If you can say nothing else about Square Enix, the company sure is raising the bar on both Android game prices and scope. With the recent Final Fantasy ports, mobile gamers with some cash to spare have had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in mythical lands leveling up and fighting outlandish enemies. If you're looking for something in that neighborhood that you haven't played before, though, Chaos Rings has finally been ported to Android, and it looks fantastic.

Chaos Rings centers around teams of characters that all join the Ark Arena to do battle. Each person has their own plot (one, it seems, really likes the idea of immortality!) and the overall plot of the arena itself only unfolds if you've completed the individual storyline for all the combatants. If you're looking for replay value or immersion, that's one way to do it. In typical Square Enix style, and if the video is any indication, all of the graphics work has been put into the battle and cinematics engine where it belongs. Dialog is, unsurprisingly, static images with people yelling over it. If you've grown up with Final Fantasy like I have (FF7 forever!), then you should feel right at home.

chaos1 chaos2 chaos3

The game costs a substantial $13 on the Play Store right now. It looks to be supported pretty well on both phones and tablets. Be warned that the game is over 1GB in size, so make plenty of room and grab a WiFi connection before you buy.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • RedPandaAlex

    Need a review on this.

  • wolfkabal

    It might be worth mentioning that Square Enix only published this game, it's actually developed by Media. Vision - which given SE's recent releases might be a good thing. Not sure if it was a collaboration or not though. I just might be checking this one out though.

  • Matti

    I miss the days when RPGs (especially the Japanese ones) didn't include voice acting. I liked that old school feel of just reading text.

    Pricey by mobile standards. Hope it gives buyers a lot of hours. By that, I mean actual gameplay, not hours worth of CGI cutscenes like the modern PS2/PS3 type FF games..

    • Matthew Fry

      Check if there is a dialogue specific volume control and turn it off. Problem solved.

  • sync

    This is one of the proper 3D JRPG for smartphone. I played the game and I can say that its worth every penny.

  • http://twitter.com/BottleRocket_ BottleRocket

    It doesn't work on my GNex, Nexus 7 or Xoom. It just force closes at start up.

  • Anonymous Ace

    This game was released on iOS a loooooong time ago... Hating all of these late ports...

    • Matthew Fry

      At least they are considering Android as a worthwhile marketplace and at 12.99 they think the Android community will still bite. To me, that means high quality simultaneous releases should be coming in the future.

      • BottleRocket

        I don't know how worthwhile they are considering Android since most of their ports are half assed. They've put forth one good effort and that was FF3, all the others have been mightily subpar and not even close to being worth the price. When they bring "high quality" to Android and fix some of the other games, maybe then I'll reconsider buying, but as of today, I'm not going to waste more time on them, other than reading some reviews to see if they've changed their lazy ways.

        • Anonymous Ace

          I'm almost positive that there is a sequel/epilogue of this game on iOS as well...

  • BooBee

    Looks like initial reviews on Google Play store are extreme either users hate it or love it. Seems to crash on certain devices already. Not sure $13 is worth the risk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001045389560 Adam Montas

    wow it was release on iphone 4 before the 4s and before 5 on apple. Now on android damnnnnn squareunix

  • Knlegend1

    What's funny about this is if it were on the 3DS it would probably cost $29. I would probably pay for it too. The fact that it's a mobile phone game I can't justify paying $13. That's $16 cheaper but its just something about mobile that I think should remain cheap. Is that weird?

  • PINJ

    Didn't that come out on IPs 2 years ago?

  • Mike

    Now says that it wont work on rooted devices!!

  • Fligid

    They updated the app description with "This game cannot be played on rooted devices." My favorite part is where they do this hours past the refund window.