almost unreasonable not to go for it.

If you're really attached to those three bucks and need some extra convincing, you can always read Ryan's review of the game here. The short version is that The Bard's Tale is entertaining, hilarious, and is a huge download. It's a minimum 1.7GB for regular devices, and, optionally, 3.5GB for anything running a Tegra 3, so make sure you're on WiFi when you install it. And grab a snack.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • tomcat84

    Since a recent update, they are offering the high-res texture 3.5 GB download to all devices, not only Tegra3!

    (Well I'm not sure if it's really ALL devices, but the changelog said so. And I was able to download it on my international Exynos SGS3 without problems.)

    The game just looks and plays great, thats all I can say! :D

  • Nathan J

    Bought. Then I realized I really don't have the space. I do a thing I call Nandroid Juggling -- I like to keep three ROMs on my phone. Well, I have 2GB free on the microSD card, and that's a damn blessing. But this is going to cut into my ability to test multiple ROMs. I think it's a great excuse to take a break with that for a while, though. JB (CM10) is pretty stable anyway. I was thinking of trying MIUI, but The Bard's Tale looks more fun. And I can get some Skyrim in while I'm downloading.

  • http://pandu.poluan.info pepoluan

    Purchased 'n' Paid!

    Now, if only I can find a superfast free wifi hotspot somewhere near... (I know of an extremely fast one, but it's an hour drive to the hotel, so...)