Sure, Google may have acquired Zagat and used the company's renowned ratings engine to start powering its data on everything from electronics stores to car washes. However, the review site got its start in restaurants way back in the day, and even after the purchase, continues to provide helpful information on every aspect of your food consumption outings. So, why not give the service its own app? Well, that's just what everyone's favorite search giant did!

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Zagat is predictably gorgeous. With Google Maps built in, it's convenient to find a restaurant near you, check its ratings, and even get photos of the place where available. For those unfamiliar with the system, each establishment gets separate scores for food, décor, and service, with an overall ranking for the place as a whole. There is even a scale for measuring how expensive the meals get.

All in all, it's a pretty nice looking app. It may be redundant info if you already use Local for finding places nearby, but if you'd like to get rid of the clutter when searching for restaurants, it'd be hard to find a prettier app than Zagat.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://profiles.google.com/ondrej.vagner Ondřej Vágner

    As long as you live in the US, UK, Canada, or Japan, as far as I can tell, yeah.

    • bloomtronzero

      Canada here.

      Nope. Incompatible with all my location.

      • http://profiles.google.com/ondrej.vagner Ondřej Vágner

        Huh. What's the point of providing info for (as per the app page) Toronto and Vancouver, which are in Canada (I believe), if you're not letting people actually use it there?

        • sky

          I assume it was in error. I expect a correction soon.. but when? I'm hungry!

  • shakerya

    There's almost this dull predictability when I see "Incompatible with all of your devices" because of location. One day, Google, one day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/princesation Prince Dela Cruz

    According to this, the closest restaurant is in the next city? Lol wth

    • Tíghearnán Carroll

      My nearest one is apparently half the country away. Google hurry up and get better support for Ireland!

  • Bryan Cantos

    Sometimes I am so glad I live in New York

    • http://twitter.com/Beckman2905 Joachim Beckman

      Please be. I hate living in Denmark when it comes to Google's services.

  • wickets

    have no interest in being part of google+ to use this app

  • ddpacino

    I could've sworn there was an app before, but you have to pay or subscribe to even use it on mobile.

  • JLishere

    Can anyone post the APK?

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    I love the look of this app. But Y U NO AVAILABLE IN INDIA Zagat? I mean, there's enough Zagat data about Indian locations on G+, so it only makes sense to roll out the app for India as well.

  • Matthew Fry

    Woah. Google is going a little overboard with the acquisitions. When did they acquire Zagat?

    edit: Apparently Sept of last year. This year, they acquired Frommer's. Sheesh!