Yesterday, Android maintainer JBQ posted up a number of binaries and Android 4.1.2 images for multiple Nexus devices. Owners of international GSM variants of the Galaxy Nexus, though, were left out on the image side. Today, both the "soju" (Nexus S) and "yakju" (Galaxy Nexus GSM) have had their factory images updated to Android 4.1.2, and you can find those images here.

Google also saw fit to finally release a factory image for the Nexus Q, though it's based on Android 4.0.4. A number of driver binaries were added today as well, specifically NFC drivers for the Nexus 7, GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus (maguro), and both the Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Nexus. These drivers allow those devices to have the same "enhanced NFC behavior" of the Nexus S - whatever that means.

You can find all of this stuff on the Google Developers site, at the source links below. You can also check out JBQ's post on the matter on the Android Building group, here.

Binaries, Factory Images

David Ruddock
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  • KreeTerry

    so the nexus q runs ICS? thats odd

    • PeterIsemann

      Why is it odd? Its not even shipped. And AFAIK Google TV was on HC many month after ICS was released.

    • Eye4Detail

      Well, it's not like it needs Google Now or rich notifications. It's a media streamer. It could probably do what it does just fine on 2.3 if it needed to.

  • Wolf M

    Why does Google hate the sojua Nexus S? Everytime it gets delayed updates...

  • Leonid Podolny

    If I just reflash my system partition with the system.img from the factory image, it will in effect update my phone to 4.1.2, right? It won't lose my settings and such, right?

    • _BolT_

      Did you get answer elsewhere?

      • Leonid Podolny

        Well, sort of, yes.
        I read about Android partitions a bit, it looked encouraging, so I just went ahead and reflashed the /system. Worked flawlessly, my phone is running 4.1.2 now.
        (FWIW, I have yakju version of the Galaxy Nexus)

        • _BolT_

          so, you did not loos your settings, apps and all. Right?

          • Leonid Podolny

            No, I didn't. But now it irrelevant -- there is an OTA image for yakju devices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/idan.yael Idan Yael

    Flashing this image on the galaxy nexus (unrooted with stock 4.1.1) will cause a data wipe ?

    • Mr_Joseph

      You have Galaxy nexus, so wait your phone will get auto the update.
      answer to your question is : no

      • http://www.facebook.com/idan.yael Idan Yael

        Searched a bit more and understood that unlocking the boot loader will cause a user data deletion (said so in several sites).. my boot loader is locked.

  • mercy

    This update deleted all photos and videos from my Motorola Xoom!

  • rodsteel

    That what up bro I try t get google play store