Now that the Galaxy Note II has been released in select European countries alongside a few other places around the world, Samsung has released the kernel source code for the device, along with other open source software components.

Although the kernel source will be of little use to regular consumers initially, ROM developers may be able to use it to ensure that their software performs as well as it can do on the phone. That means better performance and more stability, so even if you aren't a code aficionado, this is still good news for you.

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 12.23.25

If you're interested in taking a peak behind the scenes of the Galaxy Note II, you can download the source from Samsung's open source release center now.

Source: Samsung

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  • NEXtUS

    I am assuming however, that nothing's changed regarding Exynos documentation [?]

  • lensfuuuma

    Yeah, i dont think so. They better start though.

  • AntonLiv92

    We need the sources for the Exynos chip, kernel sources doesn't help us much!

  • Randy Rowles

    Can it run apps that are designated as "For Tablets" in the app store?