Earlier this evening, we ran a story containing photos of a purported LG Nexus device obtained (and subsequently photographed) by an XDA user. The photos, along with subtle hints like the presence of a Qualcomm modem and kernel, and the presence of a corroborating FCC filing, had us leaning toward the "legit" side of the rumor spectrum.

Now, it looks like a user of a Belarusian forum called Baraholka (which roughly translates to "flea market") has more photos of the device, posted last week – this time lacking what appeared in previous photos to be a shell or casing that disguised the device's real curves (similar to the case we saw on early Galaxy SIII units). Without further ado, here's the LG E960 (again):


optimus_nexus_1 optimus_nexus_2 optimus_nexus_3

Similar to the previous photos, this device is labeled "Full JellyBean on Mako," but it's running JellyBeanMR1 (Maintenance Release 1). Google Pad however, in its report on the photos, indicates that the device is slated to run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The site also reiterates the rumored Qualcomm processor, 4.7" display, and predicts a late-October announcement.

Hardware-wise, this device matches up perfectly with the rumored LG e960 – the camera and flash look the same, it's got the same trapezoidal earpiece, and the device even says LG E960 right under the LG logo.

Other notable features include what appear to be two screw holes at the bottom of the handset flanking a microUSB port, a pleasingly thin bezel, and a sparkly backing topped with what appears to either be glass or extremely high gloss plastic.

Baraholka user vastu, who initially posted these photos, is actually offering the device for sale, along with several other handsets:


What's more, Android and Me has updated their post with confirmation from a previous tipster that this sparkly slab is the same one he had the privilege of handling earlier this month.

"Full JellyBean on Mako" has also cropped up on NenaMark with NenaMark1 and 2 benchmark results.

Right now, the "LG Optimus Nexus" is looking ever more plausible, and with the alleged late-October announcement date rapidly approaching, leaks and rumors aren't likely to slow down. Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated as more information arises.

Thanks, Parker!

Source: Baraholka

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Mustang5Oh

    Damn the back of that phone is 100% fugly! Yuck!!!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I kind of dig it.

      • Rence12

        It instantly made me think of the Nexus live wallpaper that's been around for ages, I really dig it too.

        • NemaCystX

          you know, the grey background of that same live wallpaper is the texture of the battery cover on the Galaxy Nexus, that is before they changed that live wallpaper for the Nexus S and took out the grey background and put in its place a black/white background

        • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.pavel Benjamin Pavel

          You know if it had X shape instead of those circles i would like it but now it looks waaaay too feminist.
          If i get one ill be sure to get a cover lol.

        • Jonathan Wong

          I hope the phone has a matching live wallpaper.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          It also reminded me of a certain element in the AP redesign ;-]

      • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

        same here, and that comes from a guy that HATES LG with all my heart stomach, lungs, and rest of the organs

    • NicholasMicallef

      Yeah I'd rather have a plain Polycarbonate back, maybe with a nexus X logo

    • GraveUypo

      yep, looks like a plastic film badly applied, with air bubbles left

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677335368 Sill Ming

    Finally no more cheap plastic. The back sparkles!

    • Freak4Dell

      If the back is plastic, it's probably still cheap. Usually plastic that is all flashy is designed to hide how cheap it is.

      • Bariman43

        The back of the iPhone 3GS was shiny plastic. I don't see where this "plastic means cheap" mentality came from.

        • EH101

          The plastic of the 3GS was still cheap, it was just thicker cheap. But I don't see why people don't like it, it allows for easier/less expensive repairs as well as less weight. Heck, my Oakley sunglasses are the same plastic, just in a different shape and I don't hear anyone calling them cheap.

        • Freak4Dell

          Hence the word "usually" in my post. Plastic doesn't have to be cheap, but the trend in smartphones is that it is cheap. By cheap, I mean thin, flimsy. Apple does use plastic sometimes, but they make it thicker and more solid, so it doesn't have the same feel as the crap that somebody like Samsung puts out. I find that the plastic HTC users is pretty good, too.

