While the US variants of the XOOM 2 (known as the Xyboard/Droid Xyboard in the States) have been sitting on ICS for a while now, the lonely European versions have been idly waiting for their update to roll in. Good news: today's the day!


Motorola announced via its Facebook page that not only are the XOOM 2 variants getting the bump to ICS, but the XOOM Family Edition is receiving the update, as well.

Both OTAs should be out in full force by now, so head into Settings > About tablet > System updates > Download to pull it down.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/Darkmyth_pt Darkmyth PT

    im sorry i had to LOL

  • barry

    I am waiting!!! for Motorola and google to release jelly bean for my Xoom Verizon . I have it on my Droid razor and its awesome! Can anyone offer info or suggestions?

  • thebeast

    and for xoom 3g (mz601) when can i expect?

  • j.carpenter

    This article is incorrect. It is not the "Family Edition". The picture shows the "Media Edition" they are not the same thing. There are many in the US, myself included, who are hopeful for a "Family Edition" update. Please correct the article title if possible. It is misleading.

    • annony Mouse

      We got our wish!