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Android users tend to balk at apps that cost more than $5 or so, but in this case it might be worth shelling out, at least if you're a SlingBox owner. The mobile client for the popular media streaming gadget has been given a temporary price cut: a whole 50% off! ...which sounds a lot better than $14.99, half its normal price of $30. On top of that, there are separate versions of the app for smartphones and tablets. The smartphone version should work on any device (tablets included) running Froyo or later, while the tablet app is only for Honeycomb and above.

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Both apps were updated last week, for the first time since May of 2011. The phone version gets a new photo streaming feature and program guide, as well as better picture quality when streaming from the SlingBox 350 or 500 models. The tablet app can now stream in HD over WiFi, along with better responsiveness in the remote feature (which displays a digital version of your cable/satellite remote) and custom reminders for the program guide. Both versions have been given a visual refresh, with special attention paid to the Nexus 7 on the tablet app.

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Sure, it's a little expensive, but SlingBox users swear by their time-shifting gadgets, and the mobile app is a must-have for TV addicts. There's no telling how long the reduced price will last, so go get it while the getting's good.

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Jeremiah Rice
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  • Jens Knutson

    "Android users tend to balk at apps that cost more than $5 or so"

    Correction: strike the word "Android" up there. iOS devs have a hard time charging more than $5, too. (I presume Windows , is like this too; I don't believe their users are different in this way from the masses of Android & iOS users.)

    Maybe it's kind of "someone is WRONG on the INTERNET" on my part to feel the need to correct this (OK, it totally is), but it bothers me to see the myth that Android users are cheap being perpetuated, especially from my favorite source of Android news.

    • http://twitter.com/homncruse Aaron Burke

      I agree that iOS has a problem with $5+ apps too, but with Android, just look at any number of the articles here reviewing a game that costs $2, or is free but features a once-ever in-app purchase of a couple bucks to unlock the game completely (i.e., another way of doing a demo without having two separate APKs). The comments invariably scream "THIS SHOULD BE FREE".

  • Slighter

    Updated only because of the new units. I have a basically useless "prior-generation" slingbox av that sling abandoned years ago but still offers a motorolaesque $30 discount(was $50 last year) for older unit owners. 15 bucks is still way to much for me to try and see if it will work.
    Another company that left a bad taste in my mouth and wallet.


    still over priced but tempting...i think this program should be included with the damn slingbox...such BS they charge extra for this.