          Personally, I prefer metal, since I actually like my phones to have some weight to them. I also don't really drop my phones, so I'm not worried about the extra impact force on a device that's made out of heavier materials.

          • Nicholas Loomans

            I'm with you on the weight. Too light and it'll be too easy to fling around. I like to feel that it's in my pocket.

    • Magnesus

      Probably has foil on it. I prefer plastic to other materials.

  • ej_knight


  • ProductFRED

    This is so ugly. Christ, at least get rid of the giant Korean Pac-Man logo.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      To be fair, this is a prototype unit, so it may change.

  • http://blog.ravrahn.net/ Owen Cassidy

    Wow, that back plate sure is glittery. Whose idea was that?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      Nexus Gangnam style.

      • EvilBadger69


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500035698 Robert Lee Traughber

    Ok, the pictures in the other article were damn ugly. This thing is actually sexy. I thought I would never say that about an LG device...

    • NemaCystX

      they were real but they hid the device inside a "mule" case, you know like how auto industry testers hide the real design of cars as they test them on the roads with those test mule shells and camo

  • JLishere

    All I care about is a camera that can challenge the iPhone 5/HTC One X, a battery that can last as long as the 'Razr Maxx', a LED notification light like the Galaxy Nexus, an SD card slot (or 32/64Gb internal storage if there's none) and simply the best screen on the market.

    • bananafish05

      Have higher expectations there champ

      • JLishere


    • guy

      Sd card isn't going to happen for a nexus.

      • JLishere

        Then it better have 32/64Gb built-in (as I mentioned).

      • NemaCystX

        You're right but hopefully since they opened up the Nexus program that they might allow the SD card. It makes me wonder if they don't want to stifle their OEM partners by offering a device with that as a feature, withholding features from the Nexus to be put on higher end models of that device for instance. (ie: Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S3)

        • GreenyO

          There's no real evidence that they'll open the Nexus Program

    • baka

      Is that all? You sure don't want anything else?

      • JLishere

        The Nexus is supposed to be a flagship device. So to answer your question, yes that's all I want: the best camera, the most battery life, the best screen and ample storage; enough not to worry about it. With current devices (even the S3), there's always something lacking. I just wish the Nexus could finally be 'the' one device that hits all marks - but apparently that's too much to ask.

        • Anonymous

          the nexus line is only flagship by name, also because google only releases one at a time.

          the nexus devices were never the best devices in any category other than being the first to get software updates. try again.

          • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

            True. I passed over the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus when they were released because they weren't better than my current handsets at the time.

          • Respect

            Galaxy Nexus was the first 720p phone, wasn't it?

          • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

            I believe so, yes.

            Still, I didn't think it was much of an improvement over my SGSII, especially after seeing in-store models struggling to scroll smoothly after applying a live wallpaper.

          • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

            nope Rezzound was the first 720p phone. It came out before the Nexus

          • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

            no the Rezzound was sorry.

          • JLishere

            The Nexus devices were never the best devices. My point is: the Nexus devices should be the best devices.

          • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

            actually the original Nexus One was definitely the best android phone when it came out. It started the whole "super phone" world

        • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

          wont be any more ground shaking in hardware than the GNEX was when it came out...which is to say ....not much

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      wont be an SD card, give up on the battery thing and I doubt very much it will have the best screen on the market either

  • UnZ ZnU

    Meh... It's ugly, too thick, and made by LG. It's going to break. One other funny thing is that even if it is announced in October as the new Nexus we probably won't see it in the US for a reasonable price until after July of 2013. They should have taken that screen and processor and stuck it into the Galaxy Nexus and called it a day.

    • Rence12

      How are you even judging its thickness here? It's laid flat in all of these pictures, and in the other set of pictures it had one of those cases to disguise it. It's too early to say how thick it is.
      Plus, I imagine Google is going to be smart enough to get it in the Play Store, unlocked, from day one this time.

      • Loren Cogar

        The other post had several pics of the thickness

        • Freak4Dell

          The phone was in a fake shell in the other post.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If it's a Nexus, we'll see it in the U.S. this year for holiday season. Maybe not on Verizon/Sprint, but likely from Google directly, compatible with AT&T/T-Mo.

