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Last Updated: October 19th, 2012

If you use Tapatalk for your forum-browsing needs on Android, you've probably lamented the lack of a proper tablet client for some time. After all, reading forums is one of those tasks you might actually want to do with a big screen capable of displaying significantly larger amounts of information than your phone.

You'll be relieved to hear, then, that Tapatalk now has an open beta for Tapatalk HD, the upcoming slate-specific version of the app. Tapatalk HD was designed with 7" tablets in mind (I think we all know which one), so when I heard about it, I was kind of excited. After all, this is exactly the sort of developer behavior the Nexus 7 is supposed to be encouraging.

Now, I understand it's a beta. I understand it will have bugs, features are still being added, and the UI probably needs a little bit of polishing. But I'm pretty sure the folks over at Tapatalk just started working on this app from the wrong angle - literally. Tapatalk HD is designed to be used in landscape mode, and that makes, well, no sense at all, really. The most annoying part is perhaps that all the stuff you see in the screenshots could clearly be done in portrait mode, but for whatever reason, you can't rotate it.


Screenshot_2012-10-08-15-15-46 Screenshot_2012-10-08-15-15-56 Screenshot_2012-10-08-15-16-11

Tapatalk is an app that is for the most part about reading and writing, two activities that are simply easier to do in portrait mode.

Anyway, aside from that rather annoying flaw, the app does seem to work fine on my Nexus 7 (if a little slowly). I can't speak to other devices, but Tapatalk claims it should be compatible with most Android 4.0+ tablets. Hit up our mirrors to download it directly, below. And check out the source link, too, I'm sure Tapatalk would love some input from users on its latest creation.

Tapatalk HD v0.2

Tapatalk Support, Thanks @WinDroidGuy!

David Ruddock
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  • aNYthing6

    Looks nice. Hopefully they'll enable portrait mode in a future update.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Doesn't work at all for me on the TF300. I can log in, but then selecting anything doesn't do anything. It just sits there with a Loading indicator for a bit, then the page on the right remains blank.


  • Frank Stathes

    Why create a separate app? Why not just optimize the current app? It really disappoints me when developers do this. Unnecessary.

    • Alvin Brinson

      This way they get to force us to buy the app again. The next step is to remove tablets from the "campatible" list in the market, and so it can't even be installed on tablets. A number of developers have pulled this stunt, I hope Tapatalk doesn't. I bought it "on sale" at $2.99

    • sgtguthrie

      Agreed! It's so they can charge for it again ;-)

  • lbrfabio

    it's working even on a HTC One S. With a smaller text would be fine but of course: who cares.
    Now, we can only hope that they'll merge those two apps.

  • http://photo.katzmatt.com Matt Katzenberger

    No no no no no no no.
    I'd rather have landscape only than shitty landscape support.
    This app looks great as it is! Would it be better to support both orientations, yes, but do not do anything that compromises the landscape view.

    • Alroger Jr

      Yeah, please.
      I still don't understand this "...two activities that are simply easier to do in portrait mode."
      Typing in portrait mode just gives you a chance to drop your tab, doesn't even feel right. And I type a LOT.

      • http://photo.katzmatt.com Matt Katzenberger

        Portrait (I think) is easier to deal with on the n7, however on a 10 inch tablet landscape is almost always easier to hold/work with.

    • Steve

      yep, I prefer landscape

  • http://chrisbauer.org Chris Bauer

    I hate that they removed features and replaced them with in app purchases in a recent update of the phone version. Hate hate hate it.

    • ocdtrekkie

      I hadn't noticed. What did they remove?

      • http://chrisbauer.org Chris Bauer

        Colored themes, at the very least. I was using a dark gray theme, now you have to pay to use a color other than white or black.

        • ocdtrekkie

          Oh. I never theme. Would be why I didn't notice.

  • Terrence Amir McKelvey

    Ok so this is a hot app. I'm loving landscape a lot w/ this format and it's very fast to navigate through forums on XDA, Codename, and Android Central so far. GREAT!!

  • http://twitter.com/AHHSom Im Real

    if they charge this as a second app then, i guess ill be using the beta version from now on

    • ocdtrekkie

      It'll expire. Even the "final" app on the Samsung app store had a hard-coded expiration date in it.

  • Geoff Johnson

    I HATE how developers create an "HD" version, and make you buy the app again.

    • Veen

      If this new version requires any significant amount of work at all, then the developers deserve to be compensated. You expect devs to churn out new updates and features while making money from new customers only? It just isn't feasible. Especially at the current price point for these apps.

      Paying for OS X, Photoshop, Office, etc. certainly don't get me free lifetime updates. Why should I expect this for phone apps?