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Google Maps was already pretty great, with comprehensive Street View coverage in countries around the world, but it just got a little bit better thanks to the 'biggest Street View update ever', which is rolling out today.

Street View coverage has now been increased in no fewer than 11 countries, including the U.S., Britain, and Canada, with over 250,000 miles of roads being updated and added.

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The number of special collections, which allow you to see tourist attractions in countries all over the world on Street View, has also been doubled, with new locations added in South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, and more. These spots include parks, such as Stanley Park in Vancouver (above), as well as city centers, and other tourist attractions.

If you want to check out any of the new locations available on Street View, you see them on the Google Maps website, or go straight to the places that are mentioned in Google's blog post.

Source: Google Lat-Long Blog

John Thompson
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  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    Good luck catching up Apple Maps...



  • Mikael Guggenheim

    Just rub it in. :P

  • squiddy20

    I saw one of their Street View cars a few days ago. I think it was a Honda Civic or other somesuch small car (great to see it's not a gas guzzler) with Maps branding all over it and the infamous "tower of cameras". Pretty cool.

    • John

      Funny you say that. I saw one where I live too yesterday. It was on the interstate in middle of nowhere. Same type of car.

  • Kindroid

    Take the fork in the road.......

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lucian.Ere Eremia Lucian

    In the last days a Google car with camera was driving through my city, which is a small one in Romania:) They are doing a greeeeaaaaaattttt job!