      • Casey Artner

        And a Moto version on VZW, the Droid Razr Nexus Prime 4G LTE.

        • NemaCystX

          if rumors are remotely close, its the HTC device that Verizon will get. so while there might be multiple Nexus' this year, doesn't mean each carrier will get the same one, artem brings up a good point, Google could also offer one exclusively. So if Google plays this right, it could very well cater to all the fans.

          Verizon/Sprint will get one for their networks
          Google will offer one for the GSM networks

          so no one gets left out

  • fixxmyhead

    LG always copying Samsung. From the knockoff touchwiz UI to the galaxy nexus design

    • Rence12

      Judging by how close it is to the Galaxy Nexus (plus the fact that it's that phone's followup), I'd bet Google had them make it this way.

      • fixxmyhead

        its not up to google its up to the OEM. i remember they posted an article on how the samsung designers came up with the design.

        • NemaCystX

          but doesn't Google provide design guidelines for what they want in a final design?

          • fixxmyhead

            i dont think so. maybe a little but ultimately its up to the OEM. google only wants the hardware requirements

          • PhilNelwyn

            It was unveiled in the Apple trial that Google had advised Samsung not to make devices that look too much like Apple ones.
            And this was for non-Nexus devices, so yeah, "only a little" is closer to reality than "not at all" when it comes to Nexus devices design guidelines.

            This phone actually only borrows a little from the Galaxy Nexus design: the curved top and bottom edges (I wouldn't be suprised if I was told that this is a Google requirement, to avoid Apple's "rounded square" design patent, because the Optimus L series consists of square phones, this device's overall shape has nothing to do with it) and the buttonless front face (that, we know, comes from Google).

            Apart from that, it looks nothing like a Samsung phone (it doesn't have that typical bump on the back for instance).

  • Hans

    I hope this isn't finally.
    Like the GNex Bettler.. mostly i'm talkin oft the Front and the Kurved display.
    The back sucks on both anyway..
    Even if it's Heer just because oft the ugly glittering...
    Be straight and Make it pink.

    Screwed by german auto correction

  • Hans

    2 things i definetly dislike:
    1. The ugly chrome-thing
    2. This thing is not curved - i loved it at the GNex

    - really if it realy comes out that way i'm gonna buy a G Note 2
    Or another Nexus - please make it happen to be more than one.. Maybe a Nexus Note, or these HTC 5" thing...

    • NemaCystX

      what if the Galaxy Nexus 2 is actually the Galaxy Nexus Note

      • Hans

        Don't Make me dream Tod much :D

      • Respect

        Couldn't happen because of the stylus, but it would be sick if it was true.

  • bahrain

    Please God no LG. Even that brand hurts my eyes!!

    • shaurz

      They should stick to washing machines...

  • dude

    I think this is the nicest looking phone I've seen, although it lacked the distinctive AMOLED curve of previous Nexuses, but I'm not buying it due to no microSD (I know Nexus devices don't have them by default) and no removable battery. These limitation reminds me too much of the HTC One X and iPhone. I expect it to come with only a 2100mah battery like the Optimus G, or not much larger.

    • NemaCystX

      We don't know if it has a non-removable battery yet or not. the Galaxy Nexus has a removable battery, its not confirmed yet as far as I know anyway. I have a feeling the HTC device will be non-removable though. but thats fine if its got alot of battery space. I mean eventually it seems the industry is trying to move in that direction, look at all the devices that are starting to come with non-removable batteries now. (ie: RAZR, RAZR MAXX, iPhone(s), OneX, all high end hardware) so it would be a benefit to have a device like that since they can make them slimmer and lighter and still pack in the battery size because they won't have to make a cartridge like slot at the back of the device and it would also free up component placement. If the industry does move in that direction as a standard, the cases of the future won't just be for style, or protection anymore, they'll provide another feature, battery power. I mean look at all the battery cases that are coming out for more and more devices. Just giving my two cents.

