We've already seen the RAZR M land on the nation's largest carrier. Now, Verizon is adding the other two RAZRs we knew were coming. The DROID RAZR HD and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, apart from single-handedly breathing new life into my caps lock key, will be arriving on October 18th. The former will run you $199 on a new two-year contract. If you're looking for some extra battery life from your kevlar-coated phone, the MAXX version will sport a hefty $299 price tag.


For those who missed it, here are the specs of the two devices:


  • 4.7" SAMOLED HD 720p display with Gorilla Glass
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor (most likely MSM8960 Snapdragon)
  • Android 4.0.4
  • Verizon 4G LTE
  • 1GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 16GB (12GB usable) internal storage for HD, 32GB (26GB usable) for MAXX HD
  • 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
  • microSD slot
  • 2500mAh battery for RAZR HD, 3300mAh for MAXX HD (21 hours talk time, 10 hours video streaming, 27 hours music steaming)
  • NFC-enabled (no mention of Wallet)

The little brother, RAZR HD, will come in both black and white options and have only 16GB of internal storage. The RAZR MAXX HD will only come in black, and has a boosted 32GB of space built in for all the media you could ever want to download.

Source: Verizon

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • T Phillips

    Way too much money. I've been following these since their announcement because the MAXX seems like it could be a perfect replacement for my aging Droid X. On screen buttons and awesome battery life are two things I specifically want in my next phone. But, now we're seeing dual core phones with a gig of ram being released as "mid-range" (Galaxy S3 Mini or Galaxy Premier) or even "budget" (LD Escape). I know they're not a direct match to the Razr's, but compare the specs and the price tags of the Razr's and, for instance, the Escape - does .3Ghz processor bump, 1100mAh more battery and 28gb more storage warrant a 6x price? That's a tough call.

    And, if you consider how close in price the RAZR HD MAXX will likely be to the quadcore/2gb RAM/awesome camera/awesome screen Note 2, the price seems even more out of bounds. I can live with the annoying button (even with the #&*%$ VZW logo in the middle of it) for specs like that.

    I stood in line for my Droid X, and it's still rockin. I wanted to love the RAZR HD. But Googorola has mispriced this one considering the specs and the competition.

    • GraveUypo

      (just a rant, don't take it personally)

      man... you guys sure have it easy. i paid the equivalent of $800 for my galaxy s3 (plus $80 for a 32gb micro sd, $30 for a cover and $75 for the hdmi-out cable so it was close to a thousand dollars total) and it was considered cheap at the time (the regular price was $1100 just for the phone)

      a few weeks later i bought a razr maxx (the old one) for my father for $300 and it was considered a steal because it's usually around $550

      and you're whining about a brand new phone being $200 and $300. man you guys sure have it easy with all those subsidies.

  • L boogie

    how much would the MAXX HD be off contract, i know someone that would luv this phone and wanted to give the person this as a surprise.... and before im asked, thought about gs3 and upcoming nexii and other phones except that waste of a fruit phone

  • mduran1023

    Honestly, I'ld only consider the Maxx for that battery.

    I really hope that Moto gets a chance to make a Nexus, and sticks one of these batteries in there as well.

  • JG

    They've almost got me sold... They need to make another sibling on this line where....

    1.) the microSD is SDXC like SG3 to support 64GB(+) cards (cloud storage is great, unless you've got a limited & often slow rural data network - and I can still use Google Play - just pin the movie/TV/music locally while on Wifi before I head out for the day)

    2.) Bump the processor up to a Snapdragon 4 Pro quad core & bump the RAM to 1.5 or 2GBs (*similar to the HTC Incredible X rumors). While they're at it, bump the screen up to 1080p with a ppi greater than iRetnia display's

    3.) Replace the Blury locked down 4.0.4 with either stock 4.1.2* OR 4.1.3* (4.1.2 + the rumored customization center that'll let me turn Blur on & off as I desire) either of which should be easily rootable [*with updates coming straight from poppa Google - now that Google owns Moto, there's no 3rd party OS/phone split so Moto phones at least should be able to update more like Apple's right??]

    4.) Since everyone loves excessively unnecessarily long names, a slight rebranding to Motorola Occam's Razr Nexus Maxx HD LTE - it has a nice ring to it (maybe a cousin Motorola Occam's iRazr Nexus Maxx HD LTE - just to irritate Apple who believe they've got a monopoly on adding i to everything)

    5.) Removable batteries could be nice (especially with a day-long battery having to wait it out when the phone totally freezes & yanking the power is the only option)