  • NemaCystX

    I think i'm more interested in seeing what Sony or HTC has to offer, the back on this looks too plain, the camera is tiny, the battery cover, bling? seriously? i'd be ok with a metallic finish but glitter is for girls

    makes me wonder if Google is opening up the Nexus program to offer different tiers of devices/performance/style.

    LG could be either the mid or low grade model with the other two being higher in tier quality/style. Thats my hypothesis.

    LG - Low
    Sony - Mid
    HTC - High (especially if its based off the DincX)

    • PhilNelwyn

      Google is not opening up the Nexus program, that was a hoax.

      • BGRUGGER

        proof of it being a hoax? You could also argue for proof of opening up the program, but i'd like to see where the hoax was batted down...

        • PhilNelwyn

          The hoax has been confessed here:


          "I am the hoaxer that is responsible for the faked rumours on Android and Me [...] Hoaxer >>> here are the details: [...] The nexus program changes drastically. Every manufacturer can produce Nexus devices or Nexus versions of existing phones.[...]"

          But he also said:
          "The following rumours were not part of the hoax, though:- The WSJ Article that reported that there are several Nexus devices this year."
          First I thought that, as written by the hoaxer, the WSJ article was only about some nexus devices (like the phone and tablet spotted on Android Police servers) and not about the whole Nexus program, that's why I believed that this rumor was dead.

          So while there was a hoax about the Nexus program change, that was not the only source for that rumor, and it's still possible.
          I'll edit my last comment to reflect that.

  • GreenyO

    The Jack will be on the top ? After 3 Nexus with it on the bottom ?
    That's not a big deal, but's I think it's a bad move.

    • dude

      Look closely and you'll see docking holes in the bottom, so the only other place to put the audio jack is on top, not a disaster, atleast that prevented law suit from Apple for having audio jack in the bottom.

      • GreenyO

        I saw it (tough i don't know if these are docking hole or just part of the design)
        And if ever Apple sues someone for putting the Audio Jack on the bottom i'll laugh a lot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      three?? The original Nexus had the jack on top not the bottom.

      • GreenyO

        Yes three, Nexus S, Galaxy and 7

  • NemaCystX

    and if I recall, didn't they use this same development tactic for the Galaxy S3 to hide its real shape using a "mule" like they do in the auto industry?

  • Himanshu Mendhe

    I don't like the headphone jack on the top of the device. Its cumbersome to use. Also, these latest rumors don't tell anything about the internal memory. I hope its more than 16GB. And lastly, why 4.2 is Jellybean and not KeyLimePie???

    • http://www.facebook.com/stewart.g.higgins Stewart Higgins

      If it has soft keys, use Nova's 'lab' settings to force the display to flip, then you'll have the jack at the bottom.

  • Jeremy626

    i don't like that HUGE ugly bottom bezel.. ugh..
    it's been a year. why can't they make the front more edge to edge??? god..

    • Bariman43

      Because god help you if you want to use an edge to edge device in landscape mode. Those bezels are handles.

  • loosecannon66

    Am I the only one that notice it says with Google on the back ie..Motorola Xoom which means this is a Google experience device not a nexus

    • JLishere

      The Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus all have the Google logo on the back.

      • ChavaM

        They have just the logo. This device says "with Google" similar to the Xoom and the G2x.

    • Jimmy P

      This is what I'm saying, my nexus one and gnex only had Google wrote on the back. My galaxy s had 'with google' on it.

    • PhilNelwyn

      It also says "Not for sale."
      This is not the final version.

  • Jimmy P

    I'm hoping this is not the nexus, this thing is ugly as hell imo. Also this has 'with google' wrote on the back, from what I remember of the nexusesesss they just simple have 'google' there with the former just put on anything with Android. Maybe wrong though.

    • http://twitter.com/havens1515 Randroid

      It also has written on it "NOT FOR SALE HW REV 1.0 0821" which means it's likely not the final design. It's probably supposed to look like it's just another Android phone for now, so it doesn't stick out when the tester is using it in public.

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        0821 = August 21, I'm guessing. It's probably mainly intended to test the internal hardware, not the external appearance.

  • jusatin

    Why do all these nexus phones turn out to look the same boring device all over again? What happened to excellent LG design with slightly rounded corners etc? This looks like one of those CrapSamsungs.. :/

  • ItHurtsWhenIP

    Where is my curved screen, and why isnt LG in the kitchen???. Used to buy a nexus on each release...not this year

  • Lte_Addict

    I like it..will be getting this. Ppl complain since it was made by lg but u fail to realize with a nexus phone google is in control with how they want the hardware and they control the updates. They picked lg for a reason.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      mmm not really. im sure LG offered the best deal for google. its about money. I doubt very much Google had that much say in its manufacturing. So you are saying google is the reason there is a crappy 5 mp camera on the galaxy nexus? I dont think so

  • acer1096xxx

    The bezel is way too big and the camera looks stupid on the back.

    • John

      welcome to an LG phone :)

    • wolfkabal

      With the soft-touch buttons, it seems they've deviated from the Optimus G, in those photos, the soft-touch buttons go almost to the bottom, giving you much more usable screen room.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      This appears to be an August prototype, so the final product will likely look different.

  • http://twitter.com/Pascalwb Pascal

    WHy it looks like galaxy nexus. It should looks like optimus G

  • http://www.facebook.com/jure.suklje Jure Šuklje

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the screen size (width) doesn't match with the one from an early post (in the "shell")? This screen looks more like the one from the original Note. It's just so wide... too bad he's not holding it in his hands.

  • Bruno Pedro

    i disapprove of this

  • Mark

    Well I was holding out for the Note II but was looking to see what the nexus may be, as I may have gone that route. This just proves I'm not going that route. I've read too many horror stories about LG to trust them, I've personally hacked and put a custom ROM on my brothers G2X which is still screwy as hell, I don't like LG and none of the spec's of this phone or looks make me want to give up the Note II.

  • Bariman43

    YES. THIS is what I expected the phone to look like! Not gonna lie, I might have fallen in love. A part of me said "Oh God that back is going to collect scratches like nobody's business..." but another part of me said "OMG SHINY". As long as that's not glass on the back, I might consider picking this up unlocked once I get the money and/or it appears on the Play Store at a reduced price.

  • TechGuy21

    looks like a Gnex which isn't bad or good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Alir3za.AF Alireza AF

    I have a number of Galaxy NEXUS

    I don't like my new phone like Older one!

    Optimus G I love you more!

    There is some repetitive!

    The appearance is very ugly. Especially the camera lens!

    I want a new NEXUS!

    The new and exciting Device!

    And powerful!

    And Optimus G like one!

    Along with a new camera (lens) style!

    Galaxy NEXUS was really interesting.

    It should also be more attractive!

  • boogie_monster

    I don't think this is the LG Nexus. if you look, on the back it clearly
    says "with Google", it might be a stock android device but all of the
    Nexus devices say only "Google" on the back.

  • Guest

    Don't you see there's a with Google TM logo instead of Google? And it's running on 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), instead of 4.2.x ? This is not the next Nexus I'm pretty sure. This is just a new LG what you won't buy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tharien27 Steven Meeker

    More LG Crap

    Why do the articles never show history or customer service ratings. Who cares if it's a gold plated turd, show the work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Elias/100001244625526 Joshua Elias

    I hate lg I wish moto would make the nexus device Samsung sucks dick and so does lg yeah specs are awesome but make your phone durable not outta cheap composite plastic so I drop it once and its broke. And everyone can say get a case there a waste of time I bought the phone to be thin not have a big ugly case on it. Motorola RAZR HD ftw

  • Nicholas Loomans

    I would love to be one of the guys whose job it is to manage these leaks... deciding what tidbits can get out and what can't... I would totally put something like those sparkly things all over the phone first!

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Note that it's marked "0821", so probably an August 21 prototype.

  • grellanl

    "With Google" != Nexus... though they may still be deciding how to position this. Rumours are that there was another version with a Nexus logo on the back cover.